Fight Video: AFC 3 Diego Wilson vs Dan Lin


Lots of controversy surrounding the Diego Wilson vs Dan Lin fight. Was it a quick stoppage by the referee as Dan Lin did not tap? Or was it, as Top MMA News’ AFC cage side reporter Sarah Warder thought in her recap, a good stoppage?

*** Video posted courtesy of Armageddon Fighting Championship.

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  1. Diego is a beast. Want to see him fight higher ranked competition at AFC 4.

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  2. Robin Black says:

    I once got an email a couple of months ago from someone at AFC. It very politely said they would love to have me on a show, and were very interested in having me fight. They then said perhaps one potential opponent for me was a young man named Diego Wilson.

    I politely answered that at 3-4 and coming off a terrible performance, fighting a 5-0 stud up-and-comer was not great for me right now, but that I’d really love to fight in Victoria for them. No other offer was made and they politely said have a nice day.
    I was a bit offended that they would think I was dumb and wouldn’t realize that this polite offer implying that they wanted to build a fight around me was, indeed, an attempt to feed me (a fighter who hasn’t been able to break past the 1st tier of mma but has some name recognition) to their rising star. It was also weird that they facebooked me instead of calling my manager. But that’s the fight business I guess. I still love their show.

    Diego certainly is a beast, and its time for him to fight a Sean Quinn or a Josh Hill. Or rematch Lin if that’s the controversy out west. Not fight a TBA.

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  3. T says:

    ealry stop what a FAKE

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  4. beefstorm says:

    @ Robin black, I was asked to by the afc to take the fight on afc 3 I was comming off a broken hand and couldn’t take the fight (sad would have been a good matchup). There are not to many 135ers out here and I know that the afc wanted to have you (robin) on the card so that is probably why they asked for the diego fight. I asked if you could fight one of the kids I train that is 1-0 in mma. corey gower (he is a stud). The AFC said no, you have had a bunch of experience. I think the afc is growing and can’t wait to see the next show! However this sport is new and matchmaking is tough especially with all the wannabe guy’s that lie about there record. Sorry to be long winded but the keyboard is the only place that I have cardio. I hope to be on AFC 5 “return of the beef” but we shall see
    Josh Spong

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  5. beefstorm says:

    ps…That arm bar was deep and I am pretty sure fight was over but stoppage was a bit quick. Deigo would definatly rip an arm off if ref doesn’t stop it, so I would love to see rematch with no controversy!! deigo will be champ

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  6. Robin Black says:

    Hey cool. Thanks Josh. You’re right, matchmaking is a tough gig out there. I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions, AFC seems cool. Hope your hand gets better man and you’re on “Return of the Beef”. Respect.

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