Hybrid Combat H7 Quick Results – Petepiece, Furman Win Titles


Hyrbrid Combat is holding their seventh amateur MMA card tonight at the Père Arthur Guertin Community Center in Gatineau and Top MMA News will be there. Check here for quick results:

Chad Petepiece defeats Jon Chiera via D’arce Choke @ 2:30 of Rd1
Petepiece becomes the inaugural Hybrid Lightweight Champion (155lbs.)

Dimitry Furman submits Kenny Hiltz via RNC in Round 2, 0:57
Furman becomes the inaugural Hybrid Super Lightweight Champion (145lbs.)

Minh Nguyen defeats Rob Tracey via DQ (illegal slam)
Andy Zamora defeats Mattew Richardson via Unanimous Decision
Alexandre Arsenault defeats Emmanuel Crevier via Unanimous Decision
Ralph Jean Pierre David submits Oso Sanchez via Arm Bar in Round 2, 1:47
Jeff Andrews defeats Wes Ranger via TKO (GNP) in Round 2, 0:20
Dan Lariviere submits Dave Guthrie via Triangle Choke in Round 1, 1:36
Mathieu Papineau defeats David Bolduc via Unanimous Decision
Cedric Mongeon defeats Rindi Piepers via Unanimous Decision
Martin Leblanc submits Stan Sambey via Neck Crank in Round 1, 0:57
Andrew Del Degan defeats Gaetan Lauzon via Unanimous Decision


15 Responses to “ Hybrid Combat H7 Quick Results – Petepiece, Furman Win Titles ”

  1. harry balls says:

    Another great show, save the assholes who booed Jeff Andrews and threw up their middle fingers when he won.
    Same crowd were hooting and hollering during a very scary moment when Nguyen was slammed. “YEAAAAAAH POWERBOMB!!!” (This is the EXACT reason why guys who have pro experience shouldn’t go back to ammy)
    Stay classy guys, you know who you are…..

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  2. Don,

    Yohan told me you wanted to see me. Sorry I forgot. Kinda got carried away when my boy won.

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  3. Rob Tracey should be fighting Pro already.

    this is getting ridiculous.

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  4. harry balls says:

    He already did, then went back down to ammy. This is what happens: guys instinctively do stuff they trained for in pro fights and amateurs get hurt.

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  5. vanillagorilla says:

    Rob was 1-2 as a pro. He beat Nick Portious at Freedom Fights.

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  6. vanillagorilla says:

    Congrats to Chad too on winning that belt. I called it a year ago almost to the date that he’d have a title before the end of 2010.

    You worked hard bro, and got it!

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  7. vanillagorilla says:

    AAAAnnnnd finally, can we get a play by play on what happened with the Tracey vs Nguyen fight with that slam? Is Mihn ok?

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  8. Don Wilson says:

    PBP is on the way vanilla gorilla but here’s what happened. Minh locked in the triangle and Tracie just picked him up and power slammed him… Minh wasn’t out cold but he was very wobbly when trying to get up and couldn’t stand up on his own…I’m wait to hear back from his camp to see how he’s doing today. Will update as soon as I hear back… Hope this helps

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  9. Don Wilson says:

    Just got word back from Minh camp he’s doing fine today hopefully no after effects in the coming days

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  10. John says:

    Isn’t Hiltz a pro? he switches back and forth when ever he feels like it.

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  11. I remember discussing the inclusion of Rob in Hybrid with Yohann Dagenais over the phone. He wasn’t sure at all because Rob had one pro win (and quite a win). I remember telling Yohann (a good friend of mine) that it didn’t matter, to do what was best for the fighters.

    Minh got injured because Rob pulled an illegal move, not because he was more talented or experienced (in fact, I had Minh favored). By the time we left the venue, Rob had a serious discussion with his trainer over what happened. I think he belongs to amateurs.

    In fact, I think we should encourage to have “false starters” go back to amateurs. This way, it will help to form a proper channel of competition and encourage fighters to go through them for their own good. We do it in Fight Quest.

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  12. poundforpound says:

    with that being said Minh should have let go of the triangle and braced himself for the fall.
    Its was a mistake and its not a way somebody wants to lose or win.
    Rob was pulled back from the PRO’s Because he wasn’t ready to be there he was 1-2 with a win over Nick Portious.
    Im not sure who was giving this Andrews guy the finger( he did come out like a duche bag tho)
    but I picked him to win the fight.

    When Rampage Jackson slams his opponets to the canvas or knocks somebody out the crowd goes crazy,thats what people pay to see it put ass’s in the seats im pretty sure the whole crowd went wild brotha!!!!

    I hope he is ok tho.

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  13. rawflmaoson says:

    @ poundforpound

    actually if the rules are clearly indicated that slamming is illegal, why would you compromise the supremely dominant position that is the triangle choke?

    I would have held on too. you dont expect someone to spit in the face that are the rules of amateur fighting. is it drizzling in here?

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  14. harry balls says:

    “False starters”? A guy takes pro fights and loses. I say tough shit. There is a winner and a loser in every scrap. Nobody forced Tracie or Ranger or any of these guys to take paid fights; it was either their own hubris or bad coaching advice. You made your bed now lie in it.
    As far as Nguyen “should have let go of the triangle and braced himself for the fall”: Why? He had a perfectly legal sub on a guy with way more experience. I guess a guy who gets kneed full tilt in the ribs at one of these should just brace for it and collapse when he gets hit. Tracie should have known better.
    Most of the crowd did not “go wild”, in fact there a fair amount of shock.

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  15. Mike says:

    I keep reading that “Hiltz is a Pro”, truth be told, Hiltz has never fought in any pro fights, however he has fought Amateur in the US(Cage). If Hiltz wouldn’t have dislocated his shoulder, the outcome of the fight may have not been the same.

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