MFL 3 Recap


Makdessi lands a jab on Casimir (photo by Eric Gaudreault)

What an odd night. Firstly, the arena appeared very empty maybe 200 – 300 people in a venue that can hold at least 800. Secondly, other than five posters greeting fight fans at the door the “MFL” brand was nowhere to be seen, not inside the venue, not in the cage and nowhere on the video vignettes… Odd. I’ll be honest I’ve got a soft spot for MFL, I’ve attended all three events and one of my highlights on the year was Garguier vs Grandmont at MFL 2. This card did have a lot of potential, huge prospects in Gambino and Makdessi, international talent in Casimir, Kheder & Berger and a few UFC vets thrown in for good measure. However, as you all know by now, it all went awry. Enough of crying over spilt milk, let’s get on to the fights.

Tom Murphy vs. Gary Goodridge
Murphy comes out to the ring without gloves on. Murphy is announced, everyone waits… Then it’s announced Goodridge has forfeited the fight.
Murphy defeats Goodridge via Forfeit

Steve Berger vs. Ferrid Kheder
Rd1: Both guys come out swinging but Berger is definitely on the receiving end of the harder shots. Kheder drops Berger with a nice jab, straight combo. Berger back up but is continually eating Kheder fists. Another two and half minutes of Berger munching on a plethora of Kheder fists before the bell sounds. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Kheder

Rd2: Both fighters come out trading haymakers, until Kheder finds his range and lands a solid punch on the chin the drops Berger, Kheder jumps Berger but Berger grabs a single and holds on for dear life. Kheder nails Berger in the back of the head with 3 or 4 punches, the ref jumps in a calls the fight. Berger is right back to his feet and looks very displeased with the decision.
Kheder defeats Berger via TKO (punches) @ 1:26 of Rd2

John Makdessi vs. Bendy Casimir
Rd1: Casimir tries for the head kick but slips, falls to the floor and eats an Makdessi uppercut on the way back up. Casimir attempts a double leg but Makdessi shrugs it off. Casimir tries another takedown but once again Makdessi easily escapes it. Makdessi lands a nice right high kick that rattles Casimir. Makdessi again wobbles Casimir with a left jab and pressures him against the fence with straight punches and kicks to the body. The horn sounds with Makdessi on the offensive. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Makdessi

Rd2: Makdessi starts off the round woking over Casimir’s body with leg kicks. Makdessi knocks Casimir on his butt with a powerful straight but mistakenly follows him down to the ground. Casimir is able to reverse Makdessi but cannot keep him down. Back on the feet, Makdessi is stalking Casimir around the ring picking his shots nicely. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Makdessi

Rd3: Casimir jets out after Makdessi and fakes the haymaker but misses with the single leg attempt. Casimir is now the one stalking Makdessi around the ring but Makdessi is holding his own with spinning kicks and axe kicks. Makdessi gets caught in a Casimir takedown attempt but scrambles outta it. Casimir continually tries to tie up with Makdessi but has no gas left to finish the attempts,.Casimir attempts one last takedown but eats a Makdessi left just as the horn sounds. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Makdessi
Makdessi defeats Casimir via Unanimous Decision (30-27 x3)

Martin Grandmont vs. Jess Liaudin
The Grandmont vs Liaudin fight is cancelled as Liaudin failed to appear at the venue

Marcus Celestin vs. Bryan Rafiq
Rd1: Both fighters tie up against the cage with Rafiq looking for the single leg. The fighters are restarted at centre ring and once again they tie up against the cage. The fighters separate and Rafiq leads with a left jab and Celestin ducks under and lands a
Beautiful double leg slam, right before the bell sounds. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Celestin

Rd2: Rafiq bull rushes Celestin. Rafiq unleashes a barrage of punches but Celestine just brushes him off. Rafiq catches him again against the cage and lands 2 flying knees and a nice flurries but Celestin uses his strength to turn it around and unleashes his own barrage. The round ends as Celestin starts to put the heat on Rafiq. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Rafiq

Rd3: Rafiq rushes Celestin again and works the takedown against the cage. The ref breaks ’em up and Celestin lands a nice straight off the restart. Back against the cage and Celestine lands the double leg but leaves his neck out and gets caught in a fight ending guillotine.
Rafiq submits Celestin via Guillotine Choke @ 2:26 of Rd3

Ricardeau Francois vs. Bruno Hosier
Rd1: A couple low kicks from Hosier leads to a double leg from Francois. Francois takes mount but Hosier holds tight and bucks in time for the reversal. Francois reverse again but winds up in Hosier guard. Francois passes to side control and rides out the round on top inflicting minimal damage. TopMManews scores the round 10-9 Francois

Rd2: Hosier comes out throwing but everything misses the mark. Both fighters tie up and Francois lands the trip takedown and falls into Hosier’s guard. Francois passes Hosier’s guard and once again takes side control. The round ends with Francois controlling but not damaging. The fight is called before the third round and is announced as retirement but it appears Hosier has injured his leg. Hosier needs help to walk out of the ring and is seen later limping arpund the venue.
Francois defeats Hosier via retirement @ 5:00 of Rd2

Sebastien Garguier vs. David Guy
Rd1: Fighters start off jockeying for position against the cage. The ref restarts them and Garguier drops Guy with a right hook, Garguier follows him down and works the GNP from half guard. Fight is restarted again and the fighters go right back against fence. The round ends with both fighters tied up against the cage. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Garguier

Rd2: Garguier presses forward eating a few light jabs from Guy. Garguier finds his distance, plants another right hook on the button that rocks Guy and Garguier follows him down for the GNP victory.
Garguier defeats Guy via TKO (punches) @ :21 of Rd2

Joey Gambino vs. Matt Spisak
Rd1: Spisak flurries a bit off the start but Gambino lands the hip toss. Spisak fights his way back to his feet. Once again Gambino lands the takedown, takes mount and lands some punches. Spisak tries to stand but Gambino attempts a guillotine. Spisak escapes and reverse Gambino. Gambino back to his feet right before the horn. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Gambino

Rd2: Gambino lands a massive left hook that floors Spisak. Unbelieveably Spisak is right back up and working a takedown on Gambino. Gambino from the Thai plum lands a big on knee on Spisak ‘s forehead, but once again Spisak just shrugs him it off and falls back with Gambino in his gurad. Gambino lands a few more shots but Spisak is completely gassed and taps due to exhaustion.
Gambino submits Spisak via tap out (exhaustion) @ 4:58 of Rd2

Johan Gariepy vs Benoit Guillonet
Rd1: Gariepy tries some fancy spinning kicks but Guillonet has none of it and takes him down to the canvas. Guillonet passes Gariepy’s guard and winds up in side control. Guillonet attempts the Kimura but Gariepy fights out of it. The rest of the round is spent with both fighters tied up against the cage. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Guillonet

Rd2: Back against the cage and the fighters are jockeying for position. Guillonet lands a pretty weak takedown and winds up in Gariepy’s guard. The fighters are stood back up and once again fight for position against the fence. Gariepy is able to control Guillonet’s neck long enough to place two brutal knees on Guillonet’s crown that drops him, Gariepy pounds him out for the W.
Gariepy defeats Guillonet via TKO (punches) @ 4:01 of Rd2

Lee Villeneuve vs. Chris Vorano
Rd1: Vorano throws a kick, andbVilleneuve takes him down. Villeneuve attempts a standing guillotine but Vorano fights through it. Villeneuve lands the takedown again and mounts Vorano. Once again Vorano fights out of it and makes it back to his feet. Fighting against the cage Vorano drops to the ground and Villeneuve pounds him out for the victory.
Villeneuve defeats Vorano via TKO (punches) @ 2:40 of Rd1

Kris Frank vs. Dave Bedard
Rd1: Bedard bull charges and Frank flattens him with a right hook. Bedard rebounds with a double leg slam and some nice GNP to Frank’s face. Both fighters exchange RNC attempts but to no avail. Bedard takes top position and essentially nails Frank’s face to the mat with elbows until the ref has seen enough and halts the facial recontructions.
Bedard defeats Frank via TKO (elbows) @ 3:13 of Rd1

Jonathan Belair vs. Dave Depathie
Rd1: Both fighters come out swinging, but looking a little tentative. Belair lands a nice judo toss that sends Depathie to mat. Depathie is able to fight his way back to feet and lands a takedown of his own. Belair fights his way back up only to eat an illegal kick from Depathie. The ref docks Depathie a point for the illegal tactic and the ref restarts them standing. Belair lands another double leg takedown and finishes the round in mount landing some punches. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-8 Belair

Rd2: Belair lands a nice combo to start off the round. Both fighters tie up against the fence and Belair is able to land the trip takedown. Belair takes what I guess can be called reverse mount and works the kimura, he cinches it in and rolls, the ref calls an end to the tilt to save Depathie arm.
Belair submits Depathie via Kimura @ 2:16 of Rd2

Even with all the drama there was some MMA action tonight. TopMMAnews declares FOTN Celestine vs Rafiq. SOTN goes to Belair who showed Aoki like positioning. And KOTN goes to Dave Bedard who could have new profession in facial reconstruction.

Now on to the drama… Here’s what I was able to find out, Dirk Waardenberg called Liaudin’s hotel trying to locate Jess as he had not shown up to the event. Dirk was told by one of Liaudin’s people that Jess was unable to fight. What “unable” actually mean can only be explained by Liaudin’s camp when they’re ready to make a statement.

Now on to Big Daddy. Goodridge was at the venue and was even seen joking around with TopMMANews‘s own Eric Gaudrault. Before the main event both Murphy and Goodridge were behind the curtain preparing for they’re walk out. Both men were gloved and had be inspected by the commission. Before Murphy was about to start his walk out, Goodridge called over Murphy’s corneman David Loiseau and said he wasn’t going to fight. Goodridge was seen taking off his gloves and leaving the venue still dressed in his fight gear. Dirk Waadenberg also confirmed to TopMMAnews that before Goodridge left the building he apologized and gave Dirk a hug. There is no info on why Garry decided to leave, there was speculation that fighter were not being paid but that was put to rest when both the commission and fighters confirmed payments had already been given out and TopMMAnews saw fighters with physical cheques in hand. That’s what is known as of now hopefully the rest of this story will come out soon.

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20 Responses to “ MFL 3 Recap ”

  1. seth says:

    you quebec people like to make your guys look like super man. the spisak gambino fight was completely towards gambino you say. well i was at the event and spisak put quite a ground and good wrestling show on. at the end of the first spisak had taken gambinos back had a rear naked than went to a kimura…give some of these ontario guys some credit for taking fights on short notice!

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  2. Don Wilson says:

    Seth…. Totally agree with you Spisak looked great…. Lots going on that night…. Due to that the PBP suffered… BTW I’m from Ontario too ( Peterborough Boy )

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  3. Bobby Karimi says:

    Good recap article Dragon Fly.

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  4. Jerry says:

    Spisak was on this card to fight an easier opponent, but backed out due to the fighter being too good a few weeks ago.

    Then he took the Gambino fight because they offered him more money. He is just the same as his teammate Vorano who are guys who fight for money.

    They aren’t real fighters. They are jobbers. What is he now 1-4?

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  5. seth says:

    wow spisak is nothing like chris…he took the fight cause he is a fighter….joey is a sick opponent…if spisak was doing it for the money that fight would not of been fight of the night! look at voranos fight and spisaks does not even compare. he pulled out of the opponent for other reasons.

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  6. mark valley says:


    well first of all lets see you get in the ring with any of these fightters and then talk shit

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  7. robin black says:

    Spisak is a tough fighter and will always come to fight. He will fight till he has nothing left.

    Ok, he hasn’t always made the best decisions, I’ll give you that. But don’t question his heart, the guy will always fight hard. Ask Blais or Gambino. They’ll tell you Spisak is tough.

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  8. Enough with the “get in the ring with the fighter” before you can comment.

    Brett Favre looks old and overpaid this season. Can I say that or do I have to strap on a Green Bay uniform and try to sack him?

    These guys want to be called professional fighters. Fans pay to see them fight. Deal with their accolades and deal with their complaints if you want to be considered pro.

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  9. seth says:

    keith….football and any other sport does not even compare to mma….just stick to your daytime job bud!!

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  10. Seth, you are wrong. MMA is no different than any other sport in that the athletes can be criticized.

    it has nothing to do with the particular sport. It’s about what professional athletes have to put up with.

    Spizak is a warrior, who cares what Jerry says, but his mma experience is irrelevent.

    So Keith can’t have an opinion, but if some guy was 0-7 and shouldn’t have ever fought, would be able to?

    Have you fought? Does one need to fight to come to the defence of a fighter on the interweb?

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  11. Comment boards are for commenting Seth.

    Here’s another analogy: I pay my $10 to see Tropic Thunder and thought it was crap even though others thought it was great. Am I allowed to criticize the movie seeing as I was never in an action comedy nor played an australian actor playing a black soldier like Robert Downey Jr?

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  12. Sean Quinn says:

    Keith, your walking on thin ice here…Tropic Thunder was not crap.

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  13. seth says:

    You are right guys. it takes a man to say when he is wrong!

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  14. I thought Tropic Thunder was pretty funny.

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  15. Bobby Karimi says:

    Tropic Thunder was incredible!

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  16. Cody Rempel says:

    I’m with you Keith I hated Tropic Thunder… almost as much as I hated Nacho Libre!

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  17. Jamie Locke says:

    I hated Nacho Libre more than any other movie in history……

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  18. Sean Quinn says:


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  19. JayKay says:

    I just hate Sean Quinn. Then again I’ve never tried to be Sean Quinn. That would be like that movie “Being John Malkovich” except really boring and much shorter. I guess being Sean would just be a struggle to overcome the obstacles that life throws at you, like steps and reaching door handles. Hmm, on second thought I guess I could just try and pretend to be everything I’m not and then I could understand Sean pretty well.

    Okay, I’m sure of it. I hate Sean Quinn.

    What was this about anyways?

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  20. Tyler Murray says:

    Anyone who knows Matt Spisak or Chris Vorano knows this is just BS. You guys rock, use this as ammunition for your next fight. I’ll be proud to stand in your corner any day. Huss.

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