CFC 6 Live Results and Play by Play – Perez Wins


A nice night of fights from the CFC.  Exciting fights,  surprising decisions, and some surprising winners tonight.  Fans were very appreciative for some great performances on the night.

Fight of the Night was Curtis Demarce and Dominick Blais for their three round fight.

Submission of the Night goes to Chris Stranger’s Triangle Choke on Vanja Vojvodic

Knockout of the Night goes to Matt Veal for his KO over Alex Ferrer

Eric Perez vs Remi Morvan
R1. After a feeling out period, Morvan takes Perez down and Perez has his back against the cage. Morvan is in half guard tied up pretty well by Perez. Perez is trying to walk the cage but Morvan pushes him back down. Morvan grabs an arm and Perez lands a right and gets top position. Perez moves to half guard but is pretty tied up. Ref stands them up. Body kick by Perez hurt Morvan. Perez gets top postion and grounds and pounds Morvan. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Perez.

R2. Leg kick by Morvan. The two scramble for a takedown and Perez ends up on top. Again the top man is tied up very well with Perez only getting a couple shots. Morvan goes for a triangle and works to get top position and Morvan lands a few shots as well. Morvan gets half guard and then side control but seems reluctant to throw punches and settles for position control. Perez reverses and gets top and the ref stands them up. A hard knee by Perez and a couple punches land and that could win the round for Perez. Perez lets him up and the round ends. Very close round. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9.

R3. Remi gets the take down but Perez gets out. Perez now on top landing lefts. Perez standing and Morvan on his back and Perez is kicking thighs of Morvan. Ref gets them to stand. Morvan lands a couple lefts and goes for a takedown but Perez gets top position. Perez standing and Morvan on his back. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Perez Perez maintained top position for most of the round.
Eric Perez defeats Remi Morvan by Unanimous Decision (30×27)
Close fight and very little separated the fighters in the last two rounds.

Roland Delorme vs Eric Wilson
R1. Delorme has a large size advantage over Wilson, who was overweight for this fight. Leg kicks by Wilson start things off. Right by Delorme and Wilson lands a few more. Wilson is looking good and keeps up the leg kicks. Delorme has enough and takes Wilson down and lands four hard shots. Wilson goes for leg lock but Delorme escapes. Delorme stacks him against the cage in half guard and lands right. Reverse by Wilson but Delorme goes for an Arm Bar. Delorme on his back with Wilson in his guard. Wilson goes for another leg but eats some rights for his trouble and Delorme is on top dropping rights now. Wilson grabs the right leg now for an ankle lock but ends up on the bottom. Body, head, body, head and the round ends with Delorme on top. Top MMA News scores round 1 10-9 for Delorme. Very surprising, very close, very exciting round.

R2. Rolly strikes with his left and pushes Wilson to the fence and gets him on his back. Wilson goes for a knee bar but Delorme keeps top position. Three elbows by Wilson when he is on his back, which are illegal in Manitoba, but Herb Dean lets them go. Delorme still on top but cannot do much as Wilson grabs another ankle. Wilson holds it for a good 30 seconds before Delorme escapes but Wilson has Delorme tied up in knots. Wilson has Delorme’s back and then goes for an arm bar. Delorme escapes and gets top position. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Wilson Strong round for Wilson who is strong on the ground.

R3. New territory for Delorme. Right lands by Wilson. Leg kicks buckles Delorme’s leg as does a second. Wilson lands a combination and Delorme wants no part of standup with a weak lead leg and he takes Wilson down. Delorme gets top position and lands a hard left. Another leg lock by Wilson and Delorme is rolling to get out of it. Delorme in full guard now dropping the occasional punch. He jumps to half guard and guess what? Wilson grabs a leg. Wilson has controlled the last two rounds with leg attacks. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Wilson and the win for Eric Wilson.
Eric Wilson defeats Roland Delorme by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
A look on Wilson’s record shows his last two wins by Ankle Lock and Heel Hook submissions. No surprise that is what he was looking to do tonight. Big win.

Vanja Vojvodic vs Chris Stranger
R1. No rush by Standing Bear. The two lock up and Vojvodic gets into Stranger’s half guard. Triangle locked on by Stranger and Vojvodic has to tap out quickly.
Chris Stranger submits Vanja Vojvodic by Triangle Choke in Round 1, 1:06

Dominick Blais vs Curtis Demarce
R1. Leg kick by Demarce lands hard. Blais steps in and Demarce lands a right that stuns him. Demarce’s standup looks good while Blais is reaching. Powerful combo by Demarce then Blais lands a couple leg kicks. Blais rushes but slips. Demarce cannot capitaliza and Blais is back to his feet. Leg kick by Blais and Demarce lands a strong right. Surprised Blais is standing with Demarce. Demarce lunges for a punch but Blais kicks his lead leg out. Demarce back up. Leg kick Curtis. Like Garcia, Demarce grunts with every thrown punch. He drops Blais but Blais gets to his feet before taking on more damage. Wild right by Demarce misses. The two trade a bunch in the middle as the bell sounds. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Demarce

R2. Blais lands two to Demarce’s face to start it off. Then he knocks Blais’ mouthpiece out. TIME. Restart. Body shot by Blais. Demarce is more tired than Blais and Blais is giving it to Demarce. Leg kick by Blais as his pace slows. LHKs exchanged and both are blocked. Blais ducks under a jab and feeds Demarce a couple. Body shot Blais and Demarce lands his first solid punch of the round. Body kick by Demarce lands and the two stand and trade. Left uppercut lands on Demarce’s chin and Blais follows up. Leg kick by Demarce as this has no signs of going to the ground. Demarce charges with a couple strikes. Right by Demarce lands hard. Spinning Back Kick misses by a mile by Demarce. Blais sends Demarce reeling and lands a couple more then Blais stumbles after Demarce lands a left at the bell. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Blais Close round but Blais landed more often and the harder blows.

R3. Demarce starts hard and lands a couple clean punches. Upper cut by Blais grazes Demarce’s chin. Demarce charges again and lands a couple. Nice left jab by Demarce and a straight left scores. Right counter by Blais lands. Nice knee by Demarce hurts Blais and Blais is on his back and a portion of the crowd chants “Demon”. Demarce lets him up. A right almost drops Blais. Dominick goes for a double but Demarce escapes. Another sprawl by the Brandon fighter stuffs Blais’ attack. Blais cut on the cheek now from the right that almost dropped him. Demarce goes for the takedown and gets him on his back but he lets Blais right up. Demarce lines up a right and left on Blais, takes him down and punches Blais a couple of times and round ends. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Demarce who Top MMA News has winning the bout.
Curtis Demarce defeats Dominick Blais by Split Decision (30-27, 28-29, 29-28)
Nice win by Demarce who wins his seventh fight in a row. I do not see how anyone gave the first or third to Blais.

Dwight Sutherland vs Brent Franczuz
R1. Let’s see if Sutherland can pull off the comeback submission once again. Sutherland shoots but Franczuz stuffs it and stacks Sutherland on his back against the cage. Franczuz passes to side and then gets mount and lands one punch. Back in full guard he lands some more but Sutherland goes for an arm bar on a trapped arm. Franczuz is out and back in side control. Hard ground and pound by Franczuz. Sutherland gets an arm again and Franczuz slams out of it. Full guard and Franczuz is landing the odd shot and then he passes again. Full mount by Franczuz and Sutherland gives up his back. Both hooks are in and Franczuz flattens him out. More ground and pound to soften him up. Franczuz gets the Rear Naked Choke and Sutherland taps out.
Brent Franczuz submits Dwight Sutherland by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 4:20

Lindsey Hawkes vs Jesse Ronson
R1. Touch gloves and we are off. Leg kick by Ronson. Low kick grazes Ronson in the groin. and he takes 30 seconds. Hawkes scores with combo and a nice leg kick. Huge left body shot by Ronson lands and Hawkes doubles over for a second. Left high kick by Ronson lands but caught on way down and Hawkes trips Ronson down. Side control by the bigger Hawkes but Manitoba does not allow elbows so he cannot throw any. Full mount by Hawkes and Ronson gives back. Body triangle locked on and Hawkes lands some ground and pound. Goes for the RNC, does not get it, so more ground and pound. Hawkes locks it on and Ronson gives a good fight but has to tap. Hawkes gives Ronson his first professional loss. Nice win.
Lindsey Hawkes submits Jesse Ronson by Rear Naked Choke in Round 1, 4:47

David Letourneau vs Igor Caetano
R1.Franco Behring BJJ Caetano takes on Leading Edge’s Letourneau. Left high kick blocked by Caetano is the first bit of action. Then a lower kick by Caetano in the groin area. Everyone’s alright and the two exchange more kicks. Caetano is looking a crisper in the standup. Take down by Caetano and Letourneau walks up the cage to his feet. Letourneau has Caetano against the fence but Caetano outmuscles Letourneau and gets him down. Letourneau has him in half guard and is working hard to get up. Caetano is using his right to land some shots and gets Letourneau down. Full mount by Caetano and he lands punches. Letourneau gives up back. Round ends. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Caetano

R2.Leg kick by Letourneau who looks fresher. Returned kicks by Caetano who is backing up. Lunge by Caetano but he is greeted with three from Letourneau. Caetano goes for the takedown but Letourneau reverses and the two rise. Wild right by Caetano misses. Combo by Letourneau scores and Letourneau is landing two or three and backing out this round. Momentum is shifting. In and out again by Letourneau. Caetano is breathing hard and swinging wildly. Left high kick right jab by Dave. Leg kick by Letourneau. Right by Letourneau who should be pressing harder against his tiring opponent. Left high kick blocked by Caetano. Caetano spent most of the round in reverse gear. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Letourneau

R3. Shake hands to start the third. Caetano has his spring back. A couple of leg kicks by Caetano score. Jab by Letourneau. Exchange by the two and Caetano lands the harder punch. Letourneau starts again with the in and out combos. Left lands by Letourneau. Takedown by Caetano but Letourneau immediately gets up. Caetano runs away and Letourneau kicks him in the back. Left jab lands hard by D.L. who is doing well fighting a retreating Caetano. Caetano charges but eats two. Leg kick by Caetano but Letourneau lands a couple. LHK by Letourneau has been blocked again. Thunder Bay crowd chants ‘Diesel’. Letourneau going after Caetano and wins an exchange. Top MMA News scores the closer round 10-9 for Letourneau
Igor Caetano defeats Dave Letourneau by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)
Top MMA News scores the fight 29-28 Letourneau who landed more in the last two frames, was more aggressive, and was not retreating as Caetano was. The crowd seems to agree as they boo the decision.

Lee Mein vs Kyle Cardinal
Two head coaches square off here. CMAC’s Mein and Munduruca Cardinal BJJ’s Cardinal.
R1. Cardinal starts by moving his hands in the air and then throwing the jabs and they all land. Groin shot by Mein. They restart quickly and a big left by Mein lands on Cardinal’s jaw, but it does not phase Cardinal. An exchange and an eye poke by Mein. Superman punch by Mein followed by a spinning back fist by Cardinal. Cardinal’s hands are way down but his boxing is crisp. Mein throws hard and lands and then follows up by pushing Cardinal against the fence. Mein uses the knees on Cardinal’s thighs. Takedown slam by Mein who lands hard ground and pound. Cardinal gets up only to be taken back down. Mein gets north south position on Cardinal but the two rise. Cardinal uses his boxing on a tiring Mein, but Cardinal gets tagged as he seemed to dare Mein to hit him. Mein clocks Cardinal with a left and then a right and Cardinal is KO’d.
Lee Mein defeats Kyle Cardinal by KO in Round 1, 2:57
Fight of the Night so far – A great fight between two Heavyweights. Cardinal had nice boxing, but Mein throws everything into each punch. Afterwords, Mein says, “I fight like I make love, two minutes in and out.”

Matt Veal vs Alex Ferrer
R1. A hug to start things off between Ferrer and Veal. Tentative start between the two Featherweights as both circle around. Veal starts off the action with a left leg kick, response by Ferrer, and then Ferrer catches Veal’s leg kick. Exchange that Ferrer wins. Then out from nowhere, Veal drops Ferrer with a left and a right and Ferrer is briefly knocked out. Rather than advance, Veal lets referee step in.
Matt Veal defeats Alex Ferrer by KO in Round 1, 1:22
Note: Announced as a TKO, but that was all Knockout.

Luis Cepeda vs Jeff Pimentel
R1. Leg kick by Bruckmann MMA’s Pimentel and a left jab by Team Canada’s Cepeda. Leg kicks exchanged. The two lockup and Cepeda gets him down with top position. Cepeda lands good shots but gets caught in a Triangle. Big slam by Cepeda who gets out of it. Ground and pound by Cepeda and Pimentel turns his back and the ref calls it with a good stoppage.
Luis Cepeda defeats Jeff Pimentel by TKO(Ground ‘n Pound) in Round 1, 1:45


38 Responses to “ CFC 6 Live Results and Play by Play – Perez Wins ”

  1. Sean McManus says:

    I have a small case of the retard and forgot about the time change…I’ll come back and have my refresh finger ready later…I need a beer.

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  2. vanillagorilla says:

    Morvan vs Perez is up next!!

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  3. George Carlos says:

    Nice to see the Thunder Bay boys do well. I think Letourneau got screwed by the judges fighting against the hometown fighter as I trust topmmanews and there assessment of the fight. I have been there before & it sucks to lose like that. A big congrats to Matt Veal and his big time KO..all his hard work paid off!!

    P.S-Sean.. What’s up bro? How ya been? Nice to see you back covering the Canadian MMA scene.

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  4. vanillagorilla says:

    hmm ok nevermind, interesting layout for the matches, I’ve always seen them as next in line is the next fight, but I guess that goes bottom of the card to top?

    Regardless great job in bringing us the results as they happen.

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  5. Bobby Karimi says:

    pbp is awesome

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  6. kyle says:

    lets go Brent Franczuz!!! break your hands on his face!!!

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  7. George Carlos, there was no hometown fighter in the Caetano vs Letourneau bout. Two Ontario boys going at it.

    Letourneau had Caetano in trouble in round 2 and seemed to back off. He may have finished him there if he pressed the action.

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  8. V.G., never realized people paid attention to bottom fights. It was just there for me to cut/paste easier. They are now in order with main event on top and next fight on bottom.

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  9. George Carlos says:

    Thanks Keith for the clarification as I assumed he was from Winnipeg as I thought I had read before. My bad..this bpb is awesome.. keep my the great work.

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  10. Richard says:

    Way to go “Foreal Franczuz” thats another one !!

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  11. Thanks George. Letourneau’s original opponent was from Winnipeg but he pulled out due to injury. Caetano took the fight two weeks before the fight.

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  12. Cody Rempel says:

    Damn Keith… you must have quick fingers! I couldn’t get a round written up in sixty seconds! lol

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  13. I write while its going on Cody. I don’t type one finger at a time like you Edmonton boys do. That 60 seconds is just a break from typing. :)

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  14. Cody Rempel says:

    Haha…. Yeah, I definitely hunt and peck! Great write up so far!

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  15. dave mason says:

    Woooooooo demarce with another WIN!!!! Its funny mitch clarke has nothing to say….

    and what was with split decision. Demarce easily won every round in fashion. Blais showed a lot of guts standing with curt. Props to him. Demarce looked good… Signing with MFC sunday. How does that feel Mitch bahahaha

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  16. Cody Rempel says:

    Perhaps Mitch’s life doesn’t revolve around Demarce… just a thought!

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  17. Congrats to ERIC WILSON!!!!! Proud of you bro!!

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  18. dave mason says:

    Rempel well he seems to always trash his success!!!

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  19. Robin Black says:

    What a great night. Congrats to the fighters and the promoters. It was a pleasure to be here.

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  20. TK says:

    Robin Black interviewing the loser of the fight before the winner was absolutely brutal, IMO. I get that Sutherland is local, but hearing him admit that he was less prepared than he should have been while Franczuz cooled his jets in the corner took a lot away from Franczuz in what was a really good performance.

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  21. Robin Black says:

    Sorry TK. You gotta interview the guys that that big audience came to see. There’s no rulebook for me to study. I just gotta do my best.

    The reason I like to do winner second (in fights where I get the feeling the audience needs to hear from the local fighter they know and love as well) is because you get to end on the BIG applause, which is what the winner deserves. You get to end on “Ladies and Gentleman let’s hear it for your winner Brent Franczuz!!!”

    Also, when it goes to TV, only the winner’s interview has a chance of making the cut. The other guy will never make thee broadcast. And you end on the winner and go to commercial. It works, and the tv audience doesn’t know that the local audience got to hear from their hometown guy, who valiantly went down in defeat..

    I do really try my best to take into account the local audience, the tv cut, and the fighters. I love doing this job. It’s a privilege.

    I apologize if it didn’t work that time.

    I really really like Frazzcuzzs (sp?). He’s my friend now and he’s getting better and better as a fighter. I would not want him to be slighted. He put on a great performance.

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  22. Robin Black says:

    Also, I’m only looking for a quick 20 seconds from the guy who lost to thank the audience. Sometimes it’s hard to cut these boys off. Especially after they take a lot of shots in the head.

    I am gonna take your points into account for next time TK. Always wanna improve.

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  23. Good reasons Robin.

    I have to laugh at the spelling of Frazzcuzz. Try doing a PBP on the fly with Franczuz and Vojvodic.

    Those names do not roll off the fingers!

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  24. TK says:

    Robin, I appreciate your response. It’s easy for me to pass my opinion on the Interweb. As a fan, one thing to consider is that local fighters mean people in the seats, and better attendance should mean better cards.

    TheScore was strangely absent from this show…

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  25. cfc 6 was an amazing show well put together and all of the fighters were treated with much respect. everything from hotel to the show was a class act thank you to everyone who cam out.

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  26. Vicious Beast says:

    im suprised curt can get his shorts on with mason on his sack

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  27. Dave Mason says:

    Vicious Beast or Bill… Whatever your name is… Your career is just as much of a joke as Clarke’s and thats not saying much. You were the worst cornerman in the sport.

    But on a side note. Why do you hate on Curt so much when you were the one sucking his sack during the bell fight? Riddle me that

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  28. Demarce looked great. If he signs with MFC as his management was claiming, how about a Gavin Neil rematch or Kajan Johnson to see if he belongs in the top 10.

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  29. Adam Lorenz says:

    or Kurt Southern

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  30. LBoutin says:

    I don’t think Demarce has the wrestling to deal with Southern.

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  31. Dave Mason says:

    In all honesty… with all do respect to Kurth Southern, but Kurt does nothing for Demarce. Sure he is a decent name in Canada, But do you really think MFC is gonna bring him to fight Demarce. I doubt it. They just dropped Hightower because he wont fight Demarce. Those are the type of fighters Demarce wants. As for Demarce’s wrestling, he has gotten a lot better, Steele could barely get Curtis to the canvas.

    I was talking to Curtis the other day about MFC and he was saying Mark Pavelich wants to have someone stand with Curt. Hardcore MMA fans do not want to see a boring fight of ground and pound. Fans wanna see a fight like David Heath and Solomon Hutcherson from MFC 26. That fight was a war. They wanna see a fight like Blais and Demarce go toe to toe for 3 rounds. I know for sure Curtis’s next fight is going to be with a guy who likes to stand and bang just as much as Demarce.

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  32. LBoutin says:

    Maybe we were watching different fights, but Steele had little trouble taking Demarce down with very telegraphed takedowns. Southern is a much much better wrestler. I really doubt Demarce could stuff Southern. But it’s mma, you never know.

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  33. Dave Mason says:

    There is one thing to be a good wrestler, but another thing to actually do something to your opponent when you have him on the ground. And in my opinion Curtis even controlled the ground as well. As Tyson really did nothing there.

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  34. LBoutin says:

    I think Tyson definitely won the first round by being able to take Demarce down at will ( let’s face it, if Steele couldn’t have taken him down it he probably would have gotten Ko’ed)….anyways, that really wasn’t the debate. My point was, Steele had very little problems taking Curtis down. Southern is a much better wrestler than Steele from what I’ve seen.

    I think Demarce vs Southern would be a good fight, easy build up too (avenging a teammates loss)

    Ps- hardcore mma fans wanna see Every aspect of the sport, not just the stand-up game.

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  35. EPerez says:

    ‘Hardcore’ fans are often the worst.

    If you dont like or are ‘hardcore’ enough to complain about a slugfest you have no clue. If the fighters are throwing down its probably because they want keep it standing and want to put on a show for everyone watching.

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  36. robin black says:

    Demarce is looking great. But Dave, the facts are, if we want to really get Curtis to the top level, he has to confidently answer ALL the questions.

    We’ve seen him successfully answer some questions like:

    How will he do in the 3rd round?
    How will he handle pressure?
    How does he take a shot?
    How does he handle a bigger show and live TV?
    How will he do off his back?

    If you really want to take him up to the highest level, you have to have him face, and pass, texts like:

    How will he do against a stud wrestler? (Kurt Southern talk)
    How will he do against a superathlete bigger than him?
    How will he do against a black Belt? (Jorge Britto or someone like that)
    How will he do against elite strikers?


    Can he beat a legitimate Top Ten guy?

    Seriously, I know you guys have goals to get Curtis to the highest levels, and I’m a believer in this kid. But if that’s what you guys really want, fucking FORGET about weird local beefs with guys (seriously, you guys are so distracted by Mitch you’re slowing Curtis’ progress) and help your boy face and pass these tests and try to get him to the top.

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  37. Jamie Locke says:

    I’ve gotta say I am a Demarce fan. I seen a few of his fights but only first met him in person at MFC 26 where he put on a great fight and really seemed like a stand up guy when I met him after.

    I would personally like to see him take on Gavin Neil again in the MFC, it would be a great fight for both parties and would really set someone up for a big jump in competition.

    Possibly if Kajan wins at MFC 27, Demarce and Neil fight at 28 then the winner to fight Kajan…. I would enjoy that mini series…

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  38. Foreal says:

    Looks like i do have a fan in Winnipeg! I didnt feel good after my fight. I had a hard weight cut leading up to the fight, becasue of injuries. So I didnt feel like saying much, I just wanted to lay down! lol. Robin does a great job everytime, however he decides to do things is fine with me.
    TK, good looking out brother! I appreciate it


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