Is Antonio McKee a World Top 10 Lightweight?


Antonio McKee dominated Luciano Azevedo at MFC 26 on September 10th. The Maximum Fighting Lightweight champion is 25-3-2 in his career and has not lost since 2003.

Do you think McKee should be in the Top 10 (or 5) having not lost in 15 fights and having beaten Marcus Aurelio, Carlo Prater, and Azevedo among others?

Or do you think McKee has just not fought high enough competition to make the world top 10 rankings and can not compete with the likes of Frankie Edgar, BJ Penn, Ken Florian, or Eddie Alvarez?

After defeating Luciano Azevedo, where does Antonio McKee belong in the world Lightweight rankings?

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7 Responses to “ Is Antonio McKee a World Top 10 Lightweight? ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:

    I don’t think he’s top 10 caliber only because he hasn’t faced top 10 competition. I am sure after his last win, and it was a nice one, MFC will find some tough, maybe top 10 contenders for him!

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    I think he’s Top 5-8 to be honest with you guys.

    Looking at the match up difficulties he would pose to basically anyone in MMA.

    Let’s be honest, Antonio McKee is a fucking monster. I thought Azevedo would use his jits to potentially catch McKee, boy was I wrong. McKee fought like someone cheated him at a game of dice.

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  3. Thank you Bobby…it’s a shame that McKee is only getting hype now…after he’s been laying the ass kickings on people for 7 years. I think people have this idea that the “top ten” in the world all reside in the UFC. Not true. There are a lot of people that can crack that top ten if given the chance.

    Antonio is one of those people.

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  4. I always argue that McKee is in the bottom of the top 10 and I am not saying this because of the MFC’s issue with Top MMA News.

    I think he will have problems with better wrestlers like Maynard and fast guys like Edgar, but I think he does well against the rest.

    e.g. McKee takes Florian who has a terrible time on his back.

    How about McKee vs former WEC champ Razor Rob McCullough next?

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  5. Bobby Karimi says:

    McKee vs Razor Rob would be a good fight. Razor Rob is exciting and a name but a UFC/WEC name. Also I think McKee would win quite easily actually.

    I’d like to see guys like say Boku, or up and coming studs like Paul Sass or Chiquerim Freire.

    Also is Maynard really a better wrestler than McKee. McKee is an unbelievable MMA wrestler, unbelievable!

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  6. Great fight…and I’m boys with Razor!! Rob has an amazing sprawl and brawl style and McKee knows how to bang it out on the floor….

    I would love to see that fight…but Razor asks for a LOT of dough….

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  7. MFC fan says:

    McKee is top 5.

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