Introducing Canada’s MMA Forum at Top MMA News


Top MMA News would like to thank you – our readers – for helping make Top MMA News the hands down, top MMA news site in Canada.

As we continue to evolve the site, Top MMA News has received a lot of feedback – both positive and negative – on how to improve this site.  Easily, the number one comment was to add a forum.  Fans wanted a place to start their own topics on the site rather than just comment on existing Top MMA News‘ stories.

We like the idea and now that we top 100,000 readers every month, we believe that we have a large enough community of Canadian MMA fans that a forum would work.

So please head on over to and register your screen name and start posting!

We are unsure how the site will continue to evolve, but for now we will be keeping the comments on articles open and are hoping that more in depth conversations can take place on the forums.   We also hope that MMA fans will use the forum to create topics that they want to discuss.  Check them out, so far the conversations have been Fantastic!

Our main forum categories are Canada MMA, UFC/WEC, Other MMA – Strikeforce, DREAM, …, and All the Rest. We hope that you’ll pop on over, sign up and start/participate in the various topics that you find.

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As well, you will notice that Top MMA News has added the Facebook ‘Like’ functionality to the bottom of each article. If you like what you read and you are on Facebook, a simple click is all it takes to spread the word that you like our site or the fighter/promotion featured in that article!

Finally, thanks again for loving MMA as much as we do.  Please continue to Contact Us to give us all your comments, criticisms, and ideas or hit us up on our personal Facebook pages,  Top MMA News Facebook Fan Page or Twitter.  Believe me – we listen and read it all.

10 Responses to “ Introducing Canada’s MMA Forum at Top MMA News ”

  1. harry balls says:

    God I love that illustration!

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  2. Jamie Locke says:

    Where’s the MFC guy? Or is he banned from the forum?

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  3. Probably against company policy to come to this site?

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  4. Mike Davis says:

    sure we will see something from them sooner or later.

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  5. Darren Owen says:

    Look how bad ass the AFC guy is, he’s got the Grim Reaper scythe.

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  6. Jamie Locke says:

    He’s a “Son of Anarchy!” Bam!

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  7. Already had 40 people online at the forums at the same time. Thank you everybody!

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  8. BC MMA says:

    I don’t like your forum or this site. Lots better.

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  9. BC MMA, I agree that there are lots of better web sites than Top MMA News.

    However, I am proud to say that no one covers the Canadian MMA scene better than Top MMA News.

    If there is something in particular you would like to see improved, please use Contact Us ( and let us know!

    We are always looking for feedback – positive and negative.

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  10. Robin Black says:

    Here’s some feedback for ya Keith!!!

    you are doin a nice job

    How’d ya like THEM apples beeyatch??!?

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