Boots Scraps – Holst Recaps UFC 120


Hello everyone,

The fight didn’t go my way. I was really hesitant with my striking. I knew he wanted to take the fight to the ground. He caught me early in the first with a triangle and I was able to defend it then it turned into a omoplata and I slipped out of that. Later on he caught me in a heel hook, real bad. I felt my ankle crack. I managed to roll out of it, back on our feet and I still did not open up. Once more he tried to take me down, I defended then he pulled half guard (sport jiu jitsu style) then Paul caught me in a triangle choke, he looked for it a lot during the fight and towards the end of the fight 15 secs left into the first round (I think) I tapped out.

I haven’t watched it yet but from what I remember that’s how the fight went down. I feel this was my worst performance in my career.

It was the best I ever felt going into a fight. The weight cut was the easiest I have ever done and I made 155lbs no problem thanks to Kru Jeff. I was confident and strong when I went in the Octagon but once I faced off with Paul I just did not pull the trigger with my striking. I did not get taken down at all, he surprised me by pulling half guard (sport jiu jitsu style) when I would sprawl out of his take down attempts. That was his game plan all along and I was not able to work my game plan. Paul Sass was the better fighter that night and that’s all it matters. Thank you Paul for the fight, all the best in the future. Thanks to the UFC for taking care of my corners and I – always a good time and great experience.

I want to  thank all my friends and family that supported me through the last month of my prep for this fight. Also all my fans and students in Ottawa and OAMA, thank you for all the support and nice comments. I will learn from this and come back stronger. Sorry I let you guys down.

A big thanks goes out to Kru Jeff who put alot of time in me for this training camp and also Pat who was there for me at the fight. Thanks again everyone for the support, from all the comments I get from you guys, for some  reason, I don’t feel like I lost, you guys are awesome.

I will be limping around London for another few days visiting, I will post some pics soon and let you guys know how the rest of the trip is.



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  1. Jamie Locke says:

    Boots had some insane escapes early in the round. I thought he scrambled like no other.

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  2. J-bird says:


    win or lose you are still living the dream and made it further than most ever will. Take the time to analyze and form the plan, next time will be better.

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