Boots Scraps Training with Edgar, Almeida, St-Pierre, Gracie, Cholish


Holst, Gregor Gracie, John Cholish, Igor Gracie and Georges St-Pierre

I just got back from NYC last night. We went down on Sunday afternoon, Pat, Steve Joncas and myself.

Monday was a busy day. I trained in the No Gi class at the Renzo Gracie NYC location followed by a wrestling class. Then, I trained cardio (bike and run) with Pat who is getting ready to do an Ironman Competition next year!

Tuesday, I did the MMA training at Ricardo Almeida’s gym on the NJ side in the morning. Igor Gracie and Gregor Gracie are training really hard for their next MMA fight in October. Then, in the afternoon, we had a shoot-box sparring session at NYC with Georges St-Pierre, John Cholish, Igor Gracie, Gregor Gracie and myself. Training with these guys was awesome ! Georges showed us some tactics he does when he fights and when he trains also gave me some more tips, he’s a great guy and awesome training partner! Can’t wait to see him fight!

On Wednesday morning, we did some cardio again and then we did a MMA\Muay Thai class taught by Joe, the head Muay Thai instructor at Renzo Gracie NYC. We did drills and light sparring. I got to move around with Joe and also a good friend Jamie Crowder! John Cholish, who has phenomenal wrestling, helped me out a lot and showed me some defense to practice, the guys at NYC academy are really nice and there is always good hard training there!

Thursday morning, we woke up nice and early to go train MMA sparring and drills at Ricardo’s gym again where I saw Frankie Edgar already back at training! I got to train with the guys there for a few hours then headed back home!

Everything went well. It was a really good sparring week! Now I am back home to train with Kru Jeff, Steph, Remi and all the students!

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    Way to go Mark. You will win this next fight!

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