CFC 6 Weighin Results


The Canadian Fighting Championship held their weigh-ins for their sixth event.  Main event fighters Eric Perez and Remi Morvan both met the Bantamweight limit to make their fight official.

Eric Wilson came in the heaviest at 3.5 lbs over.   Wilson, Brent Franczuz, and Curtis Demarce also weighed in heavy, however, Demarce came back within the hour to get under the 156 lb limit.

UPDATE: Franczuz and Wilson did not make weight and gave up 20% of their purses.

Here are the weigh-in results for CFC 6

Main Event
Eric Perez (136) vs Remi Morvan (135.5)

Roland Delorme (135.5) vs Eric Wilson (139.5)**
Dominick Blais (155) vs Curtis Demarce (156.5)**  2nd attempt (156)
Kyle Cardinal (215) vs Lee Mein (251)
David Letourneau (168.5) vs Igor Caetano (169)
Dwight Sutherland (135) vs Brent Franczuz (137)**
Matt Veal (145) vs Alex Ferrer (143.5)
Chris Stranger (167) vs Vanja Vojvodic (170.5)
Lindsey Hawkes (161) vs Jesse Ronson (160)
Luis Cepeda (167) vs Jeff Pimentel (169.5)

29 Responses to “ CFC 6 Weighin Results ”

  1. Sean Quinn says:

    WTF is with people not making weight!?!? Its getting fucking old already.

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  2. LBoutin says:

    3.5Lbs is brutal

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  3. harry balls says:

    Lame , but not as blatant as some of the abominations of late. And fuck me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this kinda weight diff unacceptable:

    Kyle Cardinal (215) vs Lee Mein (251)

    I really can’t speak on the big guys, but 36 pounds?

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  4. TCF says:

    A few factors why Eric didn’t make weight, one being there was a flight layover and only got into town a few hours before weigh ins. Not an excuse, but he did hit the sauna and cut, but just ran out of time to cut the rest of weight. He had time to cut the rest but Roland said he would just take it at a catch weight instead, and that was agreed upon after the initial weigh in.

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  5. Harry Balls, the HW division is 206-265, are you saying you want to split HW into separate divisions?

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  6. Harry, not sure what you mean in regards to the Cardinal Mein fight.

    The division they signed up for is 206-265.

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  7. Jake Robles says:

    Are there any penalties in place for a fighter not being able to make weight (i.e. percentage of purse is given up)?

    Heheh I see what you did there Keith….

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  8. Robin Black says:

    There’s some great match-ups here….


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  9. Cody Rempel says:

    I wish I could be there… I’m really interested in Mein vs Cardinal! Two of the best coaches in Alberta!

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  10. mike davis says:

    wish i could watch this one, wait till on tv or online. good fight all over.

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  11. Robin Black says:

    Mein vs Cardinal is a superinteresting one. Mein has 35 pounds on Cardinal, who does not look like an athlete.

    They say Cardinal has a slick submission game. He’s gonna need to catch Mein if he’s gonna win. No easy task when your opponent is huge and pretty high level himself.

    Really looking forward to this one.

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  12. Jamie Locke says:

    Hey Ballsack, I’m not sure what your issue is with the heavyweights? I am against not making contracted weight as much as anyone else, you know this I’m sure. But missing weight, and a weight difference are two different things.

    There is nothing wrong with having a weight differnce between fighters, as long as they fall under the same weight class, you could have a lightweight bout between a guy weighing 147 and a 155, nothing wrong with that, it’s the 147lb guys perogative whether he fights at lightweight or tries to cut the 1 or 2 lbs.

    Look at Couture vs Lesnar, I think there was a close to 40lbs weight difference there… but they have between 206 and 265…

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  13. Fivestarfighter says:

    Demarce should win this one! I don’t know why under estimate this guy. He is a bad ass dude! I think some people *cough* Mitch Clarke *cough* are jealous of his success. Enjoy your TFC title while the Demon continues to win in larger organizations (MFC)

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  14. Bobby Karimi says:

    “Mein vs Cardinal is a superinteresting one. Mein has 35 pounds on Cardinal, who does not look like an athlete.”

    What do you mean Cardinal doesnt look like an athlete. What does he look like then?

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  15. Jake says:

    Cardinal reminds me of young Oleg Taktarov for some strange reason.

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  16. Hank says:

    Bobby its pretty obvious. I mean the guy doesn’t have blue hair! Haha

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  17. brian says:

    lol what does it matter what he looks like. he is one of if not the best bjj black belts in canada. he trains with high level guys. why dont these manitobans get off their high horse about mitch clarke, demarce ran his mouth about him and he got mad, big fin deal. how about u internet warriors step up and go a few rounds with him, last time i checked he was more than willing to fight demarce!

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  18. CR says:

    The write up in today’s Sun shows Cardinal at 0-0. Is that a typo, or is this his first professional fight? If so, I think it’s a bit of a mis-match against a fighter who already has 9 fights….

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  19. Hank says:

    CR, Cardinal is a BJJ black belt and Mien is 1-8 (sp?). If it was 8-1 vs 1year of MMA training then yes it would be a mismatch but Cardinal has been training and excelling @ a combat sport for a long time regardless of his lack of a pro record.

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  20. JayKay says:

    How does that get sanctioned? Nothing against Kyle or Lee but what commission allowed a guy who’s making his pro-debut fight a guy with 11 MMA fights (not to mention his Kickboxing or Boxing record)?

    Again, not questioning Kyle or Lee here but wondering who was asleep at the switches when this was suggested.

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  21. Hank says:

    And no disrespect to Mien intended.

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  22. Jamie Locke says:

    Would you guys care if Lee was listed as 3-0 instead of 3-8? I think they are just not concidering the losses as a threat to Cardinal.

    I see all the time guys with strong losing records being able to fight 0-0 0-1 or guys with a small number of fights…….. I guess Commissions figure the losses even things up.

    I think cage experiece counts for sure, but the fighters know what they are getting themselves into, seeing many losses makes them feel more comfortable fighting those guys.

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  23. Its not about records, it’s about skill set and who I think will put on a good fight.

    Cardinal is not a normal 0-0 guy. So i had to find somebody with some experience. Lee and Kyle is a great fight that could end many different ways.

    I’m excited to have this fight on our card.

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  24. Hank says:

    Like I said not many 0-0 guys have put as much time into the sport as Cardinal tho. I think you have to look at more the records.

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  25. harry balls says:

    Sorry for my ignorance; i really was asking and not being a smartass. I really didn’t know if that kind of weight diff would be considered any kind of advantage int the HW div or if it was anomaly. It just seemed like a lot. Thanks for your feedback.

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  26. harry balls says:

    ….and is there any place to watch this online? I would love to check it out….

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  27. CR says:

    My mistake, the Sun has Mein listed at 9-8, 17 fights. I’ve haven’t seen either guy fight, and I don’t know their skill set. I hope MAD is right and it’s a good fight.

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  28. In regards to the Mein vs Cardinal fight, Mein took that fight on about a weeks notice. The original opponent is newer to mma, and was the original matchup for cardinal, however he got injured. Cardinal wanted a fight, so Mein jumped in.

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  29. Turned out Mein/Cardinal was a great fight as expected – was Fight of the Night contender until Demarce/Blaise hit the canvas. It was great of Mein to jump in on short notice to cover for the original opponent. Kudos to Marc-Andre for a great job of matchmaking on this card!

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