King Of The Cage – Edmonton – November 21


Date: November 21, 2010
Location: Rexall Place in Edmonton, Alberta

Main Event:
Trent Thorne (6-3) vs Joe Riggs (33-11)
***Interim Canadian Middleweight Title Fight

Tony Lopez (20-5) vs Raphael Bergman (4-1)
Brad Stewart (4-0) vs Matt Baker (3-2)
Cody Krahn (9-3) vs Shannon Ritch (45-72)
Dan Severn (94-16-7) vs Tom Benesocky (1-2)
Keenan Feeney (2-0) vs Tyler Davis (2-2)
Mariusz Zastawny (1-1) vs Kris Miskenack (2-1)
Mike Davis (5-3) vs Matt Knysh (1-4)
T.J. Klassen (1-0) vs Trevor Wright (4-3)
Bobby Kalmakoff (2-7) vs TBA
Cody Cullinan (0-2) vs Ryan Steckl (0-0)
Dustin Senych (0-1) vs Travis Pigeon (0-0)
Stephan St. Laurent (0-0) vs Ron Pope (0-0)

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  1. Cody Rempel says:

    Trent… Krahn pulled out of the TFC title fight after his loss to Duff, he didn’t feel he was ready for the title coming off a loss!

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  2. nburton says:

    Seems like lots of people are on the same page STRIP Chiape of the belt. Has not won a fight in over a year and should fight at 170 if he laid off the steroids.

    Give the beltfight to Stewart and baker who have earned it, then after trebt thorne retires shannon ritch give him the next title shot

    Baker and stewart easily fight of the night if nibody fights rigs, bergman might be agood show too. And hopefully shannon don’t die in the cage

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  3. keylocker says:

    @ cody rempel why don’t you post a new thread that the fans want a new champion. Wake king of the cage up their is potential for great fights at rexal.

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  4. Phil Baroni says:

    Vanilla Gorilla says:
    October 25, 2010 at 5:55 pm

    I also bet that kotc is pissed cause there big ticket seller Riggs has no one to fight again, As a fan, it sure is frustrating not having Riggs come up here.

    chiappe sells more tickets then riggs believe it or not

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  5. JayKay says:

    nburton – I wonder if you’d be willing to tell Chiappe to his face what you think of him? I’m not saying your opinion is unfounded but perhaps you could say your peace without resorting to insulting fighters.

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  6. @Keylocker, if you want a new thread about KOTC matchups, feel free to create your own in the Top MMA News forums:

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  7. Matt Baker says:

    Hey everybody thanks for the support, but me and Chiape will never fight! He is the middleweight champ for a good reason. He won the belt!! Were training partners and great friends.

    Saying childish low blows over a thread about someone behind a fake name is weak.

    Besides that I Guarentee that me and stewart will be an exciting fight.

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  8. trent_thorne says:

    ya sorry cody i just cut and pasted the comment of the other fella saying i might not make weight! lol just wanted to be sure everyone knows ima make it to atleast 186! lol i heard cody was out of that fight already! Hes gonna come back stronger his next fight im sure!

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  9. BigBoi says:

    Do people actually care who the KOTC Champ is anymore? I mean doesn’t the fact that their current champ, Chiappe, doesn’t see a reason to defend it minimize it? Maybe Chiappe just got bored being the only guy with a record that’s better than .500 on the card? Maybe there’s only so many times you want to go to work and see guys who are 0-7 fighting in co-main events?

    I dunno, maybe KOTC needs to rethink their plan. At one point they were the show. Now they’re just this sad little sideshow with fights. Sad really.

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  10. kotcfan says:

    Yes people care who the champ is.King Of The Cage is a local card with lots of good local talent. The shows just need to be match made better. Local guys or at least FULL Canadians should be allowed to fight for the belt.

    I myself and many othwer people think chiappe wont his belt twice in two perfomences. The DQ in his first belt fight to Volpe was weak, but Volpe showed character not accepting the belt. Then AGAIN chape dominated and took his belt so to talk down, name call, or just make stupid comments about a good canadian athlete come on guys grow up.

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  11. JayKay says:

    Hi Ken.

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  12. armlocks4u says:

    Still nobody for riggs to fight is he even still on the card or just a gimic. I like the Brad stewart and Mat Backer belt idea ken should go for this

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  13. Vanilla Gorilla says:

    I heard,Joe Riggs will be fighting Trent Thorne if Ryan won’t fight, I think it mite even still be for a strap,Trent is the man for stepin up! Riggs is a tough fight for him but in mma anything can happen?(Trents comin off a big win) Should be a fun fight! I hope they find someone for Sevren and Ritch now.

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  14. Vanilla Gorilla says:

    If Riggs is out I also think it should be Stewart vs Baker for the 185 belt, Riggs and Stewart will never fight as they are on the same team.

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  15. Vanilla Gorilla says:

    Severn vs Olmsted 2 ? or Severn vs Kalmakoff ? Ritch vs Ryan Sieben ? or Ritch vs Aaron Drewniak ?

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  16. trent_thorne says:

    lol hmmmm its no secret i guess? lol yes Riggs is gonna beat me up im sure but as you said in mma anything can happen! ;) Chiappe will retain his belt from what i hear and whoever wins Me vs Riggs will win a interim title and fight Chaippe next! im just glad i was givin the opportunity and will be honoured to fight either one of these guys!

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  17. armlocks4u says:

    good job stepping up trent shows big balls and anything can happen. No offence though shouldnt stewart have the option of fighting riggs first if wanted since he was the orginal contender. He is 4-0 and if he beats baker hes definatly no doubt worth the title shot. Kens thinking is out to lunch. at least we still se someone to fight riggs

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  18. armlocks4u says:

    @ vanillagorilla “If Riggs is out I also think it should be Stewart vs Baker for the 185 belt, Riggs and Stewart will never fight as they are on the same team.” you mean chapi and baker wont fight right. Brad stewats form fortst john him and riggs dont train together do they

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  19. BigBoi says:

    Seriously? No disrespect to Trent but how does a guy who has only one win over an opponent with a winning record get a shot at someone like Riggs?

    You’ve fought two guys who were making their professional debuts and 1 guy twice. When you stepped up to face Cody Krahn you didn’t make it out of the first round.

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  20. Vanilla Gorilla says:

    @ Armlocks4U Yep, Brad trains under “team Cannon” in FSJ, and we have trained with Joe and Shannon befor, Shannon is our coach, Arizona is only a 4 hour flite dude, ever herd of a plane? I take my boys all over to train.

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  21. trent_thorne says:

    ya loads of other guys deserve it over me! but youde have to ask the guys who make the decisions! i got a call and was asked and jumped at the opportunity to fight a guy who i like to think of as a pioneer of modern mma! the guys fought some of the biggest names in mma! id be honoured just to be on that list! anyway thats all ima say till after the fight! hope you guys come out and see it! good luck to all the other fighters on the card!

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  22. Cody Rempel says:

    UPDATED: Added up to date fight card

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  23. BigBoi says:

    @Trent – You don’t think you’re just a bit outmatched in this fight?

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  24. armlocks4u says:

    @Vanilla Gorilla thats sweet I never new that just adds to the fact that Bard and Mat should be fighting for this intirm belt. Brads 4-0 and deserves it. Mats 3-2 but lost to Davidson only becuase his ground game sucks. Im really excited for this fight should be a good stand up war

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  25. Iron Ruffneck says:

    so chaipe backed out of the fight with riggs, now trents fighting him so when riggs destroys trent. Do we really think riggs will fight again for KOTC and defend his belt against chiape. Why not give the title fight to two full canadian athletes.

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  26. Phil Baroni says:

    trent has a good chance of winning this fight.why not? if he lands that brutal right hand on riggs its lights out.riggs got ko’d by diego sanchez who weighs 155 pounds and im pretty sure trent can hit pretty hard since hes fought at HW recently.

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  27. BigBoi says:

    im pretty sure trent can hit pretty hard since hes fought at HW recently

    Brilliant reasoning. You are a macaroon.

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  28. Vanilla Gorilla says:

    Thorne, Your the man for takin this fight! Anything can happen, its mma. It also sets up a great fight between Chappie and the winner as soon as hes heathy. Baker is a very game and tough dude that Brad is not looking past at all, and I think its a big fight for both men. No one should be cutin down Throne for taking a fight alot of guys would not.

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  29. JYD says:

    I don’t think people are cutting him down as much as they are wondering what the mindset of a fighter pitted against a much more accomplished and established fighter is…

    From what Trent has said (or… from what is quoted in the column) it sounds like he knows he is outmatched and most likely going to lose, and that he is completely alright with getting and L because it is a W for a guy who has beaten some legit competition.

    Aside from wishing that you actually get the chance to land a bomb on the button I hope there are some dollarinos in it for you Trent. Best of luck!

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  30. Cody Rempel says:

    It’s really a no lose situation for Trent… If he wins it looks amazing on the record to hold a win over a guy of Riggs caliber, if he loses there’s nothing to be ashamed of and he’ll likely get some good experience.

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  31. harry balls says:

    if he gets whipped, people will say ‘no surprise’.
    if he can hang, it’ll get people to sit up and take notice.
    if he wins, BooYaa!
    It sounds like this guy has a decent handle on what the deal is. Best of luck. Train like an animal, sir…

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  32. Jamie Locke says:

    Yeah, props to Trent for stepping up, win or lose you’ll get good cred for this one.

    Hey, if you do hit the target and land a KO against a guy ike Riggs, it’s up up up from there.

    But like JYD said, I sure hope there’s some cash in there for you win or lose..

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  33. Phil Baroni says:

    lol at the guy who called me a macaroon haha good one but name on HW fighter that doesnt hit hard? anyone that throws a punch who weighs 225 is gonna do damage i dont care what anyone says

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  34. Vanilla Gorilla says:

    I hope Bergman can pull off the upset over Lopez as he’s coming off a loss in New Mexico to Tyler East who has 2 losses to Lopez. I think Bergamn he still holds the Canadian KOTC Heavyweight strap?

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  35. Iron Ruffneck says:

    Yeah Raph has the KOTC heavyweight belt wich is a joke only cuz KOTC cant get any good heavyweight talent.I dont think he can beat lopez. I watched Baker drop Raph 4 times sparring and he is a light heavyweight. Raph should fight at 205

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  36. It is hard for any promotion to get good heavyweight talent.

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  37. Tyler Davis says:

    How bout that tyler davis guy i hear he is wicked entertaining

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  38. Tyler Davis says:

    GO Trevor Wright!!!!! such a great fighter and person

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  39. BigBoi says:

    Wow, only 12 of the 24 fighters on this card have winning records. Should be an exciting night at Rexall…..

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  40. Robin Black says:

    I also hear that Tyler Davis guy is a good dude and entertaining as 1000 midgets in a smart car. :)

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  41. BigBoi says:

    Something tells me that Robin Black fighting a midget would be more exciting than 90% of this card. Stewart vs Baker is about the only ‘competitive’ match of the night.

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  42. harry balls says:

    Midgets are vicious little creatures. They would disembowel you and everyone you loved given the chance. Don’t do it, Robin!

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  43. BigBoi says:

    The sad thing is that for most people KOTC is their first experience with MMA. They see this shit and think “all MMA is like this?” Sad, really sad.

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  44. Tyler Davis says:

    Big Boi can you tell the future? just because you dont have a winning record dosnt mean you cant throw down im 2-2 and i like to think my loses were my best fights. i have seen guys with terrible records put on fight of the night performances,for example (with no disrespect) Mike bell has a bad record but THROWS DOWN every time i see him fight he throws spinning back kicks, axe kicks flying knee’s the guy is an amazing fighter with a bad record does that make him boring? A NUMBER DONT DICTATE YOUR PERFORMANCE!!! I know i intent to give a hell of a show ….im guessing your just a critic

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  45. Tyler Davis says:

    and 1000 midgets is entertaining in anything but i like the smartcar robin cause its environmentally friendly

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  46. Robin Black says:


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  47. BigBoi says:

    1. Mike Bell never got the memo that Jiu Jitsu was invented ergo a five year old girl could take him down and choke him out providing they avoided his hands until he gassed at the 2 minute mark.

    2. You can tell a lot about someone’s record by looking at who they fought. You’re 1-2 (You can’t count the win you have over ‘the opponent’ because he’s quickly becoming Canada’s answer to Shannon the Bitch Ritch) but I’ll agree that when I saw you fight you fought good, your loss on the JMac card was a good scrap.

    3. Filling a card with fighters under 500 is not a good way to sell the sport.

    4. Bobby and Patrick? Really you want friends to see those two scrubs fight and ask you, “Is that what you do?”

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  48. Cody Rempel says:

    Actually Patrick Gladue is out and Orest is looking for a replacement to fight Kalmakoff… Any takers? lol

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  49. BigBoi says:

    Can I fight drunk? Cause that’s about the only way it would be fair.

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  50. Tyler Davis says:

    mike bell fought curtis demarce and it was a war!!! i find him a very talented fighter…granted his ground game is lacking lets say, but i appreciate a guy who will through down regardless, pure heart is not a bad quality, yes filling cards up with the bobby k’s of the world isnt the best way to sell the sport( until bobby start a brawl with the other corner and camera men and 16 year olds in the crowd)but i cant help buy to take offense saying the card im training my ass off to fight on is gonna suck. There is trevor wright, and joe riggs, the bothers davis i think there should be some good scraps and for 40 a ticket i would like to think that would be worth it as a fan, i know im training for a war and like to think of my self as a entertaining fighter regardless of my record. p.s. i fought 3 times at pure which fight did you see?

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