TUF 12 – GSP vs Kos – Episode 5 Recap


Last week, Kyle Watson won his first fight in the house to make it 3-0 for Team GSP and Caceres continued to annoy his flat mates. Who will win this week?

Koscheck is hoping that his team is taking advantage of his coaching and his fellow coaches. If it works for him, Cain Velasquez, Mike Swick, it should work for him. Jon Fitch is the guest coach this week. Still no team Koscheck uniforms. Nam Phan appreciated working with Fitch.

Alex Caceres put bleach in the fabric softener and Michael Johnson used it, so he basically pranked his own teammate. People are sick of Bruce Leroy. Jean-Charles Skarbowsky is GSP’s guest coach this week. St-Pierre warns that he is a strange character and he will either respect you or knock you out. Dane Sayers says that Skarbowsky basically drinks a ton of alcohol and then beats up a bunch of MMA fighters. Cody McKenzie said “That guy is brutal. He beat us up and he was drunk.”

Next fight is picked: Spencer Page vs Nam Phan. Once again, Josh Koscheck says it is a good matchup for him. For once, I agree with him.

Phan runs an hour every day as part of his routine. He believes his cardio is a big asset. Makes sense! GSP does not want this fight on the ground and Spencer Page wants to keep it standing and knock Phan out.

Liddell comes to hang out with Team Koscheck and this is right after his fight with Rich Franklin. Liddell definitely gives the team a morale boost. Liddell stays he still wants to save one for Tito and the guys give him much respect as is due a guy of his stature. Nice spot.

Koscheck continues to bait St-Pierre. St-Pierre does not bite even though he admits that Koscheck gets to him. Cody McKenzie trash talks Josh back for Georges.

Nam Phan vs Spencer Page
R1. Page starts with kicks to legs and midsection of Phan and drops Phan with a right leg kick. He gets right back up He continues kicking and Phan throws the odd right. Page starts throwing the right jab effectively and mixes up with kicks. Phan starts landing rights. Throughout the round, Spencer is backing up and Phan goes forward. Phan catches a kick and Spencer goes down. Phan lands ground and pound continually for a good 45 seconds. Side control by Phan who goes for a Kimura but time runs out. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Phan

R2. Body shots by Phan hurt Page. Nice kick to the midsection. Spinning back kick by Page partially lands but Phan is controlling this round. Straight right lands by Phan. Page falls throwing a kick and Phan pounces throwing knees to Page’s body before Page returns to his feet. Big right by Phan lands and Page seems to attempt ineffective spinning back kicks and elbows that miss by a mile. Phan still in control and the round ends. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Phan
Nam Phan defeats Spencer Page by Unanimous Decision First win for Team Koscheck.
After the fight Page admits he broke his hand during the fight.

Koscheck continues riding GSP, who says that there are “bad losers and Koscheck is a bad winner.”

Next episode: A two fight show and GSP gets cut

3 Responses to “ TUF 12 – GSP vs Kos – Episode 5 Recap ”

  1. Jay says:

    Wow Keith man, you sure don’t know how to cover something….
    I mean I never leave comments but you should be fired. Who did you blow to get this job? You must be a huge Koshchek fan summarizing his post fight antics as “Koshcheck continues riding GSP”

    This is a good site, too bad you’re here….

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  2. I have bad news for you Jay, Keith owns the joint. I also suggest you read the sentence a second time around. From a syntax point of view, it’s describing pretty well what happened. I might have replaces the words “continues riding” by “continues belittling” but that’s just my petty bookwormish self talk.

    As for the episode, I’m happy Nam Phan won. He’s a hard nosed veteran and an exciting fighter when given the chance to shine. Spencer Paige seemed to be looking passed him, so too bad for him. That said, I’m not happy Koscheck is in control, but I count on Cody MacKenzie to dish out another entertaining guillotine and turn the tides again.

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  3. G says:

    GSP will kick Koschecks ass (who is a real good MMA fighter in his own right) for a second time however this time it will not go to the judges scorecard for a decision

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