WRECK Announces Kandahar Event


Wreck MMA is proud to announce that we will be holding our fourth event this week and once again it will be for a good cause. This time around, the Wreck team has travelled to Kandahar, Afghanistan and will be promoting five fights for the Canadian Troops.

The team has travelled safely to Kandahar and final preparations are being made for this historic event as Wreck is the first MMA promotion to hold an event in Afghanistan. The event will involve Canadian fighters who will be traveling together and fighting in a once in a lifetime opportunity. After Wreck’s successful first event where Wreck raised money for ‘Soldier On’, the Canadian Forces have looked for an opportunity for Wreck to run an event for the troops and the time has finally come.

There are two teams of five fighters, one of which will be coached by Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts Head Instructor and Renzo Gracie Blackbelt Pat Cooligan and the other by FIT MMA Head Instructor Craig Brown. In the main event of the evening, Hamilton’s Rory McDonnel will be facing Jesse Gross of Adrenaline MMA in London. When asked to participate in the event, two of Canada’s most talented lightweights jumped at the opportunity to entertain the troops. Also on the card are Stephane Bernadel, Bojan Kladnjakovic, Alex Gasson, Stefan Kessler, Sami Mann, Paul Ebejer, Justin Taveirne and Christopher St-Jean. All fighters have donated their time to the Canadian Forces and are competiting for the soldiers who fight for them everyday.

This historic event could not be possible without the hard work of Wreck President Nick Castiglia and Louise Desroches from the Canadian Forces. Wreck would also like to thank our sponsors Planet Ink Studios and Fitshop for making some generous donations that Wreck has brought to the troops in Kandahar.

5 Responses to “ WRECK Announces Kandahar Event ”

  1. Alex says:

    I assume a PBP is out of the question?

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  2. vanillagorilla says:

    lol especially since I’m pretty sure the event is over now. It’s just waiting for the results at this point. I think Afganisan is 12 hour time difference

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  3. Alex says:

    I’d be satisfied with a retroactive PBP

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  4. Ryan Kandahar says:

    Jessie won the main fight. Pecker Gasson won his. Stephane won his. Can’t remember the other guys names. What a great show. Thank you guys for coming out. I don’t mind getting shot at but I wouldn’t get in the ring with any of these boys.
    F*&kin’ eh as we say in Canada.

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  5. Queenston says:

    You wouldn’t get in the ring with Ebejer?

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