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Oh well, it’s the UFC again! Just a few years ago, the mecca of mixed martial arts held an event every six to eight weeks and competed for televised audience with Japanese extravaganza Pride. One reality show, two Forrest Griffin books and countless smart marketing moves later, we are blessed with a very important evening of MMA action, just one week after a show in England. Thank you Dana White, you pusher of exciting moments! Here is our take on Saturday’s fights.

Brock Lesnar (-172) vs Cain Velasquez (-123)
Don’t ask me why, but there was a huge buzz around the Lesnar Vs Carwin last summer. Defend Carwin’s explosive power all you want, but the man fought something like sixteen minutes prior to the Brock fight and it showed. He looked like a shark in the first round and like a gold fish in the second. Now the buzz around Lesnar versus Velasquez is lesser. The champion just had a strong performance, so every reason is good to dismiss the challenger. What are those reasons? He’s too small…and…he’s too small. That’s it.

Truth is, Cain Velasquez is a 240 lbs of solid, driven athlete with an impressive baggage of experience in competition sports. Watching him display his wrestling against behemoths like Ben Rothwell and Cheick Kongo was nothing short of kinetic poetry. If you think Velasquez is going to try and take Lesnar down, you are in for serious disappointment. Velasquez is a well rounded mixed martial artist. Velasquez will show patience and use his amazing footwork to dance around Lesnar and play bullfighter, a bit like Mark Hominick does. Then, when Lesnar’s big frame will start playing against him and he starts gasping for air, Velasquez is going to close in for the kill.
Ben’s Prediction: Velasquez by TKO, Round 2

Martin Kampmann (+195) vs Jake Shields (-286)
I’m not sold on Jake Shields. He is indeed one of the greatest grapplers to compete in MMA. Remove the strikes from the equation and I think he can be competitive on the mats with the likes of Ronaldo “ Jacare” Souza and Marcelo Garcia. Put in an opponent that can punch, kick, elbow, knee and defend the takedown like Martin Kampmann and you have another ball game. I know what you think. “But Shields just beat down Dan Henderson, Ben, you don’t make any sense.” First of all, Dan Henderson is old. Endurance is one of the first thing that leaves you as you grow older. Segundo, Henderson made a living out of “setting the pace.”

Now enter Martin Kampmann, a young and relentless cardio machine who, more than once, accepted fights where he was over his head and found ways to win. Thales Leites and Drew McFedries come to mind. He lately dispatched jiu-jitsu ace Paulo Thiago in impressive fashion. Thiago is not half of Shields on the ground, but he is bigger and more well rounded. Expect Kampmann to use his
hyperactive footwork and pepper Shields from a distance. He’s a smart fighter so he will not take any chances with a jiu-jitsu phenom like Shields and be more than happy to hit his face for fifteen minutes.
Ben’s Prediction: Kampmann by Unanimous Decision

Paulo Thiago (-118) vs Diego Sanchez (-118)
My first observation would be that it’s a very good fight to go refuel on peanuts, beer or hit the bathroom. Most of Sanchez’s exciting fights came where he exercised physical dominance over his opponents. It’s not exactly the case here. Thiago is this hulking Welterweight with a knack for setting up a slow and suffocating pace. I know Sanchez is back with Greg Jackson and that only good things can come from there, but I can’t help to think he’s over his head at Welterweight.

I think Thiago will stuff Sanchez’s early onslaught and establish top control over him. Don’t count “ The Nightmare” out from there as he will be very aggressive from the bottom and provoke a few scrambles, but as the fight will drag on, Thiago will wear him out the way Jon Fitch did. It’s going to be slow and ugly display of physical dominance.
Ben’s Prediction: Thiago by Majority Decision

Tito Ortiz (+125) vs Matt Hamill (-175)
This fight is going to be entertaining in so many ways. It embodies what the UFC does best, draw, make things emotional. Hamill was Tito’s pupil on The Ultimate Fighter’s 3rd season and as Tito’s career declines and Hamill tries to recover from Jon Jones’ domination, they meet and try to re-ignite the spark of their career. Move away Sylvester Stallone and your convoluted Rocky plots, this is as good as it gets.

I don’t see this being competitive at all. Ortiz always based his style on his wrestling dominance and this advantage being negated, I do not see how the injury-ridden fighter will manage to keep things interesting. Hamill is a mammoth wrestler with an iron jaw that has a complete lack of fear and a taste for punching people in the mouth. I see him walking Tito down, stuffing a few takedowns and ending the fight with a spectacular display of ground and pound. Oh, and I also think it’s going to send Tito into retirement.
Ben’s Prediction: Hamill by TKO 1

Brendan Schaub (+130) vs Gabriel Gonzaga (-182)
I’m torn. I hated Schaub’s jock personality on The Ultimate Fighter and exulted at Roy Nelson’s victory in the final. I am also unsure I like Gabriel Gonzaga…let alone think he still has the tools to beat someone like Schaub. The Brazilian made his name by ironically knocking out Mirko Filipovic with a high kick, but since his defeat to Randy Couture, he’s never been the same. Even more alarming, in the last two years he’s showed a glaring weakness against big punchers like Shane Carwin and Junior Dos Santos.

Brendan Schaub fits the mold. He’s a massive heavyweight, football transplant whose hands are his best ability. He’s fast, athletic and very mobile. Gonzaga has every reason to be scared and the UFC audience has every reason to think Gonzaga is fed to Schaub for experience purpose. “Napao” still has a wrestler’s chance, but I think Schaub is well prepared for that eventuality. He’s going to circle around the Brazilian, carefully pick his shots and end the fight in definitive, yet anti-climactic fashion.
Ben’s Prediction: Schaub by TKO 2

The Undercard In A Nutshell…

Court McGee (-270) by Submission 3 (Guillotine Choke) over Ryan Jensen (+185) : The difference in that fight is McGee’s ability top control ability. Jensen will scramble back up a few times, but will gas out and fade eventually.

Jon Madsen (-263) by Unanimous Decision over Gilbert Yvel (+180): In a logical world, Yvel would win in the first. I have no faith in Yvel’s logic though.

Patrick Côté (-182) by TKO 1 over Tom Lawlor (+130): Lawlor is talented but misguided in his training. He’ll fall for Côté’s mind games and end up at the end of a fight ending combo. KO Of The Night.

Paul Taylor (+140) by Split Decision over Sam Stout (-196): This will be…GOOD! I’m just flipping a coin here, both guys are basically identical strikers. Taylor packs more power as Stout is in a better shape. Fight Of The Night

Daniel Roberts (-167) by Submission 2 (Kimura) over Mike Guymon (+120): Don’t let the John Howard fight fool you, Roberts is a good prospect and Guymon is starting to get too old for the game. Submission Of The Night.

Chris Camozzi by Unanimous Decision over Dongi Yang: I have no clue who Yang is, but Asian fighters tend to fade in the UFC. Plus, Camozzi is a brute.

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41 Responses to “ Top MMA News UFC 121 Breakdown ”

  1. sad says:

    “I have no clue who Yang is, but Asian fighters tend to fade in the UFC. Plus, Camozzi is a brute.”

    this is the dumbest prediction based on the dumbest reasons ever.

    korean zombie
    stun gun

    have all won their first fights in the UFC. your basis is based on retard assumption.

    im shocked that you are seriously basing the winner on race.

    what a dumbass

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  2. Yay! I have a hater.

    1)Mark Munoz is American. Also he lost his first fight in the UFC to Matt Hamill.

    2)So did Korean Zombie. He’s not in the UFC and he’s 0-2 in the WEC.

    3)Akiyama has won a controversial first fight and has gone winless since.

    4)Gono has won his first fight too (convincingly)…and has gone winless since. To his credit, he had hard fights.

    I’ll give you Okami and Stun Gun. I think Stun Gun’s cardio is going to bite him in the ass in the long run, but he’s decent. Okami on the other hand, is a very good fighter.

    I apologize if my remark sounded racist, but my point was to say that maybe the level over in Asia has went downhill since the glory days of Pride. I’m not sure I care about the fight, but I will be happy if Yang makes me look like a fool.

    But please, get your facts straight!

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  3. Robin Black says:

    I’ve called 5 of Stun Gun’s fights in the DEEP organization, and cardio won’t be a problem for him.

    Also called Dongi Yang fight, he is a monster. I assure you Camozzi gets a beatdown.

    Also, the logical approach for Velasquez HAS to be stay off the mat and unhurt in rounds 1 and 2, and win rounds 3,4 and 5. I think he’ll fight like you predict, but much more patiently and look for big combinations in rounds 4 and 5. Maybe a TKO round 4.

    I also think Shield’s wrestling is too good and he’ll win.
    I think Tito wins too.

    No hating tho, I see where you’re comin from.

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  4. Robin Black says:

    Watch Shields wrestling with Askren on youtube. Kampmann cannot stop his takedown, and Shields always ends up on top.

    I’m a big Kampmann fan and think everyone underestimates him. But Shield’s wrestling is too monstrous. He is more wrestler that BJJ guy these days.

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  5. Mr. Black, you have a lovable personality

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  6. Robin Black says:

    Thank you sir. :) Right back at ya.

    I used to get a LOT of hate but have noticed that, when people get to know me, I get a little less all the time. I’m a more-or-less harmless fight-nerd, really.

    Sure, my hair is goofy and I wear my pants pretty tight, but you get used to that eventually.

    Keep up the quality writing. You have a great voice.

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  7. Thank you sir.

    You might not remember me but you left an amazing claw mark on my neck when you rolled at Tristar for the reality show. Been a fan ever since.

    I didn’t know who you were back then, so I asked your camera guy: “Who is he? Why do you film him”

    and him to answer:

    “Dude…it’s Robin Black!”

    Thank God google exists :O)

    Oh and I still pick Kampmann :P You’ll have the pleasure to point and laugh if he loses.

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  8. Jamie Locke says:

    Who’s Robin Black?

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  9. Robin Black says:

    When you paint your nails, it makes your claws sharper and more claw-able. Sweet.

    Hmmm… I must admit you do have me second-guessing the Shields-Kampmann fight…. I agree with you that it is a much closer fight than people think, but I think Shields’ wrestling is monstrous, and he will be HUGE at 170….

    You too, sir, can feel free with the pointing n the laughing after all is said and done if it goes that way….

    Will look forward to sitting and watching a show live with you one day man, and bantering back-and-forth with opinions….

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  10. sad says:

    the whole asian fighters fade in oversea competition is a myth or its beyond exaggerated.

    i guarantee they do do better overall than anyone other than the south americans(and thats just cuz of the brazilians) and americans.

    but i guarantee if it was a british fighter who are all terrible you wouldn’t have said that shit(even though in this case its 100 percent true).

    Gono- won his first fight , got robbed against hardy a contender who fought for the belt, but lost to a nobody in Dream

    Kzombie- Got robbed by leonard garcia

    akiyama-first fight was close but an obvious winner even though rogan the biased idiot said belcher who trains with eddie bravo was robbed.
    was beating leben until the last 20 second.

    okami- will become champ in my opinion terrible matchup for anderson and marquart

    stungun-is a future contender

    and even if these cases weren’t true its beyond asinine to assume these fighters are fading just because they arent coming in and becoming anderson silva.

    sorry you are an idiot

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  11. All right, All right, I get it.

    You’re Asian.

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  12. sad says:

    and you are an idiot

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  13. Ha ha! I was right.

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  14. sad says:

    Ha ha! I was right.

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  15. Not a good time to bring up Aoki vs Melendez? :) I don’t speak for Ben, but the point is that there is no dominant Asian fighters in North American promotions and by dominant, I mean, top 10ish.

    Quite frankly, I wish there was. Japan needs more MMA stars to get DREAM and Sengoku more popularity.

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  16. I blame Aoki Vs Melendez on the lack of pants. Anyway, I agree with you Keith. I wish there was too. That would justify all those nights I stayed up to watch Pride’s streaming. Like I said. I hope yang makes me look like an idiot

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  17. Robin Black says:

    Yang is a bad ass. His bad assness will be certified in North America at around 8:15 pm EST this evening.

    But Ben and Keith are right. The Asian MMA fighters haven’t figure out (yet) how to consistently beat the American fighters’ wrestling-heavy game.

    No one really has, except the Brazilians. And I have a scary feeling over the next few years the next crop of big American wrestlers will make most International fighters look 3rd tier.

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  18. We’re all idiots after all.

    Must have something to do with our non-Asian origins.

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  19. fasfa says:

    not true at all.

    americans suck at everything but wrestling. seriously they only exploit the rules to win they dont actually go for the finish like in pride.

    most of them have very weak bottom games and weak striking and no submissions .

    all the top american guys basically ONLY have grinding wrestling hence why american mma is beyond boring.

    gray maynard
    jon fitch
    chael sonnen
    brock lesnar
    ben askren
    not to mention a canuk GSP

    and are you guys seriously discrediting Aoki because he lost one fucken fight to Gilbert. a guy who lost to Ishida and barely barely beat Kawajiri in a controversial decision.

    when aoki just recently fucked up kawajiri’s ankle in ten seconds. and fucked up eddie and beat jz. when both those guys had great showings recently against previous ufc fighters.

    add to the fact that they arent nearly as many asian fighters in the UFC as americans,brits, or brazilians.

    but lets break down these terrible asian fighters.

    Okami is easily top five and imho will dominate marquart. he also did better against chael than anyone.

    stun gun will easily become top ten. and would destroy the likes of dan hardy, chris lytle,swick , embarrass marcus davis and is a terrible match up for nate diaz.

    akiyama has been fighting only tough competition as a undersized mw and is still doing decent with 3 FOTN.

    gomi just recently knocked out frankie edgar even though hes been on a downslope losing many fights n japan. and only lost to kenny florian

    Gono who got fucken robbed against Hardy a guy who Fought GSP for the belt. O and btw Gono is a natural LW and lost to a nobody in dream recently.

    honestly i hate you passive aggressive bitches lying about “O i want oversea fighters to do good but they arent”. when all the fucken evidence points that they are doing just fine compared to everyone but the Brazilians.

    name one Asian fighter in the UFC that can be categorized as doing bad?

    look at the stats every single asian fighter in the UFC is doing pretty damn good. maybe under performing compared to guys like jose aldo and anderson silva but those guys are just fucken phenoms.

    also how the hell is having asian fighters do good in AMERICAN mma gonna rack up interest in JAPANESE mma? It will only hurt and cripple it more you fucken genius.

    its obvious to me you guys are just biased fucks.

    anyone with common sense would know ONE FIGHT doesn’t dictate a fighters career. seriously its so stupid when people bring up aoki and gilberet to prove japanese/asian mma is inferior.

    when what it shows is how terrible a matchup gilbert was stylistically to aoki.

    BTW Benoit
    it has nothing to with your non-asianness it has everything to do with your stupidity.

    the facts are right there but you keep bringing up nitpicking shit(like aoki losing to arguably the number one LW wow he sucks now) to try to prove you are right. its seriously fucken sad.

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  20. fasfa says:

    and one last thing because i know im preaching to the choir.

    i dont understand why Asian fighters are grouped into this one big blog as Asian fighters.

    the korean fighters, chinese fighter, and japanese fighters come from totally different backrounds.

    training wise,emphasis on different martial arts, and even different fight organizations from their respective countries.

    korean mma guys are usually from Korean Top Team which is run by former Olympic level wrestlers hence the heavy heavy emphasis on wrestling and top game. and all know how to cut weight which is why Yang and Stun Gun are huge for their weight class

    while Japanese camps practice bjj much more and much less on condition and have no weight cutting culture at all.

    and chinese mma culture is basically a mystery to me.

    and instead of resorting to retarded comments about your lack of “asianess” why not write an actually counter argument.

    O I know you are an idiot.

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  21. Don’t even try, I’m not going to turn this into a racial debate. If you don’t like what I write stop reading me. It’s your Western-World privilege! :O)

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  22. fasfa says:

    holy shit you dumb fucker this isnt about race.

    I have no idea why you keep thinking it is other than the fact your brain is fucked up with all your father’s semen clogged up there.

    stop making it seem like this is a race debate it isn’t.

    this has nothing to do with being yellow,white,or black you EDITED.

    and stop with your borderline racist patronizing you EDITED

    “Western-World privilege” what the hell does that mean?

    its obvious you have nothing legit to say and to your delusional and simple mind this is some kind of racial debate when its purely an argument about a group of fighters that happen to be asian.

    you are the one consistently bringing up race.

    anyone who believes one fighter is gonna win or lose because of race is just a dumbass in my book and any sane person’s book.

    when there are a million other factors that are much much more important.

    like maybe Dongi will lose because this is his first fight as a mw, first fight in america. chris has a reach advantage etc.


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  23. fasfa says:

    BTW go back to your crappy Canadian gym and tell them to step their game up.

    other than the boring ass, least intimidating fighter/snuggie, GSP you guys have produced the great

    Jonathen Goulet and TJ Grant.

    but than again Canadian fighters don’t fade they are terrible from day one.

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  24. fasfa says:

    also just to make my point clearer
    and explain why grouping all asian fighters together is stupid.

    While MMA was huge in Japan for a period of time and a well known sport(hence many gyms, programs for mma, high level bjj instructors)

    it is a fringe sport in both Korea and China just like it is everywhere else. the average Korean or Chinese have no fucken clue what MMA is.

    the fact the Koreans are producing these high level fighters and prospects is beyond impressive seeing there are probably a total of 4 fucken MMA gyms in all of Korea.

    and a total of one black belt bjj instructor in all of Korea.

    and China is a barren wasteland for organized MMA.

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  25. Watch the language.

    Okami is definitely a top 10 UFC MW.
    Kim does well also.

    A lot of this stems from the 2007-2009 period when they brought in or brought back a lot of Korean and Japanese fighters.

    Guys like Gono, Hironaka, Omigawa, Maeda did very poorly here at that time.

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  26. Robin Black says:

    Is my opinion above (about how tough-to-handle the American wrestlers are) acceptable to you fasfa? Cuz I’m just not quite sure if you are grouping me in with your tirade or not. Just wanting to clarify.

    My favourite job on Earth is calling The Best of DEEP. I’ve had the privilege of calling 40 DEEP shows from Japan, and they are, bar none, my favourite fighters and my favourite fights, I go crazy for them.

    But, in my humble opinion, the top shelf wrestling training in the US, and the evolution of MMA’s reliance on wrestling, makes for tough-to-beat American fighters. And they’re getting scarier.

    Incidentally, I think Americans are also tough-to-beat at basketball, American Football, and many other sports because of the structure of training at the high school and college level. Nothing against The Swedish people, but they don’t have a great basketball program so they often lose to Americans in basketball.

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  27. Robin Black says:

    Stun Gun is one of my favourite fighters btw. I’ve gotten to call 4 of his fights and he rules. I’d love to see him KO some of these American ww’s, and I hope I do.

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  28. fasfa says:

    there were no korean fighters before KDH other than the infamous Joe Son(yes the convicted rapist)

    and Omigawa is an absolute beast now because hes in his right weight class.

    Gono dominated his first opponent, got robbed against Hardy(close fight though), and lost to Fitch like everyone else.

    and Ill give you Maeda(even though he gave Torres a great fight) and Hironaka

    but look at it statically a overwhelming majority of asian fighters have had great success.

    and i mean compared to European fighters they are amazing but compared to the amazing Brazilian fighters they are underwhelming.

    but honestly the whole Asian fighters cant cut in US MMA is over exaggerated on the sole fact people are very fucken xenophobic.

    and cant stand the idea the precious UFC might not have all the best fighters.

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  29. fasfa says:

    no robin i totally agree with you. Americans are the best wrestlers and they know how to use it really really damn well.

    but seriously its really boring. they basically made mma into a “sport” and practicably point fighting.

    and you do bjj so you know how fucken hard it is to submit a guy off your back thats just posting on you and not exposing himself. you cant force a sub.

    and yeah it is damn hard to beat a wreslter when one take down with no damage can practically win you a round.

    im just pissed the writer of the article wont intelligently argue with me but instead resort to making stupid remarks about how “un-asian” he is.

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  30. Well, wrestlers win, don’t they?

    Oh no, wait…there’s Mark Coleman…and there’s Sean Sherk who’s been in a so-so stretch lately. Wrestling-based style has its ups and down, but it’s the dominants style because wrestlers dictate where the fight go.

    I understand your point and I agree fighters like Okami and Stun Gun(who showed suffocating top control in his last fight. He’s a Judo guy right?) are doing well and are potential contenders.

    The Post-Pride era has been hard to Pride transfers, you can’t deny that. I’ll give it to you, they are not all Asians(Cro-Cop, Hendo, Silva, etc.)

    Asian stars as a whole aren’t doing so well, no matter how you want to split a hair in half. The only direct threat to a champion is Okami.

    What I don’t like about your arguments is that there’s no in-between. Wrestling-dominant style is the successful thing right now, no matter how you want to look at it. Some of the Asian fighters aren’t well versed in wrestling at all.

    No matter how much you want to tell profanities here. I stick by my vague and uninterested comment. Good enough if Yang wins.

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  31. Robin Black says:

    Thanks man.

    Yeah, the sport really is evolving into something different. Wrestling is becoming so dominant.

    But maybe someone is gonna come along and change that trend. Create some new answers to compete against the wrestler guys. It would be nice to see.

    I put $20 on Yang for tonight. I’ll share the winnings with ya, we can spend it on beer if I bump into you at a show out there somewhere….

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  32. I’m a firm believer in the idea that Judo players and greco-roman wrestlers will add the next link to the chain. Maybe even Sambo guys will turn the tides. Who knows?

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  33. Robin Black says:

    I’m not sharing our beer money with Ben. Just me and you fafsa.

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  34. Then I shall eat black bread and plan to assassinate Chris Camozzi.

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  35. Robin Black says:

    Mmmm… delicious beer. I bet Ben wishes he could have some.

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  36. fasfa says:

    definitely robin, great minds think alike.

    also think kapmann is gonna get wrestlefucked.

    i was kinda in between but read a recent interview from Stun Gun that convinced me shield was gonna win.

    basically he was asked who was gonna win shields or kampann.

    and to summarize stun gun who trained with kapmann said shield because Kapmann’s wrestling was very weak.

    o and than he states he believes hed be a great match up for shields and fitch.

    would love to see some classic judo vs wrestling.

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  37. Don’t want to shift this Asian vs World discussion, but it made me think about which continent is the best in MMA.

    I created a thread here if you want to share your thoughts.

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  38. harry balls says:

    wow what a craaazy thread!
    All i really hope is that Kampmann KOs Shields.
    Shields is a heckuva fighter, but i am not the biggest fan of his style.

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  39. Ryan says:

    managed to find the fight of dongi yang.

    download there.

    the ox got fucken robbed.
    easily won the first two rounds.

    hes def a prospect. great wrestling,striking, amazing chin. just gassed out but it is his first fight in the UFC all the way from korea so to be expected.

    big things await him.

    K Zombie
    and now the Ox

    all 3 koreans have been robbed

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  40. Robin Black says:

    Yang is superlegit and really aggressive. And I agree he won that fight.

    Octagon jitters are real tho. They gassed him late. He’ll fight again.

    He cost us beer money man.

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  41. ryan says:

    haha ill buy you a round

    won 350 off of a

    Cain parlay

    so dont feel too bad

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