Lewis Re-Signs, Faces Razak Al-Hassan Next


Is that Lewis going for a submission? (photo by Jason Bouwmeester)

Dwayne Lewis is happiest at home! Following his dominating victory over Mike Nickels at MFC 26 on September 10th, Lewis became a free agent. At the time, Lewis pledged to remain with the MFC and today he announced that he is back as planned.

The Fort McMurray fighter stated today that he was pleased to sign a four fight deal with Canada’s premier fight organization. The 12-5 fighter told Top MMA News that “I’m happy with the deal they offered me.”   Lewis was holding out some small hope that he would be allowed to fight in his coach Sandy Bowman’s Prestige MMA promotion in his hometown, but that appears to be out of the question with the new deal.  Lewis likes the idea but says,

There’s nothing more I’d rather do than fight in front of my home town in Fort McMurray! Who knows, maybe the MFC may let me squeeze one fight in there!

Now with the deal signed, the business of fighting resumes for Lewis on November 12th. Dwayne confirmed that he will face Razak Al-Hassan at MFC 27 in a classic striker versus submission specialist matchup. Al-Hassan is a former UFC fighter with a 10-2 record who has won 70% of his fights by sub, while Lewis is nearing a 70% rate for (T)KO wins. Lewis spoke about his upcoming fight:

I’m happy with my next opponent! I do not know a whole lot about Razak other than he is 10-2 with 7 of his wins coming by sub in the first round. His two losses were in the UFC. It is interesting cause he’s never been knocked out and I’ve never been submitted! 10 of my 12 wins have been stoppages due to strikes …8 by T(KO)! It should be a very interesting match up! I guess its going to come down to who enforces their will to win! I’m looking forward to the challenge!”

While Lewis is looking forward to more challenges, there is no doubt that MFC fans are looking forward to seeing more Dwayne Lewis.

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