Jess Liaudin Explains Illness Caused MFL Absence

Jess Liaudin at MFL Weighins (photo by Eric Gaudreault)

Jess Liaudin at MFL Weighins (photo by Eric Gaudreault)

At the MFL 3 show this weekend, a couple of big names dropped out the day of the fights despite weighing in successfully and looking ready to go the day before.  Jess Liaudin was one of those fighters who were noticeably absent. Liaudin (18-11, 2-3 in UFC) talked with Top MMA News to let them no why he did not make his fight with Martin Grandmont.

Liaudin explains that he was became extremely ill on the day of the fights:

I got very sick. I had a bad weight cut, but I don’t know what happened. I cut to 170 for the past 7 years without any problems since i am a small Welterweight.

The Joker continues to say that jet lag and lack of sleep must have played a part in the illness.

I was very jet lagged and only slept three horrs before the day of the weigh in and the cut was very hard for some reason. The evening (of weighins) I only manged to sleep two hours and was totally (messed up) the following day. I had a huge headache and after eating I was puking all over the place. I did let the promoter know at least a couple of hours before the event even started.

It was very unfortunate for Jess Liaudin and Martin Grandmont that they could not fight. Liaudin states that he has had five training camps in 2010 and only one fight due to multiple reasons which has contributed to an extremely disappointing year.

Basically I spend time, money and energy for nothing and the only thing I saw of Montreal was my hotel. So i am as disappointed as Martin. I am so pissed. I had 5 training camp this year and only 1 fight because last minute changes, cancellations, fighter dropping out and now this. I am telling you, life of a fighter after the UFC is a nightmare.

Lets hope Jess Liaudin gets some fights soon and maybe we will be able to see him at MFL 4 next March.

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