WRECK MMA President Discusses Afghanistan Card


Incredibly, WRECK MMA is flying to Kandahar, Afghanistan to put on a show for the Canadian troops. In this exclusive interview with Top MMA News, WRECK MMA president Nick Castiglia details how the idea for the show came about, the logistical nightmare of putting on the show in Afghanistan and why WRECK MMA, as well as fighters, referees, and sponsors like Planet Ink Tattoos, jumped at that chance to work and give up their time for free to support the Canadian military.

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10 Responses to “ WRECK MMA President Discusses Afghanistan Card ”

  1. Don Wilson says:

    What a class act promoter and class act organization. Plus Gross vs. McDonnell tickles me in the right way. Hope all goes well, Good luck guys.

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  2. Gabriel Boivin says:

    Congratulations to all the fighters and Wreck MMA support staffs for organizing and participating in this event. Lots of work, stress and sweat but it is worth all of the efforts. Wait and see the display of appreciation by the troops.
    Get Guy Lafleur to be your ring announcer!
    Jung and I are wishing you and your team great success with this event.

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  3. Mehdi says:


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  4. harry balls says:

    Ebejer should not be fighting. Period.

    On a sad note, Brian Dyck lost his battle to ALS. My thoughts are with his family.

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  5. Robin Black says:

    Paul Ebejer is a good dude, with a passion for fighting. He is not and has never claimed to be a world beater, but he put in the time to try to develop the different skills to become a good fighter.

    After his first few losses, he was always offerer up as an opponent to better and better talent, basically brought in to fights above his skill level. This made his losing streak continue, but didn’t make his love of the sport diminish.

    Guys like Paul Ebejer, Chester Post, even Jason Cecil (Post and Cecil have fought the top names in the game because “the show must go on”), guys like this with a love for the game and a willingness to fight over their heads play an important and thankless role at the grassroots of the sport. They are the men who will step up, the men who will take a fight no one else will take for the sake of the card and their opponent. Despite all evidence to the contrary, they will step in with the belief that “tonight” will be their night.

    Anyone who hates on these people doesn’t understand the game.

    Ebejer heard they didn’t have a 35er and were going to lose that fight and called and offered up himself, and 8 days of his life, so that another man would get the opportunity to fight and entertain the troops in Afghanistan on the first fight of the night.

    Thank you to Paul Ebejer.

    Big love to Brian Dyck and his family.

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  6. Darren Owen says:

    Well said Robin

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  7. Ok Robin thanks for supporting the the Little guys. It’s these guys that propel the sport forward. The guys with the heart and determination to get in the ring on little to no notice, above their head and still get in there fight for not only them and their love of the sport but to give the true fans what they came for. Look for paul and Team Tugboat and Tugboat Systems to make a mark in MMA in the very near future!!!

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  8. Tyler Hardcastle says:

    Well Said Robin, Paul is a standup guy, and I can honestly say hes an amazing friend, anything said otherwise is BS… He put his heart into this project that wreck brought to him solely out of the love for the sport… and if you cant have appreciation for that then you gotta dig deeper into the sport to see what your missing.

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  9. pinnacle says:

    Much respect to Nick, WRECK, and OAMA.

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