Wreck MMA 4 – Afghanistan – October 13


Date: October 13th, 2010


Jesse Gross (Adrenaline MMA, London) vs. Rory McDonnel (Pura BJJ and Evolution Martial Arts and Fitness, Hamilton)
Bojan Kladnjakovic (Bravado BJJ, Woodbridge) vs. Stephane Bernadel (OAMA, Ottawa)
Alex Gasson (Adrenaline MMA, London) vs. Stefan Kessler (Bravado BJJ, Woodbridge)
Paul Ebejer (Team Tugboat, Toronto) vs. Sami Mann (OAMA, Ottawa)
Josh Taveirne (Team MFC, Windsor) vs. Christopher St-Jean (Sudbury MMA, Sudbury)

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  1. harry balls says:

    Paul has talked his fair share of shit ,too; i will fully admit that made me a little more inclined to be outspoken. I know it is awesome he went all this way, but the ad hominem ‘you hate the troops’ stuff is absurd. I will always stick to the fact that Paul should NOT be fighting.
    Robin is correct in his post: i went by Pauls often dickheaded internet persona (i guess it takes one to know one) but now i see how bad he really wants this. I also know that he has a family that depends on him. He said he was having surgery and splitting. Suddenly he is back. Yes, one must have balls to fight, but balls are not enough. Forethought, skill, planning all play a role as well. Taking a fight last minute is best left to seasoned journeymen, not guys who want to just fight. I dont wanna be an even bigger dick and say “i told you so” when someone is seriously outmatched and is never the same again. It’s happened already. If Paul thinks i owe him an apology, then i will do it here : Sorry, dude. Best of luck to wherever you wind up. Sadly, i dont think it will be in the ring.

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  2. Jamie Locke says:

    I agree with harry, but I do see the other side.

    I do give props to everyone who participated in this show. Simply because they took time off work to go put on a free show for the troops. It doesn’t get any nobler than that.

    On the other hand, this guy has no talent in the sport and really should stop competing at the professional level. This isn’t to say he needs to quit the sport, or that he has no heart or balls. Obviously the guy loves it, keep training, go in some grappling tourneys, modified kickboxing shows, shit like that might be better for him.

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  3. MMAmgmt says:

    I think donjesse99’s comments should be removed. This site should be for intelligent discussion not verbal garbage.

    While I suggested that harryballs keep any negative comments out of an event as positive as this one I do agree with Marc-Andre, I too appreciate Harry’s comments on other posts and feel that he doesn’t just talk out his ass.

    Congratulations to everyone that was involved in this event, Wreck is truly a class organization.

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  4. donjesse99 says:

    Im sorry i went off on my last comment but u have to see where im coming from this guy has something to say about everything and everybody but he doesnt know that it takes hard work to put an event like this i understand that he has a really bad record but he steped up and you have to Appreciate that im sure every one involved in the event and also the troops did

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  5. harry balls says:

    I indeed have something to say. Forgive me if it does not jibe with your view of all things MMA. Last time i checked this forum welcomed all opinions. And I stand firmly by the ones i made concerning Paul and his foray into this sport, although I will make an effort to be a little more constructive in future post. Rest assured I knew that it was inevitable that I would catch shit. Flame away if you feel the need, but if you are going to tear me down at least be funny.

    Punctuation is your friend btw….

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  6. Chris_B says:

    Who won the fights? There are no results anywhere

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  7. Robin Black says:

    Harry Balls rolls with valid opinions and stands behind his words and that’s cool man.

    I sometimes disagree, and this is onea those times, but dude you got a good style.

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  8. And think about it. Harry Balls. How’s that not funny.

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  9. Tyler Hardcastle says:

    Guys, I work with Paul on a daily basis as a manager, he is a friend of the sport, a great manager, and someone who really means it when they say they will put their ass on the line for you, he went to afghanistan simply because nobody else could or would, its not easy trying to get guys to fight for free, take a week off work etc. just like Nick said, Paul went out there because the show must go on, as for his fight in august, he did that, so his fighters could get on future Wreck MMA shows, and I applaud him for helping my career get off to an eventual start and from day 1 Paul has been nothing but supportive towards helping a young fighter get his start, hence why he has been taking crazy fights, simply to help the sport improve!

    As for Nick and the guys at Wreck, im glad the show went well and I really applaud your efforts to help out the troops and I know it made a huge difference…

    In the end its not about whether Paul should have faught or not, he went out there to support a cause… and the cause was well supported with the Wreck crew putting on an awesome show, and making the week in afghanistan one unforgettable week for the people involved!!!

    Congrats on another successful show boys!

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  10. I am still in awe of the whole experience to be honest!

    I would like to thank all the fighters, They were class acts from start to finish, I could not of asked for a better group of guys!

    Nick Castiglia

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  11. Farmer says:

    To all the fighters I commend you on the selfless act you have completed. To Nick and Pat it was alot of hard work and tight schedules but it all came togeather, Thank you. One person left out was Adam C. who came down and looked after the logistics of the ring. Thank You!
    Many bitch and whine after the fact but no one was pounding on doors to come on this trip!
    These gentlemen volunteered for this adventure, gave up a weeks pay at their jobs,
    no support from their respective teams while away,
    left their families,
    cut weight without sauna,
    worked under extreme conditions,
    had a rules meeting that included `what we will do during a rocket attack`,
    stayed in tight barracks,
    spent 3 days literally shoulder to shoulder with their opponent,
    gave up their thanksgiving,
    fought pro bono,
    came to Ottawa on their own dime,
    Had coaches that many were unfamiliar with,
    and fought their hearts out!!!!!!!!!

    All to give a little bit back to the people who ensure that we live in The“True North Strong and Free“

    I came on this trip as a Coach and the experience changed me forever.

    The thing that got me the most that even though these 10 guys gave up so much and had all these things put in front of them not once…not f@#king once did i hear a complaint come out of their mouths!!!!

    All of you guys now have a fan for life!

    Craig Brown

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  12. Paul Ebejer says:

    Thanks to all the support and the haters yes I started my career in a bad way but every moment since then Ive be trying to correct that. For the ones that really know me I have been trying to change that every time I’m out there or posting. I’m not saying I’m perfect or even close to being a good fighter but I love the sport just like my family and in saying that I would do anything for it. My true friends know that! I’m not here to talk about the past but I’m here to say a big Thanks to Wreck MMA and the group that went down with us to Afghanistan. The experience that I got from this trip open my eyes so much and I appreciate life so much more. There is always going to be haters it doesn’t matter if its me or top notch fighters that there hating! Its what you do with it. Trust me the haters have made me grow. Thanks again to Nick and the rest of Wreck, Pat from Oama and everybody that gave me the ride of my life.

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  13. EPerez says:

    Any pics available for this event? Would have been awesome to take part.

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  14. EPerez says:

    Great job to the organizers of Wreck MMA

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