TUF 12 – GSP vs Kos – Episode 6 Recap


Cody McKenzie

Michael Johnson is getting the gears from Koscheck while getting chiropractic treatment to start off episode 6. Koscheck is happy to have control of the pick. Johnson does not like how childishly Team Koscheck celebrated. Koscheck and the coaches visit the TUF house and he comes to trash talk Team GSP.

Marc Stevens vs Cody McKenzie is chosen as the next fight. Cody puts his hand on Koscheck’s face after the fighters stare off. McKenzie loves getting under Koscheck’s skin. Koscheck is like a bully who just can not take his own medicine.

GSP comes clean and says that he was bullied as a youngster. He tells his team that he is not a coward because he does not trash talk back. He will only respond physically when his well-being feels threatened. Words can never hurt GSP.

St-Pierre says the odds are not in McKenzie’s favor but who knows in MMA. Cody wants to beat him up and loves fighting. McKenzie calls Koscheck a meathead. Koscheck says he’d like to fight McKenzie in the wild card. McKenzie said he’d love that but he is not going to lose to get to the wild card.

Stevens and team talk about McKenzie’s Guillotine, as he has won eleven fights with the Guillotine. Stevens is very confident. Dana White believes Stevens will win. McKenzie says that Stevens is better at everything, but he win. Stevens says his whole life is about fighting, while Cody does not live the life of a fighter.  Odd that they are talking so poorly about an 11-0 fighter (although his last win was against unheralded Canadian Brandon MacArthur).

Marc Stevens

Marc Stevens vs Cody McKenzie
Cody comes out swinging and Stevens goes to take him down like the wrestler he is. McKenzie grabs his neck and puts Koscheck’s top pick to sleep in under 20 seconds. Team Koscheck is stunned into silence. What a morale breaker. As Dana White says, Koscheck was “horrified.” Koscheck admits that it was “a sick belly feeling.”
Cody McKenzie defeats Marc Stevens by Guillotine in Round 1

St-Pierre’s #6 pick knocked off the first overall pick.  Team GSP gets control again.

Next fight is announced.  GSP announces Jonathan Brookins vs Sevak Magakian.

Brookins likes meditation and yoga.  GSP’s “secret weapon” wants to find balance.  Brookins is absorbing everything St-Pierre teaches.    Brookins then clashes heads with GSP and GSP gets a cut.

Magakian is a “crazy Armenian” and a “wildman”.  Koscheck asks if he has any knives on him before they train.  Sako Chivitchian has been a training partner of Savat’s for a long time.  He says that Savat, who is fighting for his family, will not quit.

Jonathan Brookins vs Sevak Magakian
The two tap gloves and throw feints before Brookins lands a kick to the body and throws Magakian to the mat. As Sevak gets up, Brookins takes his back while he is standing. He locks on the Rear Naked Choke and Magakian is forced to tap.
Jonathan Brookins submits Sevak Magakian by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1

Brookins displayed good jiu-jitsu and Magakian is obviously disappointed.

Next episode: Dane Sayers will take on Sako Chivitchian and GSP and Koscheck go for the coach’s challenge.

6 Responses to “ TUF 12 – GSP vs Kos – Episode 6 Recap ”

  1. Jake Robles says:

    Great episode tonight! Even with Team Koscheck in control of the picks initially, Team GSP manages to pull away with two quick victories. What a huge statement tonight! Cody McKenzie and Jonathan Brookins are for real!

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    I couldn’t do anything but smile after seeing both of Koscheck’s guys choked out in less than two minutes.

    I hate that teams cocky attitude… just shows how little class he has the way he acted after a single win.

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  3. It felt so good to see Stevens go to sleep. I was like: “YEAH”, standing up on my couch and all. The guy completely disrespected Cody and everyone on Team GSP.He saw himself ahead of the competition.

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  4. Jamie Locke says:

    Last night was my favorite episode for sure.

    To see both Kos’ guys choked out so quick, especially after all the trash talk and coming to the house. All the celebration after their only win, Kos’ team made a plan to dominate the rest of the fights. It was just so great to see Kos’ face after Cody wins by yet another guillotine! Then a next sub, I couldn’t stop saying WOW!

    GSP and his team are martial artists, they are there to learn, train and fight to win. Kos’ team is just a bunch of tough guys talking trash, they are not going to take away a quarter of as much from the experience of this show as team GSP!

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  5. Jake Robles says:

    I like Nam Phan and I feel bad for him being in Koscheck’s team. I think he would be a better fit under the tutelage of GSP. Either way, Nam Phan is a warrior!!!

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  6. The two Armenians are also very good. Sevak had a tough draw with Brookins.

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