AFC 4 Features 6X World Champion Robert Drysdale Plus the Return of Jason Heit


It’s been a busy time for AFC promoters Jason Heit and Darren Owen. Between filming the Dragons Den, partnerships with Chek TV, The Fight Network, a soon to be announced US TV deal, a reality TV series in development plus a major partnership with an online social media company they have managed to find the time to put together another great card. Victoria-based Armageddon Fighting Championship has announced the line-up for their fourth event, AFC: Revelation, to be held at the home of the AFC, Bear Mountain Arena on Saturday, November 6th.

In the main event of the evening, AFC 4 will feature Brazilian Jiu Jitsu phenom Robert Drysdale, the 2007 ADCC Open Weight Champion and three time world Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion. Drysdale is the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach of former UFC Champions Forrest Griffin and Frank Mir. He will face a stiff test in Kelowna’s Clay Davidson (5-1) who has won his last five fights by first round submission.

Powerful Nick Hinchcliffe (16-6-0) will face the undefeated Courtney Prospect Mike Hackert who is fresh off a victory over Dan MacIver.

The card will also feature the surprise return of Jason Heit to competition in Victoria. Jason has not fought in Victoria since 2001. He has been boxing professionally in the USA and fighting for other MMA organizations and has returned home to fight in his own promotion. The former Canadian amateur boxing champion, North American kickboxing champion and bodyguard is undefeated in MMA (4-0), he will face Toronto’s Markaille Wedderburn (10-8).

The event will also feature CFL players Justin Shaw (2-0) and Derek Medler (3-0).

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased through the Armageddon Fighting Championship website – – Sports Traders, Juan de Fuca Rec Centre, Island MMA, ZUMA, or by calling (250) 478-8384. Prices range from $30-$100.

AFC 4: Revelation takes place Saturday, November 6th, 2010 and is available around the world via webcast for $8.99 at

Doors open at 6pm. Fights begin at 7pm.

For more information, contact Darren Owen ( or Jason Heit ( or visit the AFC website (


Saturday, November, 6, 2010 Victoria BC at the Bear Mountain Arena.
Doors open at 6:00pm fights start at 7:00pm

Robert Drysdale 1-0 vs. Clay Davidson 5-1 @205
Nick Hinchliffe 16-6 vs. Mike Hackert 5-0 @185
Jason Heit 4-0 vs. Markhaile Wedderburn 10-8 @170
Derek Medler 3-0 vs. Del Melnyk 3-1-1 @170
Justin Shaw 2-0 vs. Jonathon Cardinal 2-2 @265
Tarek Gebali 4-0 vs. TBA @155
Baz Cunningham 5-1 vs. John Turnbull 2-0 @145
Karl Bergen 1-0 vs. Dejan Kajic 1-0 @170
Nathan Swayze 0-0 vs. David Perron 3-0 @185
Tristan Connolly 1-1 vs. Dan Ring 0-0-1 @155
Connor Wood 1-2 vs. Dan Laughey 0-1 @155
Conner Riddell 1-0-1 vs. Jordan Knippelberg 2-1 @155
Chris Jones 1-1 vs. Theo Brisley 3-3 @155
Cory Gower 1-0 vs. Ryan Leef 0-1 @135

25 Responses to “ AFC 4 Features 6X World Champion Robert Drysdale Plus the Return of Jason Heit ”

  1. chris says:

    showtying is the star of this show

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  2. Dean B says:

    Heit is gonna KO him in the first. I think Drysdale is the star and for the locals Hinchliffe, Heit and the Zuma fighters.

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  3. Jamie Locke says:

    Yeah, I got Heit winning that one as well, early…

    Alot of locals don’t really know much about Drysdale, except that Frank Mir cornered him at his last fight. Except of course for the more knowledgable fans. I really wouldn’t have put him as the main event, it is afterall only his second fight. I would have gone with Hinchliffe and Hackert for the main, as it is for top contendership. The last MFC had the title fight as the second to last fight, which I also don’t understand, I know Ford was a big deal coming back to MFC, but that should have been the secon to last with the title as the main event.

    I think the local fans are most excited for
    1-Hinchliffe vs Hackert
    2-Heit vs Wedderburn (ony for Heit)

    I’m sure this show is going to be awesome either way though.

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    Well at least it’s not as bad as the last Shark Fights with a title fight on the prelims! lol

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  5. chris says:

    wow i hope you haters keep on hating when the show wins yall …..jamie you always talki shit on here like your a part time gossiper as for heits friend dean lol ….make shoer your at the fight so i cant tell show to laugh at yall dumb ass when he wins…..poof

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  6. chris says:

    KEEP YOUR HEAD UP SHOWTYING THEY dont no what you had bin dealing with for the last year hope your family is all goood now so you have back that focous i hope yor reading these post bro….ONLY IF THEY NEW…iv always bin a big loyal fan of showtime even when hes down…BUT now i no definetly his outside life is all good now SHIT whos going to stop him ….cant wait to bet on it…shit jamie or dean or anyone in bc or wherever ….this is no joke or computer talk i got 1000$ on showtime dont type back some bull shit just bet me i will be at the a.f.c card with my money any takers….i bet yall going to come up with some bullshit why yall caint bet…..get em show

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  7. Dean B says:

    $1000 done and done, wow I don’t even have to give you odds. How do I collect from you? I’ll be at the show.

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  8. Jamie Locke says:

    Hey, I’m no hater. Part time gossiper, yes indeed, that’s me. I show respect to anyone who fights and shows professionalism.

    The only critism I give to Showimte is him not making weight for the last two fights. He and I already have a beer bet on that one.

    1G is a little much for me, but I’ll gladly throw down a 50$, either online or at the show. BK can vouch that I pay up if I lose.

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  9. Cody Rempel says:

    I think now is the time for Top MMA News to really start taking a cut of bets made on the site! haha, that’d be a nice chunk of change!

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  10. Robin Black says:

    I’m goin to Victoria for this and I can’t wait.

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  11. ccanadx says:

    The best fight is Heit vs showtime. Styles makes fights and they have diffent styles. Check them out on utube.

    Keep an eye on two fighters over the next 3 years. 1. Drysdale has deep experience so forget the w/l mma record. He has awsome skills.

    2. Derek Medler is a sleeper– potentially he may go the deepest into UFC as he is a natural with awesome talent. Remeber as a football player, he out gained Neil Lumston and was only a rookie! I was buying futures as they say in the market– these 2 would be my $1000 play. (No, I do not bet on these things.)

    But besides that AFC has shown Canada how to run a card. Its professioanly run, on time, good match making. Waiting for AFC’s Heit and Owen to be on that CTV show Dragon’s Den!

    But please– u got to respect anyone who trains that hard and has the guts to step into the cage.
    Boxing fell apart with fight fans yelling bum at anyone who heard 3 sentences of spin doctoring on a sports line. MMA does not lend itself to 29-0 records (or conversly 0-29 records). No sport does so 10-8 is a respectable record for showtime. Looks like a great event.

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  12. Cody Rempel says:

    I’ll give it to Wedderburn… He’s fought a lot of great guys over the last few years!

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  13. Darren Owen says:

    Update: We will be using GOFIGHTLIVE.COM for our live webcast. Cost will be $9.99

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  14. Jamie Locke says:

    So, Chris, is that 50$ bet on?

    Don’t get me wrong guys, I think shotime is a great fighter, but I do have Heit taking this one down.

    AFC is a great show, I’m stoked for this card big time.

    D.O, I sure hope these guys do a better job than the last. Although I won’t be watching cause I’ll be at the show!

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  15. chris says:

    bets on wow robin blacks going ask him he tell ya how the show works a think they train at the same gym xtream cortors

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  16. Robin Black says:

    I’ll tell you anyone crazy enough to underestimate Showtime is making a big big mistake. Showtime is a warrior. He mighta lost a couple lately but he’s been tough even in his losses. He’s due for a big night.

    Heit is supposed to be very talented, but Show has a lot of real world experience. Showtime is a big test for him.

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  17. Dean B says:

    I don’t think anyone is doubting Showtime is good. As far as life experiences Heit has done some crazy stuff too. He was bodyguard for a bunch of hollywood stars and went on tour with Robby Williams for like a year or something as his main body guard. He also worked the door at some of the biggest clubs in LA. I think it’s gonna be a dope fight but Ive seen Heit fight before and seen him train so I think he’s got this one. Hell I got a grand on it.

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  18. Sean Quinn says:


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  19. Robin Black says:

    I LOVE ROBBIE WILLIAMS. Gotta ask Heit about that when I’m in Victoria.

    I hear the guy is really good. Lookin forward to that one.

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  20. chris says:

    are you a racesit what does it matter how someone types man its guys i mean losers like you that are always out a place more insentive showtime i hope you read this cause i no your a proud jamaican …cant wait to watch this fight only if they new…..shit i got 2 grand now no lie my word payable fight night….if thtas to big for you dean the grand is find …just hope you pay in good faith cause i for shure will…. victoria is going to love ya showtime..

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  21. Sean Quinn says:

    Dear Chris, youre an idiot. Have fun at the fights.

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  22. chris says:

    and your a ignorant drop out thats why you go to race cards get a life that you like fool….

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  23. ccanadx says:

    showtime does not seem displined enuff to weigh in at 170. This does not seem fair to weigh in above weight.

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  24. ccanadx says:

    great tv coverage ofthe last afc event!!

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