Video – Cody Krahn Talks Aggression Win and Next Fight


Cody Krahn talks to Top MMA News’ Dean Panas and DA Lundblad about his win over Tim Skidmore at Aggression MMA 5. Krahn increased his record to 9-2 and is looking to fight Chase Degenhardt at TFC in December.

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  1. mikey5time says:

    Skidmore will fight anyone, anytime. That’s not a good thing.

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  2. Kata Man says:

    Beating Skidmore is one thing. Beating Degenhardt is another.

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  3. cody krahn says:

    2 weeks out from the card Skidmore was the only one who seemed interested in the fight, it was certanly a no-win fight situation for me. If I won, big deal the guys 3-17, had I lost it wouldve looked terrible on my record. No disrespect to Tim, he had the balls to step up and fight and I thank him for that. As for my fight with Chase, obviously he’s far stiffer competition but it’s a fight i’m rather excited for and i feel we are both stepping it up in competition by fighting eachother and as much as i’d like to finish that fight in the first round like i have all my others, i expect a 3 round war and i hope to put on fight of the year in edmonton.

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  4. Cody, Thanks for commenting and thanks for the interview. I applaud you for taking the next step up in competition.

    In my opinion, a three round war loss to Degenhardt will say much more about you as a fighter than a quick win over Skidmore. Needless to say, a win will really put you on the map!

    Best of luck!

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  5. Dean Panas says:

    Cody is a great guy!! I was not calling him out in the interview. But I knew what people would say and the accusations that would be made. I felt it would be best for the answers to come from him!!
    I am looking forward to seeing Cody step up the competition. He has all the physical talent. Let’s see if he has the confidence in himself that others do!!

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  6. Brando says:

    This should be a good fight. Degenhardt is really stepping up to the plate. Jordan Mein in November and then Krahn in December.

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  7. Cody Rempel says:

    What promotion is he fighting Jordan Mein in November?

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  8. He may fight in RITC. Nothing confirmed yet from RITC or Degenhardt’s camp.

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  9. Brando says:

    Ritc on nov 6. That’s the rumor in lethbridge. It is supposedly signed too.

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  10. Cody Rempel says:

    That’s my birthday!!! Anyone wanna chip in for a present! Haha

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  11. Jason says:

    Road trip!

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