Antonio McKee UFC Bound

By: reported earlier that Antonio McKee (25-3-2) has signed a four fight deal with the UFC.

“It’s going down,” McKee today told “In the event that when I’m matched up with an opponent, I’m going to be tested, and I’m sure it would look real good to give me an opponent to beat me, and shut me up, (so the UFC) can kick me out. Or, I’m going to surprise a lot of people.”

“Mandingo” McKee is coming off a big win over Luciano Azevedo at MFC 26: Retribution. In what was dubbed his “retirement match”, McKee promised to finish off Azevedo in style or retire from the sport. Fight fans didn’t have to wait long as McKee opened Azevedo’s forehead with two huge elbow strikes 3 minutes and 11 seconds into the first round. Referee Frank Geric stopped the fight after Azevedo was checked by the ringside physician.  The MFC lightweight champion McKee is on an 11 fight win streak and is 14-0-1 over the last 7 years.

Head on over and join the Top MMA News discussion on whether McKee is in the a world top 10 lightweight.

UPDATE: Fight Hub TV caught up with Antonio McKee right after it was announced that the MFC lightweight champion had signed a deal with the UFC. The deal is not signed as we found out but very close. Check out the video interview on YouTube. Top MMA News will keep abreast of the situation as it develops.

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  1. Tom says:

    Good for McKee. He needs to get away from Pavelduche and his half sold out tent show.

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  2. james says:

    future ufc champ

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