KOTC: Sentinel Weigh In Results from Cold Lake


King of the Cage is holding their 47th Canadian event tomorrow night and first in Cold Lake, Alberta. The weigh ins were not without their issues as the commission declined to sanction the Joe Riggs vs Samurai Khardassian bout due to the experience difference.

Also Mike Hackert, who was scheduled to take on Elmer Waterhen in the main event missed his flight and will not be competing. KOTC officials chose to match up Waterhen and Khardassian in an effort to salvage the main event.

Elmer Waterhen (179.4) vs Samurai Khardassian (184.9)
Shannon Ritch (171) vs Chris Kizuik (170)
Keenan Feeney (153.5) vs TJ Coletti (***)
Jon Ganshorn (217.5) vs Bobby Kalmakoff (244.5)
Kris Miskanek (203.5) vs Peter Nolan (210)
William Hatch (240.5) vs Patrick Gladue (232)

***Late Replacement, will weigh in the day of the fight

17 Responses to “ KOTC: Sentinel Weigh In Results from Cold Lake ”

  1. JYD says:

    coletti should not be competing… for his own well being.

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  2. harry balls says:

    Sorry for ALL CAPS, but this goes back to whiny shit i have been posting since i got here. Fuck this sport is turning into a goddamn joke.

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  3. gd up says:

    what a gong show ..6 fights wow waste of money

    kotc is bush league

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  4. Robin Black says:

    If I lived in a smaller town I’d just be happy to have these 6 fights. Good luck to all the competitors.

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  5. gd up says:

    nah i would pay the money in gas n goto edmonton only hr half away..guranteed 15 min of fights of all card!

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  6. PRORIGGER says:

    It’s three hours to Etownfrom CL, but it’s really starting to sound like a last minute shit show… Better then retro night in bnvl I guess : ()

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  7. war says:

    kotc is in desperate need of better fighters

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  8. gd up says:

    should be named king of cans

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  9. I agree with Robin…although not the best looking card and some bad last minute matchups…for some people in Cold Lake, this might be their only chance to get out and see an MMA show.

    Good luck to everyone.

    Damn I’m so politically correct it hurts my schnutz.

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  10. trent thorne says:

    too bad bout the riggs fight! that card kinda just fell apart at the last minute man! shitty! but im sure the fans will still have a good time. Go Jon Ganshorn! and Keenan Feeny! and Waterhen! who is this colletti fellow?

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  11. harry balls says:

    what a fucking clown

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  12. Bobby Karimi says:

    Fight results?

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  13. harry balls says:

    Ha i wonder how much Coletti got to ditch the UGC card and fight on this WINRAR.

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  14. Straight Husla says:

    I dont understand why they keep letting this guys fight, he is like 0-7 and has never been to the seconf round, he is always over weight, what the hell is up with these organization? this should be bum fight if the let coletti in!!!

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  15. pinseeker says:

    great card for november 21 and by the way lockdown is now oct 25th on ppv

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  16. pinseeker says:

    hey harry bals if its a joke the jump in there dont yap

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