TUF 12 – GSP vs Kos – Episode 7 Recap


Last episode Cody Mckenzie and Jonathan Brookins won their fights.  On to Episode 7.

Koscheck is disappointed in himself and his team.  That will happen when you are losing so bad.

Next fight: Dane Sayers vs Sako Chivitchian. Sayers is very unpolished and “Psycho” Sako Chivitchian has a huge advantage.

Spencer Page has had surgery on his hand and will be in a cast for three months. Every fight loser is hoping to get the wild card fight.

Dane Sayers is training his standup with Jean-Charles Skarbowsky. Skarbowsky is a proud native and hopes to represent himself well. Howard Grant says Dane is the heaviest hitter on Team GSP. They admit Sako has the ground advantage and want to keep it standing.

Koscheck can not get to GSP so he starts picking on Brad Tate, a medic, who he keeps calling “a male nurse.”  Psycho says he is a 9 time national judo champion and he is a two time Olympian.  When Chivitchian was 19, he was shot in the leg.  He says he “matured in one second” after that happened.

Coaches challenge is in a baseball stadium for a home run competition. Apparently, GSP has not held a bat before, so this one was a lock for Josh Koscheck.  St-Pierre says let’s play ice hockey.  Koscheck says GSP should get used to the feeling of losing.

Dane Sayers vs Sako Chivitchian

R1. Sako shoots right away and Sayers goes for a Guillotine.  Chivitchian escapes and drops rights from the full guard.  Sayers gets back to his feet and has his back pushed against the cage.  The break and Sako swings wildly but Dane is not throwing at all.   Finally Dane lands some knees from the clinch, but Chivitchian is working hard to get Sayers to the ground.  Big body kick by Sayers.   Sayers tries to take Chivitchian down but Sako holds the fence. Top MMA News scores the round 10-10. Close round.

R2. After initial scramble there is a take down by Chivitchian and he is in Sayers half guard.  Sako lands several right elbows and hands from this position.  Sayers gets up  but does not throw and his back is against the cage again.  Two minutes left and Dane puts Sako’s back to the cage and takes him down and Sako grabs the fence again.  Figure a point should be taken off for the second offense.   Sayers has his back against the cage and Sako gets warned a third time for fingers in the fence.  Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Chivitchian.

Sako Chivitchian defeats Dane Sayers 20-18

Everyone agrees that Dane is a much approved fighter and he opened a few eyes with his performance.

Now for the wild card.  GSP goes to bat for Sayers and Koscheck likes Wilkinson and Stevens.

Aaron Wilkinson and Marc Stevenson make the wild card.   They fight next episode.

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7 Responses to “ TUF 12 – GSP vs Kos – Episode 7 Recap ”

  1. harry balls says:

    PLEASE get Skarbowsky his own show. It will rule.

    Marc Stevenson did not deserve to come back. He was first pick and got finished. In seconds. By a guillotine that he had been warned repeatedly about.
    Dane should have got it.
    I Koscheck collapses when Brad Tate is around and he just leaves him lying there.

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  2. harry balls says:

    I HOPE Koscheck collapses ….

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  3. CR says:

    Good episode! Dane fought well but he didn’t seem to be listening to GSP’s instructions at all. He just seemed to be fighting his own fight. I thought the ref should have broke them up more times as they were clinched against the fence for most of the two rounds. I also thought they should have deducted a point for Sako grabbing the fence repeatedly, although it would have then gone to third round and the result would have been the same.

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  4. Jamie Locke says:

    Dane is very green and can really use this experience to learn. The ref definitly should have stood them up when they were clinched against the fence for 2.5 minutes…

    I think Dane should have gotten the wildcard as well, due to the ammount that he can learn from GSP, and possibly win his next fights(if he uses his hands)

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  5. Rowbo says:

    I tried to keep an open mind about Kos coming into this season, but my hatred grows with every passing episode

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  6. The boos for Kos at UFC 121 were loud when he walked in. Then the crowd started chanting GSP.

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  7. Helmer says:

    I want to see the curly-headed Fraggle bleed at 124.

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