Top MMA News Canadian Middleweight Rankings – October 2010


Jason MacDonald was King of the Middleweights when Top MMA News ranked Middleweights back in early April, but a lot has happened since then:

  • MacDonald fought and lost via injury
  • Joe Doerksen won seven in a row beating Tom Lawlor before losing to CB Dollaway
  • Patrick Cote returned to the cage but lost twice.
  • Denis Kang won then drew with Paulo Filho
  • Jesse Bongfeldt got signed with the UFC

Denis Kang (photo by Eric Gaudreault|

Well, when the top four Middleweights are so talented, the person winning at the time of the rankings seems to get top spot.  Unfortunately, three of the above four fighters lost their last fights so the top spot is going to Denis Kang who had a draw with Paulo Filho and in many people’s minds beat him.

On the bottom side of this list, two Middleweight stalwarts have been moved off.  Former UFCers David Loiseau and Jason Day have both dropped out of the Top 10 after disappointing losses.  In their place comes Patrick Cote and Craig ‘Farmer’ Brown.

Here is the top 10.

Top 10 Canadian Middleweights – October 2010

1. Denis Kang (33-12-2) – Previous Rank (2) Denis Kang moves up to #1 in Canada with a win over Dae Won Kim at W1 and a draw with former WEC champion Paulo Filho at Impact FC in Australia.  After being dismissed from the UFC, Kang is right back on track.   This past weekend, Top MMA News learned that Kang is now in line for the W1 Middleweight belt.  No opponent is scheduled for the December 18th event that is tentatively scheduled for Montreal. Next fight: vs TBA on December 18.

2. Joe Doerksen (46-13) – Previous Rank (3)– Let us recap El Dirte’s crazy ride since the last rankings.  First, he beat Chad Herrick by decision at the King of the Cage for his fifth win in a row.  Second, he submitted Tom Lawler at UFC 113 for his sixth in a row.  Third, he headed home to knock out Shawn Marchand for his  third win in under two months.  Finally, Doerksen’s seven fight win streak fell at UFC 119 by a CB Dollaway Guillotine.  Four fights down already this year and Dan Miller is next.  Quite the year for the Winnipegger. Next fight: vs Dan Miller at UFC 124 on December 11.

3. Jason MacDonald (24-14) – Previous Rank (1)– Jason MacDonald drops to number three after going 1-1 since our April rankings.  MacDonald first defeated Matt Horwich at Lets Get It On in April and that victory got him back to the UFC.  Unfortunately, MacDonald broke his leg during a fight with John Salter and lost due to the injury.  On the positive side, it looks like MacDonald will recover from the terrible injury and will compete once again in the UFC.  It was announced that he would be back in time for UFC 124 to face Rafael Natal.  It seemed incredible that JMac would recover so quickly to fight seven months after breaking a leg, but later reality set in and MacDonald was pulled from the card.  Get healthy JMac! Next Fight: TBD

4. Patrick Cote (13-7)- Previous Rank (NR) – Cote has had a rough ride since fighting Anderson Silva for the Middleweight title. After sitting out all of 2009 with a knee injury, Cote finally debuts on the Rankings but only after losing twice in his return to the UFC.  Cote first fought Alan Belcher at UFC 113 where he got Rear Naked Choked in an entertaining scrap.  More recently at UFC 121, Cote lost a decision to Tom Lawlor who utilized his wrestling to get Cote on his back the entire fight.  Let’s hope Cote can return to the great form that saw him challenge for the title in 2008.  Next fight: TBD

5. Nick Ring (10-0) – Previous Rank (4)– Nick Ring left The Ultimate Fighter 11 after winning his two fights against Woody Weatherby  and eventual champion Court McGee due to another injury.  Ring is full of talent but his body has been the only thing to hold him back.  Ring is currently rehabbing after surgery and hopes to be back in the UFC in 2011.  Next fight: TBD on TUF 11.

Nick Hinchliffe took out Craig Brown at Aggression. (photo by Jason Bouwmeester|

6. Jesse Bongfeldt (21-7) – Previous Rank (5)– The Rumble in the Cage Middleweight champ should be off this list due to inactivity.  However, last week the Kenora-based fighter finally got called up to the big leagues to replace Jason MacDonald.  Bongfeldt will take on Rafael Natal at UFC 124 in Montreal. Next fight: vs Rafael Natal at UFC 124 on December 11.

7. Kalib Starnes (11-5-1) – Previous Rank (8)– Kalib Starnes keeps beating back the guys lower than him on the list and with Loiseau and Day dropping out, Starnes moves up one spot as well.  Starnes fought once since the last rankings and he arm barred fellow BC native Nick Hinchliffe at AFC 3 to become the AFC Middleweight champion.  Good to see Starnes get the win and some respectability back. Next fight: TBD

8. Nick Hinchliffe (16-6) – Previous Rank (10) – Despite losing to Kalib Starnes at AFC 3, Hinchliffe moves up two spots on the rankings.   Hinchliffe had three fights since the last April with his biggest win coming against Craig Brown at Aggression MMA 3.  Hinchliffe is one tough hombre but just cannot seem to beat the higher ranked fighters.  Nick defeated journeyman Daniel McWilliams in a visit to the Playboy Mansion in his last fight and will now take on up ‘n comer Mike Hackert at AFC 4. Next fight: vs Mike Hackert at AFC 4 on November 6.

9. Craig Brown (7-3) – Previous Rank (NR) – Farmer Brown likes to keep busy.  He beat Chase Degenhardt to get on these rankings and then lost to Hinchliffe in May.  Then he signs up for a coaching tour in Afghanistan for WRECK MMA.  What’s next for the FIT MMA fighter?  A rematch against Chase Degenhardt in December followed by a January fight against Jason Day.  Next fight: vs Chase Degenhardt at TFC 12 on December 10

10. Chase Degenhardt (7-1) – Previous Rank (9)– Since beating Chris Stranger in a war, Degenhardt has taken his first loss as a professional to Craig Brown at WRECK MMA. The Lethbridge native then pulled up his socks and used a Triangle choke to finish the then 3-1 Jeremy Hart in the Battle at the Barn. Since that time, Degenhardt has been rumored to be in several fights and ultimately signed with RITC and TFC for a pair of tough fights – a King of Lethbridge match against Jordan Mein and a rematch against Brown at TFC 12.  These two fights will tell the tale whether Degenhardt will stay in the top 10.  Next Fight: vs Jordan Mein at RITC 41 on November 6

Just out of Top 10 (in no order):
David Loiseau (19-10)
Jason Day (19-11) – Next fight: vs Craig Brown at WRECK MMA 5 on January 28
Mike Hackert (4-0) – Next fight: vs Nick Hinchliffe at AFC 4 on November 6
Luke Harris (5-1)
Dan MacIver (6-2)
Steve Vigneault (12-6)
Travis Galbraith (18-7)

Not Considered Due to Inactivity:
Jason St Louis (12-11)
Brent Beauparlant (8-5)
Kyle Sandford (7-1)
Chris Fontaine (18-12)

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