School of Hard Knocks 9 – Calgary – November 5


Date: November 5, 2010
Location: Century Casino in Calgary, Alberta
Tickets: TicketPro

197.5 lbs: Jeff Doyle (Armstrong Athletics) v. Asem Osman (Dogpound MMA)
170 lbs: John Guitar (Da Monsta) v. Jarod Milko (PFA, Lethbridge)

140 lbs: Wolfgang Jansen (Arashi Do, Red Deer) v. Keith MacDuff (Elite MMA, Calgary)
150 lbs: Walton Chung (Gracie Barra, Calgary) v. Keegan Cassell (Medicine Hat)
170 lbs: Kolton Manzak (PFA, Lethbridge) v. Matthew Leblanc (Ind.)
185 lbs: Jason Prior (Natural Spirits) v. Ben Kristal (Red Dragons)
185 lbs: Virgil Robertson (Fernie Fight Club) v. Jesse Dayrider (PFA Lethbridge)
265 lbs: Graham Devey (Bully Breed) v. Nick Dragich (Legends)

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  1. michael says:

    Top 5 fights I’m excited about and my picks including how it will go down, let’s see how I do:

    1. Dalsin v. Cotterill. Dalsin from Gracie Barra Calgary. Love watching their ground work. Submission.

    2. Jansen v. MacDuff. Epic match-up. Wolfgang Jansen for the win. TKO.

    3. Larkin v. Manzak. Jeff “The Atomic Zombie” Larkin for the win via Zombie Apocalypse … or knockout.

    4. Murdoch v. McPhee. McPhee by unanswered blows.

    5. Krayko v. Milko. Milko wins by knockout.

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  2. Brad Wall says:

    We are 11wins,0loses on hard knocks hoping of course to go 14w,0l after the 5th!!!

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  3. There have been many changes and updates on this card due to injury, be sure to take a look !

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  4. many changes and updates have been made to this card due to injuries. be sure to check out the current lineup at

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  5. UPDATE: Entire card pretty much changed including the addition of Nick Dragich the rugby player who was going to pro debut at Heat XC last month.

    Thanks Karlin.

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  6. harry balls says:

    Why did Dragich not fight on that card? LOL it googled his name and this horrible thing came up

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  7. harry balls says:

    …and he’s 165 now?

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  8. His opponent did not show up for weigh ins.

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  9. harry balls says:

    that must blow. BTW i am assuming the weight listed above is a typo.

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  10. 265. no weight loss. :)

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  11. I have the recap ready for the amateur portion of the card. Pro card recap will be done tomorrow.

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