TUF 12 – GSP vs Kos – Episode 3 Recap


Aaron Wilkinson

Last episode, Alex Caceres, aka Bruce Leroy, won fight one for Team GSP. I listened to a Nam Phan interview this week and Phan said that Bruce Leroy is not well-liked by his housemates this season. Fan also wished he was picked by St-Pierre but thought Kos was a good coach. On to the episode 3 recap…

Lentz and Caceres start off this episode drinking and Lentz gets props for not stabbing Caceres in the eye after Leroy will not shut up. Sevak Magakian is one of the guys who cannot stand listening to what one fighter calls “the book of Leroy”.

St-Pierre brings Gia Sissaouri, a top wrestler, to the house to show them some wrestling. Needless to say, he embarrasses them but shows them some new stuff while doing it.

On Team Kos, everyone is complaining and Koscheck is annoyed with the loss of focus. He gives a speech and the team seems to respond.

Fight #2 is picked: Michael Johnson (GSP’s first pick) vs Aaron Wilkinson Koscheck says Wilkinson has heart and he thinks that Wilkinson is underestimated.

St-Pierre likes Johnson’s focus and knows he is ready to fight. Then cameras show GSP telling Johnson to circle away from Wilkinson’s power hand (this seems like obvious foreshadowing…we’ll see if Johnson gets KO’d).

Koscheck pulls cars close to GSP’s vehicle so that he can not get into his car. GSP says he is used to being bullied and he can take it. “Everything (Koscheck) does I will keep it inside and at a good time I will let it out,” says St-Pierre.

Wolfslair fighter Wilkinson loves working with Koscheck. Wilkinson says he can take Johnson down near the fence. Cormier thinks that Wilkinson is pretty good as a wrestler. Maybe he is underestimated because he is a Brit. As TUF fades to a commercial, we hear Koscheck tell Wilkinson “…maybe you will knock him out.” (More foreshadowing or am I being sucked in?)

Both fighters weigh in successfully.

Johnson does seem a little cocky and said he picked an easy fight first. Wilkinson says that he is very confident.

Next up? Mike Tyson comes out to see Team GSP. Tyson is a big UFC fan and was St-Pierre’s idol growing up. Tyson watches Johnson’s warmup and Johnson wants to make Mike Tyson a Michael Johnson fan.

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson vs Aaron Wilkinson
R1. Quick left by Johnson starts things off and a hard left stuns Wilkinson. Wilkinson pulls guard and Johnson lands some punches and the two get back to their feet. GSP keeps telling Johnson to circle to his right, but Johnson is not listening. Wilkinson is looking better now and the two trade in the middle. Leg kicks by Johnson and then a double leg take down by Johnson. Wilkinson gets right back up but not before eating a knee. Wilkinson takes Johnson down by the fence and lands some left hands on Johnson while in half guard. Wilkinson lands nice elbows and Johnson is not getting up from this terrible position. Now in full guard, Wilkinson finishes the round strong. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Aaron Wilkinson Johnson could not get off his back.

R2. Big punch hurts Wilkinson and Johnson pushes him against the fence. Double leg takedown by Johnson. Johnson takes Wilkinson’s back but the Brit gets to his feet. Now Wilkinson takes Johnson down in the same spot as round 1. Half the round left. Johnson gets up and takes Wilkinson down. Johnson lands a bunch of punches but Wilkinson gives up back and gets to his feet. The two are standing with a minute thirty left but no one is landing anything. Wilkinson goes for takedown but Johnson stops it. Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Johnson

R3. Johnson lands a punch and gets Wilkinson down.  Vicious ground and pound by Johnson.  Wilkinson turns back again and Johnson submits him with a Rear Naked Choke.   (no foreshadowing at all, lol). Johnson was a different fighter in that third round.
Michael Johnson submits Aaron Wilkinson by Rear Naked Choke in Round 3

Koscheck gives nice words to Wilkinson and he reminds him that there is a wild card. Wilkinson fought well.

Next Episode: Tyson offers lessons to GSP’s team and another fight.

10 Responses to “ TUF 12 – GSP vs Kos – Episode 3 Recap ”

  1. Matthew Rubuliak says:

    “when we win I am going to go over to George and motor boat his ass” and then sticks out tongue…?

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  2. Jamie Locke says:

    That was the funniest quote ever…. “I’m going to motorboat his ass!” Hahahahahahaha!

    I think Johnson lost that fight after two rounds, why didn’t he come out like he did in the third for the first?

    He is supposed to be an amazing wrestler, why didn’t he utilize that in the first two rounds, it looked like he was going for a highlight reel KO, but couldn’t connect with the big shots. Also he didn’t put his hooks in either time he gaines “English’s” back, nor did he attempt any subs when on his back, maybe he has no jits?

    Good finish in the third though, like I said, I would have been more impressed if he had of came out with that energy in the first round.

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  3. CR says:

    I think Michael underestimated Aaron, that’s why he didn’t come out hard in the first. He thought it was going to be an easy victory and Aaron put up a good fight.
    I think Koscheck is being outclassed by GSP as a coach. He’s bringing in quality people to help his fighters, and Kos is just telling his guys to do “mindless training”.

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  4. Can an ass be motorboated?

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  5. Jamie Locke says:

    I do believe an ass can be motorboated…

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  6. How do I miss these lines?

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  7. Jer from MTL says:

    MARC ANDRE…. my understanding of “the motor boat” is when you bury your face deep into the cleavage of a large breasted woman and violently shake your head side to side while making a “BRRRRRRRRRRRRR” like sound for a sustained period of time. That being said if you replace the word “cleavage” with “crevace” and “a large breasted woman” with ” GSP’s ass”, then by definition , yes it is possible for Kos to motorboat GSP’s ARSE!….Why he’d want to is a different story. Maybe its a wrestling team bonding thing back where hes from?

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  8. Jamie Locke says:

    Team KOS= “Team ass motorboat”

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  9. mma shorts says:


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  10. harry balls says:

    Michael Johnson is an arrogant fuckstick. I hope and pray he gets dummied.

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