Goodall Talks Upcoming Pierson Fight at W-1


Whenever people would watch the TV show Cheers, everybody wanted to be Norm. Wherever he would go, everyone knew his name. Lately it seems like Ricky Goodall has been like the classic TV character where everyone is knowing his name either if its in the cage or bouncing at some of Halifax’ busiest bars. He will take his name, along with his skills, to W-1: New Ground as he will face Sean Pierson on October 23.

Ricky Goodall has been a busy man over the last year as this will be his sixth fight during that time span. Besides training and bouncing at various bars, he still finds time to go to school were he is taking business. He stills does try and find the time to hang out with friends and enjoy music which is his big passion. He plays guitar and enjoys a diverse taste in music although it is safe to say that he is a metal head at heart. While he finds time to fit all that in his schedule, he been in some big fights with the likes of Alex Garcia and most recently a loss to Travis Briere at Unified MMA 5 last month by decision losing 48-47 across the board. While most fighters usually take something from one fight to the next, Goodall has seemed to put that fight behind him.

“I don’t really put these two fights in the same category,” says Goodall. “It’s a different guy, different fighter. We are always training everything, our weaknesses, our strengths. Pierson is a much higher ranked wrestler than Travis would have been so were going take it with our wrestling training and go from there.”

While the Goodall name has been popping up in the MMA scene in Canada, the same can be said for Pierson. He has been winning some big fights that got him a contract with Bellator Fighting Championship although he had to drop out of there season two Welterweight tournament due to injury. The funny thing is that this fight almost happened over a year ago for a W-1 card . It did not happen because Goodall had just finished a fight a few weeks before and did not want to go in unprepared.

While Goodall will have a tough challenge ahead of him on October 23rd, he had a first hand experience at what Pierson can do when Goodall cornered his teammate Jason Rorison for the fight at Ringside last year. Pierson and Rorison had a brawl where Pierson got the KO victory. If the Ontario native is using that fight as a blueprint for Saturday, he could be in for a surprise.

“With Jason, he was a lot smaller then Pierson,” says Goodall. “Jason fought at 155 ever since that fight. I think the size difference and his prior injuries before helped play in that. Jason and I are very different fighters. Jason is more of a ground guy and I like to dominate on the top and standing.”

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