TUF 12 – GSP vs Kos – Episode 1 Recap


The show starts off like every other TUF season, the UFC hopefuls congregate in the UFC gym. Dana dramatically walks in with this season’s coaches; Georges St Pierre and Josh Koscheck. Dana then proceeds to give his “You wanna be a UFC fighter” prep talk and announces the return of the wildcard slot. Now let’s get to some fight action.

Marc Steven (12-5) vs. TJ O’Brien (14-3)
Stevens floors O’Brien with an overhead right :13 into the fight and claims his spot in the house.

Spencer Paige (7-2) vs. Steve Magdaleno (6-2)
Round 1 is pretty even as both fighters demonstrate speed in their hand with nice kicks. Both fighters land one takedown a piece and work the GNP, good case for a 10-10 round. Paige starts off round 2 like bull charging right in with a flurry of punches and some hard knees. Round 2 ends with Paige in mount landing some shots. Paige pulls of the decision win and secures his sleeping quarters for the season.

Nam Phan (16-7) vs. Mike Budnik (8-4)
Budnik pressures Phan into then cage and lands the takedown. Phan defends well and is able to make it back to his feet. Phan lands a takedown of his own but can’t do anything with it. Back on their feet Phan lands and punch to the body the collapses Budnik and Phan moves in for the kill to claim his bed for the show.

Jason Brenton (6-0) vs. Andy Main (4-1)
A back forth fight until Main slaps on the triangle arm bar combo to gain his pass into the field of 16.

Ran Weathers (13-7) vs. Jonathan Brookins (11-2)
Brookins controls Weathers for 2 rounds and earns the unanimous decision nod and his place in the house.

Toby Grear (7-4-1) vs. Sako Chivitchian (5-0)
According to GSP, Sako used his “judo super hero skills…” to control Grear and win a bed in the house. Unfortunately those super hero skills could not control his lunch as after the fight Sako is seen upchucking in the gym’s garden.

Jeffrey Lentz (6-1) vs. Daniel Head (7-2)
GSP doesn’t seem to favor Lentz as before the fight he crosses off Lentz from his Fight sheet. To quote the Kos, all we see is Lentz landing punches “on Head’s Head”. Nothing different in round 2 as Lentz gets the takedown lands 14 punches to “Head’s head” and wins his place on the show with a RNC late in the round.

Paul Barrow (3-0) vs. Alex Caceres (4-2)
Caceres earns his spot on the TUF 12 roster with a RNC win early in the first.

Pablo Garza (7-0) vs. Michael Johnson (8-4)
Johnson controlled Garza on the ground and landed some powerful and vicious GNP. Johnson earns his 15 minutes of reality tv fame with a unanimous decision.

Aaron Wilkinson (6-3) vs. Michael Richman (8-0)
Wilkinson smashed Richman heads in with elbows for 2 straight rounds to earn his shot at the TUF 12 crown.

Joseph Duffy (7-0) vs. Kyle Watson (13-6-1)
Watson uses his experience to take the fight to the mat and earn a RNC victory.

JJ Ambrose (12-2) vs Sevak Magakian (8-3)
Early in the fight, Ambrose cinches in a Kimura from bottom, but Magakian uses his wrestling to escape and proceeds to pick up Ambrose and dump him on his head. Sevak controls the rest of round 1 and all of round 2 with nice top position wrestling. Sevak earns his spot in the house with a unanimous decision victory.

Cody Mckenzie (10-0) vs. Amir Khillah (6-4)
Before the matches starts GSP tells Dana that Cody will win via guillotine. This prediction works out better for GSP as McKenzie puts Khillah to sleep with a modified guillotine of his back. Look out for this kid.

Dane Sayers (7-1) vs. Ariel Sexton (6-2)
Sayers attempts to run across the ring and land a flying knee, doesn’t work. Ariel’s reach starts to find Sayers’ chin and wobbles him. The round ends with Sexton fighting off a RNC attempt from Dan. Sayers starts off round 2 looking gassed but is able to jump Ariel’s back and lock in the RNC for the win and a bed in the house.

Dana talks to all the winners saying he is very impressed with their performances. Tells them to go home and relax because tomorrow they pick teams and the excitement starts. Stay tuned to TopMMAnews as each week we will give a full recap and PBP of all the fights. Can’t wait for all the wacky craziness every season of TUF brings. Goodnight folks.

Next Week: TUF 12 coaches pick teams.

3 Responses to “ TUF 12 – GSP vs Kos – Episode 1 Recap ”

  1. CR says:

    Man I hope GSP knocks out Koscheck! He is talking non-stop trash, and most of it doesn’t make sense. I guess he’s trying to get in to his head….

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  2. Amir Khillah’s snorelaxing made the episode for me.

    Oh and Sako Chivichyan Vs Alex Caceres in the finals. You heard it here first.

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  3. BC MMA Fan says:

    Mckenzie looked good. That was a wicked Guillotine.

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