Working Man PHD: Bernard Brings Work Ethic to New Ground


Whenever you give a hot girl your phone number, all you can do is just wait by the phone and pray that she will call you back someday. With Jeremiah Bernard, it was basically the same thing but waiting for his next fight. Well that hot chick ended up being W-1: New Ground as he will face Todd Henri on October 23rd in Halifax. He could not help but be overcome with emotion when he got the news.

“I am real happy about this,” says Bernard. “I am glad they contacted my manager who got a hold of me. I’m glad my manger thought of me, seen me, know that I am sitting there, doing what I am doing and that I am capable to get up and be ready. I try to stay humble but in the back of my mind with the names that are going to be there, with the name of the promotion, I’m wowed that I am on this card but at the same time, it will be good for exposure and the sport maritime wise.”

For those who may not know Bernard all that well, he trains out of Macfit in the Moncton area. His record stands at 2-3 where he is mostly known for his standup game going into the fight. While he may try for the KO, Bernard likes to go at a constant pace on the ground as well. He thinks he may have the upper hand when it comes to his game plan.

“I have seen him fight and I have heard a little stuff here and there,” says Bernard. “In the MMA world, you know someone who knows somebody else. I happened to be at the last Elite One show held at the casino and he happened to be fighting on that card. I got the opportunity to sit very close to the cage and seen him. Then I had no idea who he was or that I would be fighting him in the future or anything like that.”

While he could have the advantage going into October 23rd, it still has been over a year since his last fight against Ricky Goodall at ECC 10. While ring rust could play a factor with a few local fighters on the card, his are not injury related. Bernard is a very busy man who manages a full time job that requires a lot of traveling to PEI and still being able to train three to four times a week. While the work schedule may be a reason as to why there is a grace period between matches, it goes deeper then that.

“I had a small injury after I fought Ricky but it was minor, nothing that would have taken me out for this period of time, “ says Bernard. “Without touching too much of the topic just some personal things were going on work wise. I am from New Burnswick which raises the question ‘why am I in PEI?’ I have a job there just traveling back and forth. Based out of the gym in Moncton, I have no sponsorship or anything like that so money wise really played a factor for me. The job that hired me happened to be in PEI and that had a lot to do with everything.”

Basically with Bernard, the majority of his time is tied up between his two jobs. While it may have been a tough go at first, he seems to have settled on a pattern that allows him to train. A win against Henri would make it all worth while. It may be hard right now to predict if he wins or loses this fight, but we can expect to see a workhorse either way on October 23rd.

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