Shining a Light: Johnson Looking for Big Moment at W-1


When you are starting in mixed martial arts, each fight is as important to your development to make that next big step. With Chris Johnson, he gets a big chance when he faces American Jeremy Hamilton at W-1: New Ground on October 23rd. The Moncton native has been waiting for a moment like this since his career started in 2008 and feels physique will be the key.

“I am a regular 205er and I am meeting him at 190,” says Johnson. “He is a 185er so I seem to have size advantage but he holds a record of 6-0 and I think I will be his toughest fight so far and I will give him a hell of a fight.”

Going into this fight, Johnson has the be hit and hit back mentality. He is known as a standup guy with professional boxing experience and some big KO power. His fights usually go quick with none of his matches on record going outside the second round. Those quick matches have gotten him a record of 3-2 and the Elite 1 Light-Heavyweight title in that process. Hamilton’s fights have never gone past the second round either. Any gambling expert will tell you that the sure bet is that the match will not be a long one and Johnson has the same mind set. He also knows that you can not always get what you want either.

Johnson states that he has good stamina, but believes power will be the difference in the fight.

“My conditioning is good to go three rounds,” says Johnson. “I don’t see it going all three rounds. I will only be able to tell really when the round starts and I feel him out. I don’t plan on it going out of the first round but I am going to see if he can take my power and if he can eat my punches. I know I have a decent chin but I still know anyone can get knocked out.”

In the match up, Hamilton is expected to be the favorite going in with his undefeated record but looks can be deceiving. Out of his six fights, only one fighter had a winning record heading into the bout. While it may say one thing on paper, it is a whole other story when you step foot in the cage. There are other factors that play into this match that few other fights on this card have. Hamilton is fighting out of the country for the first time while Johnson is only a three hour drive away. Hamilton however will not have to cut as much weight next week. While they may all be little pieces of the pie, Johnson knows it means nothing when the bell rings. Either way Johnson will be trying to make sure that he will give the fans and promoters something to talk about.

“He has a good record and I am coming in as the underdog,” Johnson admits.

“His record looks a lot better but there is no way I am losing this fight. This is my opportunity to shine in front of this crowd of superstar fighters and I don’t care what he is bringing to the table. I am finding a way to run through him.”

5 Responses to “ Shining a Light: Johnson Looking for Big Moment at W-1 ”

  1. chris says:

    will romero is the etar of this card

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  2. chris says:

    WILL romero is the star of this show

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  3. Jamie Locke says:

    Johnson is a huge underdog in this one, even though he has beat better opponents than Hamilton, this will be a very tough fight for him.

    I have to cheer for the Canadian in this one though, a W here will be huge for Johnson and probably make for some more tough competition soon after.

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  4. Hank says:

    Johnson could be so much better if he was with a legit team.

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  5. Jamie Locke says:

    What, team saigo, home of the oldest mma fighter isn’t legit…lol

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