Hominick Wants Shot at Aldo


Mark HominickIn MMA you have very little time to make a statement — every moment counts.

During WEC 51, Canadian Featherweight phenom Mark “The Machine” Hominick defeated American Leonard Garcia by Split Decision in a solid 15 minutes of excitement again proving the fighters maxim, never let it go to the judges.

Hominick shrugs it off. “There’s always a danger the judges are going to see it differently,” he says. “I felt I won decisively, but Garcia has a big fan-base and throws everything he has at you, putting every ounce of heart behind each strike.”

Seriously, just listen to the guy when he fights. Many judges score favourably based on commitment and aggression in the cage, and Garcia brings his “A” game every time. No wonder most of his fights go to decision.

Hominick continues, “Everytime Garcia goes to launch one of those rockets his mouth opens wide and he yells even before the punch has left his shoulder. Those are easy to get away from just by being patient, stepping out, circling around and then hitting him with some good counters.”

In all three rounds, Hominick controlled the centre of the cage, relentlessly pursuing Garcia and pushing the action. Someone must have painted Garcia’s face with a laser target because Hominick’s stiff jab and brutal hook combination were landing with impunity throughout the fight.

When asked about his simple and effective combinations Hominick says, “They were really working well for the whole fight, I would have liked to throw more combinations and tried to finish the fight more definitively but was fighting with a wrecked thumb.”

Hominick’s fight monicker is “The Machine” for good reason. His team’s support and work ethic leading up to his fights are legendary and it translates directly to his results in the cage.

Although the match went to decision, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind (except maybe one judge who was obviously watching a different fight) who controlled the cage during WEC 51. It was controlled with precision. It was a clinic on composure — clean, tough and surgical.

Hominick has never been shy about his purpose in MMA, he wants to be the champion. Period. End of discussion. Could a match with WEC Featherweight Champion Jose Aldo be in Hominick’s future?

“It’s hard to say,” says Hominick. “Obviously I’d love the opportunity and think I’m the best guy for the fight, but ultimately it’s up to WEC.

“I really want the shot, but they might decide to throw Grispi’s ten fight winning streak at him first. Whenever. I’ll be ready when they say it’s my time. Who knows, maybe it will be the first WEC in Ontario.”

4 Responses to “ Hominick Wants Shot at Aldo ”

  1. Sean McManus says:

    solid write up – love Hominick…great read – thanks!

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  2. Always wondered about Garcia’s Monica Seles-like grunts. Figured they must be a tell to get the hell out of the way.

    Love this quote:
    “Everytime Garcia goes to launch one of those rockets his mouth opens wide and he yells even before the punch has left his shoulder. Those are easy to get away from…

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  3. harry balls says:

    CHeck them oldskool gloves! Hominick is always entertaining.
    Why WEC isn’t as popular as UFC is beyond me. Pearls before swine….

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    I agree… It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a boring WEC fight, I think a WEC version of TUF would give them a bit of a boost!

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