Hague Signs 6 Fight Deal with Aggression


Hague knocked out Travis Wiuff (photo by Jason Bouwmeester|pixelens.com)

Aggression MMA promoter Harvey Panesar announced the signing of Tim Hague to a six fight, two year deal today. Hague is a UFC veteran with a 12-4 record who recently has made a name for himself with his highlight reel knockouts of other UFC veterans in the Aggression MMA ring.

First Hague KO’d Zak Jensen with a huge knee after taking significant damage himself at Aggression MMA 4. Then this past weekend, Hague put Travis Wiuff to sleep with a big right hand. Needless to say, fans and Aggression MMA are excited by the signing.

Harvey Panesar had this to say about Canada’s number one Heavyweight signing on with Aggression for the long term:

“We are very excited that Tim has found a home with Aggression MMA. We could not have asked for a better representative for our company moving forward. He is a consummate professional and a pleasure to deal with. “

Tim Hague confirmed the deal with Aggression and had this to say about the Edmonton-based promotion.

“With the way Aggression has treated me, its the least I could do to continue fighting for them. They are such a class act organization top to bottom. With their business model, I’m certain Aggression MMA will soon consume the vast majority of the local and national MMA market. I am honored, and very proud to represent Aggression for years to come.”

Edmonton fans can expect to see Tim Hague back in the Aggression ring sometime in early December. Plans are not formalized yet so make sure you look to Top MMA News to bring you all your Aggression updates.

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23 Responses to “ Hague Signs 6 Fight Deal with Aggression ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:

    Good representative for sure.

    Will Aggression be coming back to BC?

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  2. JayKay says:

    So clearly the big man is heading back to the UFC. What does this mean if Aggression signs him to a six fight deal and he gets the call from Joe Silva tomorrow?

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  3. Bigtoe says:

    I imagine it’s an open ended contract that allows Tim to fight outside of Aggression. Why else would he sign it? There are so few good HW’s that there will be a need for him to step up to a bigger show if he continues to walk through top HW’s. There is also a benifit to Aggression if Tim is called back to the UFC, Tim is a good promoter and can fill seats just being in attendance.

    Since Todd Duffee has been released by the UFC, I would like to see Tim get a second shot at him. However, I’ve heard that they have trained together since their fight and are friends…

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  4. We do have a clause where Tim can fight for UFC when the opportunity presents itself. As a fight fan I would love to see the Duffee rematch as well when the time is right.

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  5. Bigtoe says:

    Thanks for the info! Would the same go for strikeforce?

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  6. Stenson Stark says:

    Is the contract exclusive amongst Canadian promotions?

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  7. Mike Davis says:

    would love to see him fight a guy like Rizzo, Monson, Sylvia, or Buentello, hell even Imes.

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  8. Nice names, Mike. Would you pick all those fighters to beat Hague as well? :)

    I was thinking Rizzo or Christison.

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  9. bigtoe says:

    Monson is boring and would more than likely pull a decision off over Hague. What’s going on with Alexander Emeilienko? Sorry about the spelling. Iheard he has Hep B but who knows.

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  10. gd up says:


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  11. Mike Davis says:

    hahah its a mix but hey I did say he could get a ko over wuiff if he turned it into a brawl to save a little face. I can come up with excuses all day Keith lol it was an off night.

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  12. These are all names we have discussed. Tim is a gamer however we have to make sure they are good stylistic match-ups. Some of the mentioned names would be the cure for insomnia in a fight. Maybe a Mike Davis vs Tim fight at a catch weight? Or would you miss that weight as well Mike? Sorry Mike just had to poke some fun at you.

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  13. Jason says:

    Hah ouch at Davis… honestly though, as much missing weight bashing goes on here (and rightly so), I think Mike did a damn fine job getting as close as he did on as little notice as he took the fight on…

    Interested to see who Aggression has for Tim next!

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  14. In fairness the fight was not taken on that short of notice it was mike injuring his knee and requesting a change to the contracted weight that caused problems. We are working hard on an opponent for Tim.

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  15. Cody Rempel says:

    Is the aim to get Tim on Aggression MMA 6 pending a suitable opponent?

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  16. Pete says:

    Would love to see more of Corey Lautischer at future Aggression fights … his fights so far are really quick

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  17. Pete says:

    Tim was very impressive taking out a man of Wiuff’s experience

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  18. bigtoe says:

    Maybe that world strongest man guy, his name has slipped my mind… Oh shit as did my wifes birthday! Looks like I’m off to Canandian tire for flowers!

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  19. Cody Rempel says:

    The man you’re thining of is Mariusz Pudzianowski… I think that would be a step down for Tim! Mariusz has a big name in the World’s Strongest Man cicuit but his name in the MMA world is not nearly as big as his colossal frame!

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  20. Vicious Beast says:

    i see dec 11 in montreal something happening to struves opponent and tim gettin the call back for some reason, jmac is fightin on the card as well, good to see the leg wasnt a career ender

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  21. Cody Rempel says:

    As much as I want to see Tim back in the UFC, I’d like to see him get a few more wins and get a scheduled fight rather than a last minute replacement, a full training camp would be better than a few weeks notice… especially for someone like Struve!

    Another loss would be devestating and likely end his chances of being asked back!

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  22. Jamie Locke says:

    CR is right on that one. Tim is best off getting one or two more solid victories over up and comers or UFC vets, and then taking a scheduled bout back in the big show. Streuve would be a solid opponent for him though. I like it!

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  23. Bigtoe says:

    Good Point CR Mariusz Pudzianowski has a name but Tim wouldn’t gain much by pounding his head off… The problem is there aren’t many HW’s available that are not under contract by UFC, Bellator or SF other than the one’s mentioned above… The only other one I can think of is Shoonover from TUF 10.

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