HeatXC 6: Bragging Rights Recap


Top MMA News was ringside tonight for HeatXC 6: Bragging Rights. The night was full of exciting finishes for the near sold out crowd as Seven out of the eight fights ended in a KO or a TKO. 

Top MMA News award for Fight of The Night goes to Cody Krahn and Elliot Duff. The two fighters went back and forth until Elliot Duff stunned Krahn and the crowd with a body shot that dropped Krahn to his knees, ending his six fight win streak just over a minute into the second round.

Top MMA News had plenty to choose from for Knockout of The Night but ultimately it was too close to call between Jason High’s brutal TKO over Keto Allen in the main event and  Jordan Beecroft’s thirteen second decimation of fellow newcomer Jared McCombe in the opening bout of the evening.

Jason High vs Keto Allen
High lands a jab followed by a leg kick. High continues his aggressiveness with a big one, two that connects. High lands a leg kick followed by a big right that finally prompts Allen to land a right of his own. Allen lands a leg kick but that’s where his offence ends as High unleashes a massive combo that drops Allen to the mat and High capitalizes, jumping on Allen and pounding away until referee Vern Gorman steps in to rescue the dazed Allen giving him his first career loss.
Jason High defeats Keto Allen via TKO (Unanswered Strikes) in Round 1, 2:08

Elliot Duff vs Cody Krahn
Round 1:
Krahn immediately lands a big combo and Duff looks for a takedown but it’s stuffed. Krahn lands another combo and again Duff unsuccessfully looks for a takedown. Duff throws a right and Krahn ducks under it and takes his back. Krahn muscles him to the ground but Duff escapes back to his feet. Krahn lands more shots and Duff answers with a combo of his own and Krahn motions for Duff to “bring it on”. Krahn lands a few more shots against the ropes and Duff gets away and walks around the ring with his hands on his hips. Krahn lands a big right that drops Duff and Krahn secures the full mount before looking for an arm triangle. Krahn continues to work the arm triangle with his nose pouring blood. Krahn releases the submission attempt and peppers the midsection of Duff with shots. Krahn lands a big elbow and postures up, landing shots followed by another elbow. Duff escapes to his feet and the two circle until the end of the round.
Top MMA News scores the Round 10-9 for Krahn

Round 2:
Krahn lands a pair of leg kicks followed by a big right. Both fighters stand toe to toe and trade shots before Krahn lands a leg kick. Krahn lands a big right and Duff responds with one of his own followed by a body shot that drops Krahn to his hands and knees. Duff looks to follow up with more but see that Krahn is done and the ref calls a halt to the fight.
Elliot Duff defeats Cody Krahn via TKO (Body Shot) in Round 2, 1:22

Billy Torrence vs Mike Froese
Froese lands a pair of jabs and shoots in for a single leg takedown. Froese drives forward, finally getting to half guard before passing to side control. Froese looks for a kimura attempt but it’s defended and Froese passes to full mount. Froese rains down huge shots from above. Froese switches to elbows as Torrence rolls to his side and referee Andy Social steps in to call rescue Torrence from and further punishment.
Mike Froese defeats Billy Torrence via TKO (Unanswered Strikes) in Round 1, 1:12

Leo Constant vs Shane Campbell
Campbell lands a pair of leg kicks, the second of which lands with a thunderous thud. Campbell lands a weak combo and Constant hits the mat and turtles. Referee Vern Gorman, seeing that Constant has no interest in continuing the fight calls the bout giving Campbell the anticlimactic victory.
Shane Campbell defeats Leo Constant via TKO in Round 1, 0:34

Mike Glover vs Scott Payne
Round 1:
Payne lands a body kick followed by a leg kick. Glover misses several looping rights and the two fighters clinch. Payne lands a pair of knees in the clinch before the two fighters separate. The two clinch again and both fighters trade knees before separating again. Payne lands a right followed by a trio of leg kicks. Glover lands a right and Payne responds with a body kick and a leg kick. Payne lands a big double leg takedown and moves to side control. Payne lands a solid short elbow as the bell sounds to end the round. Top MMA News scores the Round 10-9 for Payne

Round 2:
Glover lands a leg kick and Payne comes back with a combo that backs Glover into the corner. Payne unleashes a vicious flurry, landing huge shots until Glover doubles over. Payne drives a big knee into Glover’s face which prompts referee Andy Social to calls a halt to the contest.
Scott Payne defeats Mike Glover via TKO in Round 2, 0:35

Jake Bluhm vs Jevon Marshall
Bluhm rushes forward to open the bout. Marshall looks for a knee but slips and eats a big right on the way down. Bluhm lands in his guard and Marshall looks for a kimura but Bluhm defends and escapes. Bluhm lands punches while gradually moving Marshall towards his corner. Marshall lands a pair of elbows from the bottom but Bluhm continues to connect with solid shots from the top. Bluhm lands a few short elbows before posturing up and landing several massive bombs in the corner until the referee steps in to call a halt to rescue Marshall putting an end to Bluhm’s four fight losing streak. Bluhm celebrates with a break dancing demonstration.
Jake Bluhm defeats Jevon Marshall via TKO (Unanswered Strikes) in Round 1, 2:54

Justin Bloomer vs Brent Haley
Bloomer lands a leg kick followed by and combo and more leg kicks. Haley lands a solid body kick and Bloomer answers with a big right followed by a combo which is punctuated with a thunderous body kick. Bloomer lands a few more leg kicks followed by a big right that drops Haley. Bloomer jumps into side control and Haley gives up his back. Bloomer looks to secure a rear naked choke. Bloomer is unable to sink to submission attempt and releases to land some huge punches. Haley spins out but is still mounted. Bloomer latches onto an arm bar attempt and doesn’t let go until Haley taps out emphatically.
Justin Bloomer defeats Brent Haley via Submission (Arm Bar) in Round 1, 3:18

Jordan Beecroft vs Jared McCombe
Beecroft lands a pair of stiff jabs before a big combo has McCombe out on his feet. One more big shot from Beecroft puts McCombe on dreamstreet and Beecroft misses a knee on the way down but it doesn’t matter as McCombe was never in the fight and is unconscious before he hits the mat. After the referee calls the fight McCombe tries several times to get back to his feet only to stumble back down each time.
Jordan Beecroft defeats Jared McCombe via KO in Round 1, 0:13

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