Aggression MMA 5: Uprising Weigh In Results


Aggression MMA will be holding their 5th event tomorrow night at the Edmonton Expo Center. The fighters took to the HMV Stage at West Edmonton Mall to weigh in. Unfortunately a few fights were scrapped, Cory Tosoff vs Ben Snyder has been cancelled due to imcomplete medicals from Tosoff and Parwez Ghulam was forced to withdraw from his fight against Russell Davis with a fractured ankle.

The remaining 8 fights will go ahead as planned despite Michael Davis coming in 1.4 pounds over the limit for his 140lbs catch weight bout with Cory Knapp. Simon Marini also weighed in at 1 pound over the limit for his 175lbs catch weight fight with Jason Gorny. Davis and Marini will each forfeit 20% of their purse to their respective opponents. Tim Hague looked lean weighing in well under the Heavyweight Limit of 265lbs tipping the scales at 256lbs.

Tim Hague (256) vs Travis Wiuff (254) – 265lbs
Mukai Maromo (155.8) vs Kurt Southern (155.4) – 155lbs
Luke Harris (195) vs Siarhei Misialik (193.4) – 195lbs
Jason Gorny (174.4) vs Simon Marini (177) – 175lbs
Zach Blaber (206) vs Devon Neis (204.6) – 205lbs
Cody Krahn (185.6) vs Tim Skidmore (185.4) – 185lbs
Corey Lautischer (134.4) vs Adam Bodwell (133) – 135lbs
Cory Knapp (139.2) vs Mike Davis (142.4) – 140lbs

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5 Responses to “ Aggression MMA 5: Uprising Weigh In Results ”

  1. mike davis says:

    missed weight……sigh took fight on 2 days notice and just could not shed the weight. i tried but just could not get weight down sucks.

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  2. Jamie Locke says:

    I understand this man, a short notice bout at a strange catch weight is not ideal. It shows that you would have no problem weighing in at 145 for a standard featherweight limit, and if you had more time you probably could have made 141 easy.

    Good luck, lets see a good show.

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  3. Sean Quinn says:

    Oh no you di’int Mr Davis. Focus on the fight today, learn from this mistake in the future. May not have even been a cutting mistake, may have been a contract mistake. With 2 days notice you may have to agree to a higher weight.

    Just my thoughts.

    Go hard tonight and have fun.

    Yours truly,
    Mr. All Class With A Sweet Ass, Sean Quinn

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  4. Jamie Locke says:

    I’m with Quinn, should have been a higher weight contract, but in any sense it’s a last mintue catch weight fight…

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  5. Bobby Karimi says:

    Quinn is right, Mike Davis shoulda asked for a higher weight. Lesson learned I hope.

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