Heat XC 6 – Edmonton – October 15


Date: October 15, 2010
Location: Mayfield Inn in Edmonton, Alberta
Tickets: www.tnttickets.ca

Main Event
Keto Allen (5-0) vs. Jason High (11-3)

Nick Dragich (0-0) vs Will Krueger (0-0)
Shane Campbell (0-0) vs Leo Constant (0-0)
Ryan Fortin (4-3) vs Devan Garnon (3-4)
Mike Froese (3-3) vs Brandon MacArthur (4-15)
Cody Krahn (9-2) vs. Elliot Duff (3-2)
Scott Payne (1-0) vs. Mike Glover (0-0)
Nolan Clark (4-9) vs Allan Hope (5-7)
Jevon Marshall (1-1) vs. Jake Bluhm (1-4)
Justin Bloomer (0-1) vs Brent Haley (0-2)
Jordan Beecroft (0-0) vs. Jared McCombe (0-0)

20 Responses to “ Heat XC 6 – Edmonton – October 15 ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:

    Should be a W for Degenhardt.

    Main event looks good!

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  2. I can confirm that I did book Jason High to main event the HEAT XC card. This should be a great card with lots of stacked fights!

    I’m a huge fan of Chase Degenhardt but I’m also very excited to see the return of Nigel Zettergreen…who everyone knows is a legitimate bad ass.

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  3. JayKay says:

    Nigel is fighting again? Awesome, I’ve roleld with him a few times and he’s a beast. Does this mean the Cowboy might be back again?

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  4. Vicious Beast says:

    eliott”no show” duff, get fucked dudes a clown

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  5. Update: Mike Froese is on the card

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  6. Vicious Beast says:

    is fortin fightin that can devon garnon from calgary?

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  7. I talked to Devan and he will be fighting Fortin as long as the doctor says his jaw is fine. Thanks for the tip, VB.

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  8. Canucklehead. says:

    While the Canadaian military is cool and all, Jared “McCombo” McComb is going to absolutely wreck the “debut of CFB garisson corporal Shane Brown”. McCombo has cardio for days and his heart is unbelievable. You can not stop the guy. I think of him as a slightly less polished Cain Velasques only at light heavy. This is going to be Fight of the Night based on what McCombo alone brings to the table.

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  9. Savage says:

    True dat, Canucklehead.
    How’re you calling the win for
    Mc-c-c-Combo, by KO or submission? I’m leaning towards betting on a sub, but that Jared dude’s got some heavy hands…

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  10. harry balls says:

    The ‘loser must retire’ bullshit is so pro wrestling. Conversely , the mma scene is full of losers who should retire….

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  11. Savage says:

    I can’t believe TBA is gonna fight three different guys! He’s a machine…

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  12. What’s crazier is I have TBA booked on Oct. 8th too.

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  13. Cody says:

    can’t wait Shane Campbell kick the this guys ass

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  14. Brad Wall says:

    Sorry say’s Chase vs. Nigel it was talked about but never confirmed???

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  15. UPDATED. Card is now finalized by HEAT XC.

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  16. damn says:

    Inkumsah vs Campbell is a horrible mismatch.

    50+ profights vs 5 pro fights.

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  17. Robin Black says:

    Shane is a monster on the feet. No question. Scary.

    But if Inkumsah puts him on his back it will be a guy with 5 fight against a guy with 0 fights. Shane has never fought that way at all. He has 0 fights in that kind of arena.

    The fact that mma is such a complex game makes it so that a rounded guy with 5 fights has very real opportunities to beat a specialist with 50 fights.

    Having said that, I’m still taking Shane by KO.

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  18. damn says:

    i see the point your making inkumsah may be better on the ground but very green still. this is still a freak show.

    but in the name of sport i’ll call you on shane by ko and say inkumsah by armbar.

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  19. Update: Inkumsah is out and Brandon MacArthur is in to replace him against Campbell.

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  20. Nolan Clark says:

    My apologies to Allen Hope. I sent three emails and three texts saying I needed flights and contract sent to me. I got neither as God is my witness. I am not sure why all the confusion but I was clear what I needed and it never came. They wanted me to drive and I said I couldn’t get extra day off to drive and needed flights. They never came. I asked for a contract numerous times. None came. Truth. Still sorry to Allan.


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