Demarce Going for Lucky 7 Against Blais at CFC 6


Demarce celebrates CFC 4 victory (photo by Sean McManus)

The main event of CFC 6 is Eric Perez vs Remi Morvan, but one of the more interesting fights of the night is Curtis Demarce vs Dominick Blais.  Both are Manitobans, both are bringing a large contingent of supporters, and both are rising up the Canadian Lightweight rankings.

One of the combatants, Curtis Demarce, will be looking for his seventh consecutive victory on October 2nd at CFC 6.  Demarce started his MMA career four years ago and went 3-7 in his first ten fights.  Demarce has seemingly resurrected his MMA career and now he finds himself on a run of six wins in a row.  Curtis explains the turnaround,

“I am just more mature now – mentally and physically more mature.  I am also in a better state due to better training!  I cannot thank Arena MMA in San Diego enough for my last camp!”

There was criticism of Demarce during this winning streak for taking easier fights. He even beat a debuting fighter, Cory Houston, at CFC 4. That talk went away when he fought Tyson Steele at MFC 26.  On the televised portion of that card, Demarce took out the previously undefeated Tyson Steele by Triangle Choke.  Now Demarce is set to face a tough, veteran fighter in Dominick Blais at CFC 6 in Winnipeg in a fight that is only a few hours away from the Brandon native’s home.

Like Demarce, Blais started off with a losing record before turning it around.  He is now on a quiet run of his own, going 6-1 in his last seven fights, and beating a well regarded Warren Phillips along the way. Blais also happens to be Cory Houston’s WAMMA teammate although he says he is not looking to avenge that loss.  Dominick philosophically states,

“Everything else (around the fight) does not matter that much. Fighting is also a learning process. You learn at camp, you learn in victory, and you learn in defeat. I’m not a re-match kind of guy. Cory lost when he made a technical mistake and he learned from it. He is better now because of it. None of that is in my head right now.”

Blais wraps up a Guillotine on Spisak at CFC 5 (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

Neither fighter is taking anything for granted.  Demarce agrees that his CFC 6 opponent is “very underrated” and commends him for having “great submissions”.  Blais is just as nice towards his fellow Friendly Manitoban,

“He sounds like a classy young man. I saw some of his fights and he’s very talented and he improves everytime.  He has a passion for MMA and loves to brawl!”

So who will win the battle of the rising Lightweights?  One has to agree with Blais’ prediction for “a fast past fight with non-stop action from all levels – clinch, ground and stand up!  I got a feeling that we are both going to need to get stitched up after this one!”

However, Demarce is much more firm is his analysis of the upcoming fight,

“I’m going to finish this fight (with) something nastier!  I just hope (Blais) came to put on a show. I will finish this fight late in the first!”

Look for the winner of this fight to land right outside the Top 10 Canadian Lightweight rankings.

28 Responses to “ Demarce Going for Lucky 7 Against Blais at CFC 6 ”

  1. Sean Quinn says:

    WAR Dominic!!! Good luck man!

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  2. Mitch Clarke says:

    agreed War Dominic!

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  3. Robin Black says:

    Great fight. Seriously.

    Which ever guy is mentally stronger wins this one.

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  4. Jamie Locke says:

    I gotta go with Demarce on this one… Dude is bad ass.

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  5. Sean Quinn says:

    No he’s not.

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  6. One intangible that Blais has is Curtis Brigham in his corner. I believe Brigham was the edge in Blais’ fight with Warren Phillips and may be the edge in this one.

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  7. Robin Black says:

    I’d like to see the W/L record for Curtis’ guys at CFC. It’s probably in the 10 or 12 wins to 1 or 2 loss range, and they do not get easy fights.

    You’re right about Curtis. He’s a great corner and his guys really really trust him and respond well to him.

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  8. Ask and you shall receive. WAMMA record at CFC.

    Hawkes 1-1
    Blais 3-1
    Perez 4-0
    Delorme 3-0
    Houston 0-1

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  9. Fivestarfighter says:

    haha Sean Quinn really whats your record 5-4 I must say thats some big words for barely above .500 record. And in the easiest division in Canada. Your a stud!!! Demarce First round

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  10. Mitch Clarke says:

    how is 135 the easiest division in Canada? It’s probably one of the tougher divisions in Canada with a lot of up and coming stars. I don’t know Sean Quinn but he’s fought a lot of tough guys.

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  11. Mike Gainer says:

    Bitch Clarke how about you stop talking about demarce because its getting pathetic. Example Curtis win’s fight in MFC(best orginization in canada by a mile) Says absolutely nothing about you(apperantly calling him a dbag isn’t torturing his psyche) You win a title fight the same night and call him out. It’s kind of sad that after winning the TFC title Demarce was one of the first thing on your brain. Now curtis is fighting in another organization that has nothing to do with you and you are talking smack again if you want to fight him so bad wouldnt you pray he wins so he can come after your LOL TFC title. Go masturbate to photos of yourself and listen to nickelback while calling people d-bags(worst insult ever).

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  12. Mitch Clarke says:

    I’m allowed to have my opinion of who I want to win, so cram it with walnuts ugly. My main thing is Demarce’s asshole friends (aka you) calling me out. If and when I fight Curtis that’s who I aim to shut up. Also, when I won my title the first thing I talked about was I was happy to have a super tough and quality opponent and to thank my sponsors and teammates. The camera guy brought up Demarce, not me.

    The second part is Curtis asshole management team trying to slag Sean Quinn for no reason. Maybe you can answer me as to how 135 is the easiest divion.

    Also, Bitch Clarke…super original

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  13. Sean Quinn says:

    lol @ Fivestarfighter, dont worry about my record, little buddy. Ive gotten over it, so should you. ;)

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  14. Dave Mason says:

    bahaha… Have fun with your bankrupt title.. It means nothing in Canada what exactly are you a title of definitely not the best 155 in Canada. I think its funny when organizations try and claim they have a “canadian title holder”. But your the TFC Canadian Lightweight title. “Canadian Title” I wouldn’t be to proud of that. I rather win a fight in the MFC then win a belt that you can buy at Wal-Mart… When you can train at a legitmate camp like Curtis. Demarce has it all, I think your just jealous that you will never get that shot at glory, but if your glory is at a Ghetto promotion who has no more big names then so be it. I would be embarrassed if I was sinclair to say your his Number one guy!!!

    Heat XC the SECOND best show in the country doesnt even have a title. What is that saying? CFC in Winnipeg doesnt have a title. Its funny because this is the highlight of your life.

    And Demarce’s management is yes new, but what they have accomplished for him is pretty remarkable in my opinion. Local sponsors only take you so far.

    Take your gay ass belt and go sit a some cheesey mma store and act cool hoping someone asks you for an autograph.

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  15. Mitch Clarke says:

    lol at highlight of my life

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  16. Robin Black says:

    Is this actually a manager typing this stuff? Like, for real?

    Someone help me out here.

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  17. Dave Mason says:

    No I am friends with Curt and his manager

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  18. Mike Gainer says:

    ” so cram it with walnuts ugly” wtf
    If your reading comprehension was a little better you would have realized i suggested if you want to fight curtis so bad you would hope he keeps winning( i assume for a shot at your title you would need to win but who knows) I in no way challenged your right to have an opinion LOL. Now did I really call you out ? I think I told you, you should stop calling curtis out didn’t I ? @Dave Mason I agree with you about the walmart belt/Signing Autographs LMAO. Oh and obviously I didnt think calling you bitch clarke was original based on your personality I figure thats been your nickname since childhood LOL! please work on your mastery of the english langauge and respond again.

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  19. Alex says:

    I think I’m missing some backstory here, whose the jerk? Whose side should I be on ??

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  20. Sean Quinn says:

    Not Quinn’s, he is a loser.

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  21. Mike Gainer says:

    Robin Black–> LOL. No I am not curt’s management I’m just one of his asshole friends.

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  22. MT145 says:

    Are you guys serious? Don’t live vicariously through Curtis Demarce, thats just sad. Whats worse, is that you wouldnt say a word of this to Mitch’s face. You dont fight, you dont have a belt, so just relax tough guys.

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  23. Bobby Karimi says:

    I got Demarce winning this one.

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  24. sheldon westcott says:

    wow for a manager to talk to any fighter like this is so unprofessional. i would be a proud champion in any org. the TFC canadian title means your the best canadian fighter in there promotion. just like any title belt in any promotion besides the ufc. all i know is mitch trains like a mad man he works his ass off he does what 90% of fighters don’t. to the people talking about him. have you guys ever actually met mitch or had a conversation with him? i have nothing against curtis and i talked to him before his last fight and wish him luck and its great to see him do well and i am a team mate of mitch clark its cocksuckers like you guys who give real fighters a bad name. if someone brings up a guy after a fight and you say you wanna fight him how the hell is that a bad thing if a champion wants to fight a guy curtis should looks at that as a compliment. I have fought for every promotion in edmonton and i have a ton of respect for anyone who puts on a show and for anyone who fights but when there friends go on the internet and try to talk like they know anything is just stupid you wanna be a tough guy get in there and fight. honestly if you guys think your tough come train i know that curtis is going to fight for mfc when your in town come do a session with me i wont be a dick to you guys wont try to hurt you but i will make you respect people who actually fight and train. if you are to scared to come out and do some work SHUT UP….

    sheldon westcott
    hayabusa training center
    message me on fb if you wanna train

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  25. Good fight between the two. I was surprised no one wanted to take it to the mat. Two very good wins in a row by Demarce. Congrats.

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  26. Zach Blaber says:

    Mike Gainer

    I had the pleasure of cutting weight in the same place as Demarce was .. He sat there for thirty minutes talking about Clarke asking questions and talking about how great he himself was. So who is on who’s mind.. I just wish that these two would step in the ring and settle it. Either way both great fighters!!!

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  27. Dave Mason says:

    You know I had a ton of respect for Mitch. Curt was telling before the Bell fight they were cutting weight together. The thing that pissed me off is Mitch going around saying Curtis was shit talking him. I mean and I know its just hyping up the fight. Then mitch doing some really gay beaking to Curtis “calling him a Dbag” I thought that was more funny that being a fighter he is afraid to use harsh words.

    Fair enough both fighters accomplished a lot on Sept 10. But can’t you see that both of these fighters are going in different directions. I don’t mean that as a bad thing either. Curtis is going the MFC route and Mitch is going the TFC route. I my opinion the TFC route is a longer route. But its still in the right direction if your winning. So for everyone to say just fight and get it over with. I feel that this fight does nothing for anyone. Both fighters need to fight bigger names then themselves to make it in this business. You wont get anywhere fighter just canadian named fighters. I would rather be noticed by fighting in larger organizations and fighting a guy where I am the underdog based on experience. I don’t know if this makes any sense I am really f*ckin high right now.

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  28. Dave Mason says:

    And where in here did Curts Management beak Mitch! again its Mitch acting like people on Curts team/management trashing him

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