McGillivray Discusses Wedderburn Victory and His Motivation


Ryan “the kid” McGillivray talks to Top MMA News following his TFC 11 victory over Showtime Wedderburn. McGillivray discusses the Welterweight contender fight with Dean Panas, talks about Legends Training Center, and tells us what motivates him to fight these and he has a great tattoo to prove it.

35 Responses to “ McGillivray Discusses Wedderburn Victory and His Motivation ”

  1. JayKay says:

    Even though he’s one of the ugliest guys in the sport he’s also one of the classiest. Can’t wait to see him in the big show!

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  2. ERE says:

    uhhh i wouldnt consider Ryan the least bit ugly…..giant silva, now hes ugly

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  3. matt dunning says:

    I wanna see Taylor KING Solomon vs showtime wedderburn @ 170lbs i know for a fact the KING will make showtime his little bitch show time has been broken!!!

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  4. matt dunning says:

    all you guys from out west aint got shit on Ontario fighters i train whip vanderpol in kitchner full time !!! we the real deal !!! i would love to give chad omstead a beating any time .

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  5. Jason K says:

    Dunning, have you always been this retarded or is this new?

    You aren’t even a fighter, yet you are talking about giving somebody a beating anytime?

    You don’t have anything to do with Solomon, yet you are talking like your some kind of manager.

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  6. matt dunning says:

    like i said i train with the Whip full time on my boxing i also train with TEAM TOMPKINS in London …w pecker and the boys. I dont talk shit i can back it up …i would love to fight omstaed or any heavyweight out west.. and another thing Jason if u wanna step in the cage look me up on facebook !!

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  7. ERE says:

    you seem to talk pretty thug for a big burly white man hahaha

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  8. BigBoi says:

    LOL – is this you?

    Maybe you should post less and do more cardio. You look like a bald garden gnome.

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  9. CR says:

    Check out the thread for “Alexis Davis loses, But retains Title” on this website. It seems there are a whole lotta Matt Dunning haters….

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  10. harry balls says:

    haha oh god…

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  11. Jason K says:

    Holy shit this guy has procreated? THis interview was longer than the fight.

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  12. matt dunning says:

    fuck off if any one of u bitches wanna get in the cage and talk shit look me up on face book !!!

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  13. Sean Quinn says:

    lol look me up on facebook. what are you, 12?

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  14. Mitch Clarke says:

    Is this some big elaborate joke?

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  15. JayKay says:

    Matt this post is about Ryan and how classy, albeit ugly, he is. Please keep your sad little life to yourself.

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  16. matt dunning says:

    fuck you jay i can post were ever i want !!!

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  17. harry balls says:

    your facebook is a lollercoaster. Fist pose, fist pose , fist pose, tapout shirt, etc etc.
    I couldnt find any record of that PMMA thing, where your two wins are from. link? And why does it come up ‘jason’ when i click your name now?

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  18. harry balls says:

    says matt now , srry

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  19. I thought Ryan McGillivray has turned a corner of sorts with those two fights against Buckland. Look forward to seeing more of his fights.

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  20. ERE says:

    I agree he was much more prepared and focused it seemed for the second one, and now is a better fighter because of that draw.

    I’m sorry Matt Dunning, even though you seem to be a hater, I dont like to hate on anyone, but DAMN, is that training video a joke? You say you have been doing muay thai and karate forever but you cant throw a proper jab or knee? You just seem to extend your arm and push the bag, and keep your foot horizontal when you knee. I find it hard to believe you’re a fighter when you lack the knowledge of throwing a punch. I’m not trying to be a douche talking shit over the internet, im just confused why you would talk shit in your situation.

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  21. Back to the real topic.

    I don’t think Kid seems as ugly as I originally did when this was first posted.

    It’s been fun watching McGillvrays career progress. The best has yet to come.

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  22. harry balls says:

    The Kid seems pretty charming I must admit. Showtime should def have shown him some more respect.

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  23. matt dunning says:

    well some times you gotta tell it like it is.. love me hate me !!! if i offened any one i apologize but honestly guys real fighters will fight anyone i will compete w anyone size or skill level !!!!

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  24. ERE says:

    That’s probably your first respectable comment, thank you Matt. But i disagree with you telling it how it is…that is not how it is.

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  25. chris says:

    matt your a fucking fool with a big mouth king solomon has more brains then to fight the show and you can tell you dont no solomon,, as for you we all can see your just a computer bad boy hiding behind your key bord …..always no fighters that clean the change room with all the talks……O YA SHOWTIME AND NO WHERE CLOSE TO BE DONE CATCH HIM AT HIS NEXT FIGHT ……

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  26. Mitch Clarke says:

    is Wedderburn going to keep competing at 170, he keeps missing the weight

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  27. JayKay says:

    Marc, I’ve seen The Kid up close and trust me he isn’t as ugly as most of the people in Edmonton but he’s pretty darn ugly.

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  28. Dean Panas says:

    He’s the best looking guy in the interview :(

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  29. chris says:

    170 for showtime mitch what do you call keep missing weight showtime has 18 fights and missed wieght 3 times get off that mans back yo…how much fights you got?? and im not even counting his muay thai fights

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  30. Mitch Clarke says:

    I have 8 fights and haven’t missed weight once, let alone come in 7 lbs over, that’s why I was asking. 7 lbs over then 3 lbs over says to me that making 170 is getting too hard for Wedderburn

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  31. Jamie Locke says:

    Missing weight by over 1lb is unprofessional regardless of experience.

    Contracted weight is contracted weight, you can’t come in over and say “but I have made weight 7 other times”..

    Maybe if he’s having trouble at 170, he should give 185 a try.. Or just agree to catch weights.

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  32. harry balls says:

    damn skippy. cutting weight is part of the fight game. If you can’t get that shit taken care of, go up a weight class and stop making excuses.
    Blaming a poor showing on a weight cut is almost as lame.

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  33. chris says:

    popcorn keep on eating it u 2 are popcorn…to bad yall cant stop the show i think thats whats killing yall..i hope when he goes on a winning streek, AN YOU NO HE WILL yall keep writing shit cause thats yall amo LOL.

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  34. sour chris says:

    Showtime is a journeyman with a big hole in his ground game. He lost to Ryan and will lose to Jason Heit.

    I like how you have not jumped the bandwagon, but you are going down with the ship.

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  35. harry balls says:

    ugh the ‘FUCK DA H8erz’ baloney. Go wag your finger at the guy who missed weight twice in a row(is that the start of a ‘streek’?), not us…

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