MFC 26 Recap


It wasn’t the homecoming party that Ryan Ford wanted, but it was the coming out party that Douglas Lima deeply desired.

Stunning a vastly partisan crowd in his opponent’s home town, Lima (15-4) scored a second-round submission victory over Ford (12-3) in the co-main event of MFC 26: Retribution held Friday night at the River Cree Resort and Casino just outside Edmonton, Alberta, and live on HDNet Fights.

Following an exciting back-and-forth opening round, Lima found Ford’s arm dangling after a takedown and smoothly transitioned into a tapout finish at the 48-second mark of the middle frame. From once unknown to instant title contender, it was a perfect turn of events for the ATT Atlanta product.

“I want the belt now,” declared Lima, who also secured the Submission of the Night award. “I was promised if I win this fight they will give me a title shot. That’s what I want – please.”

The victory was Lima’s third straight and put a halt to Ford’s four-fight string of success while also souring the much-ballyhooed return of Ford to the MFC where his promising career began.

While Lima positioned himself in the welterweight title picture, reigning MFC lightweight champ Antonio McKee left no doubt as to who wears the biggest crown in the organization. Much-maligned for his “boring” style and vowing to retire if his opponent could last the five-round distance with him, McKee (25-3-2) punished Brazilian foe Luciano Azevedo (16-9) with a wicked slam and then proceeded
to demolish him with relentless ground-and-pound.

Two devastating elbows strikes carved a huge gash in Azevedo’s forehead and a after a brief check by the ringside physician, referee Frank Geric waved the fight to a rightful stoppage just 3:11 into the opening stanza. The victory was just McKee’s third TKO win of his career and the Lakewood, California, product not only retained his belt but remains unbeaten in his past 15 fights spanning seven years. Though only seven of his 25 career wins have been of the non-decision variety, this decisive verdict should serve some notice to McKee’s many critics that he can truly be an entertaining finisher.

“Whoever the MFC puts in front of me next, I’ll whoop their ass too,” said McKee. “I guess it’s not true – you can teach an old dog new tricks. And I want to thank (HDNet commentator) Guy Mezger for bringing the best out of me.”

Two other fighters made serious impacts at MFC 26, both ending their respective bouts with impressive knockouts. Despite spending much of the first round on his back, David Heath sent foe Solomon Hutcherson back to his corner after the opening five minutes with badly bleeding – and likely broken – nose. That was only the tip of the damage iceberg that was in store for Hutcherson.

Heath (16-6) brought a huge roar from the capacity crowd when he opened Round 2 with a spinning backfist that very nearly dropped Hutcherson. And moments later, Heath did put Hutcherson (11-7) down for good with a well-placed right hand and follow-up hammerfists that brought an explosive ending to the fight at 3:46 of the second round. The result, which garnered Knockout of the Night kudos for the Tulsa, Oklahoma, native, was particularly noteworthy for Heath as it was his first test in the middleweight ranks, dropping down from light heavyweight. While there’s still work to be done, Heath served notice that he is a serious threat in search of a title belt.

The same can also now likely be said of Dwayne Lewis, who redeemed himself for a poor showing at MFC 25 against Emanuel Newton by taking out Mike Nickels only 1:30 into their 205-pound contest. Lewis (12-5) dropped Nickels (8-4) twice with short uppercuts in the clinch and then pounded down Nickels for good with more sharp and heavy shots. Lewis, one of the organization’s most-popular
figures, made a clear-cut case for a new multi-fight contract with his most-impressive outing since dusting off Marvin Eastman at MFC 23.

In another middleweight bout, Jesse “JT Money” Taylor (16-6) didn’t inflict a lot of damage, but kept positional advantage and went after enough submissions to easily pull away from brash Brit Tom “Kong” Watson. While his ring entrance electrified the crowd, Watson (12-4) was unable to unleash his vaunted striking attack under the relentless wear of Taylor’s well-executed game plan. All three judges scored the bout 30-26 in Taylor’s favour – Watson having been deducted one point in Round 1 for holding the ropes during takedown attempts.

The night’s televised card opened with two of the MFC’s newest young guns squaring off and it was Curtis Demarce (11-7) using a slick triangle choke to coax the tapout from Tyson Steele (6-1) at the 4:09 mark of Round 2.

Other results:

Ford Robertson def. Andrew Buckland – unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
Aaron Berke def. Ryan Ballingall – tapout via rear-naked choke, 0:35 Round 2
Chad Freeman def. Theo Brisley – tapout via armbar, 3:04 Round 1

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  1. dbj says:

    MFC 26 was a great event as usual. Great job Antonio…world class fighter, some people appreciate skill too bad he had to conform to prove it. There was some quality fights that also were entertaining, with the exception of the Lewis/Nickels fight. I know that was a short notice call for Nickels but that was really bad. They might as well pulled one of the drunk guys from the crowd to fight. How can that fight boost Lewis, it was a joke. He has had one tough fight…Newton and he lost. There is no way he is ready for a title fight just because the MFC doesn’t have much to choose from. Bring someone in for Jimmo like they did for McKee, no one in the MFC deserves it. Good job Lima, that is a skilled guy. Ford needs to know it takes more than tatoos and a couple fights in a low end org to beat a world class guy like lima…nice try.

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    MFC never stated Lewis is getting a title shot. Actually Mark Pavelich said in an interview during the broadcast that Dwayne would need another win or two, also in an interview I saw Dwayne saying the same thing.

    I dunno what Nickels was thinking running towards Lewis with his arms outstretched and head down, he was begging Dwayne to uppercut the hell out of him.

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  3. Jamie Locke says:

    I had a great time at this show, there were some sick fights indeed!

    Ford Robertson on the undercard looks like a strong wrestler, he had a boring fight as most wrestling matches are, but a lot of fighters are getting wins with the old lay and pray technique now adays.

    Demarce looked great openning up the main card, he’s an exciting fighter who loves to stand and bang. I hope MFC keeps him around, maybe give him hightower or a Gavin Neil rematch.

    Heath’s superman punch was the highlight of my weekend, best superman KO I’ve ever witnessed!

    Nickels was definitly not the best opponent for Lewis, but you can’t knock Lewis for landing that solid upercut. He’s got fists of concrete. This win doesn’t put him anywhere near a title shot though, he needs to beat some tougher competition in order to earn a chance at Jimmo. As was said erlier though, Jimmo is on a different level than any 205’s on the MFC payroll. Pasv is going to have to bring in a name for him. I was hoping he could have gotten Jardine, after Saturday though it looks like Jardine is still an option.

    JT and KONG was a hard fight to predict, I thought Watson was going to come out looking for another big T(KO) show to solidify his name in Canada, but instead we were treated to a lay and pray wrestling show by JT MOney. Not to knock JT, he did win the fight, but he couldn’t sub Watson after numerous attemtps. I realise along with the rest of the MMA worl that wresting is a huge part of the game and wins fights, but man is it boring.

    I think McKee surprised everyone in the building when he came out and finished Azevedo with some nasty ass elbows to the dome. I was impressed. Lets see Pav bring up some stiff competition for his next defence. McKee called out BJ Penn and Sean Sherk, but I don’t think he can hang at that level, unless he goes back to his lay and pray ways.

    The place was just booming when Ford came out to “I put on fo my city” (that was in my best gangsta rap voice)…. I met with Lima a few times before the fight, he was calm, collected and didn’t seemed worried about the fight at all. I am pretty sure everyone, including myself, drastically underestimated Lima’s submission game. He is a stud on the mat. Apparently Pav promised him a title fight if he won, let’s see it happen! Bring back Alessio!

    Good times were had, looking forward to coming back for more shows in E-Town. Hopefully my fighters fare a bit better in the W column on my next trip!

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  4. Bobby Karimi says:

    “Demarce looked great openning up the main card, he’s an exciting fighter who loves to stand and bang. I hope MFC keeps him around, maybe give him hightower or a Gavin Neil rematch.”

    Exactly my feelings and thoughts.

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  5. Bobby Karimi says:

    “JT and KONG was a hard fight to predict, I thought Watson was going to come out looking for another big T(KO) show to solidify his name in Canada, but instead we were treated to a lay and pray wrestling show by JT MOney. Not to knock JT, he did win the fight, but he couldn’t sub Watson after numerous attemtps. I realise along with the rest of the MMA worl that wresting is a huge part of the game and wins fights, but man is it boring.”

    Honestly that fight wasn’t boring, JT Money tried to sub him a few times, shit he had Watson’s head purple. Kong is just a tough son of a bitch who can fight a choke real good.

    JT Money didn’t lay and pray like say Matt Lindland used to do, he just played it semi-safe and controlled a very dangerous knock out artist.

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  6. DLewis says:

    Guys I was the first to say that I didn’t deserve a title shot . I don’t expect one . One thing that sets me apart from a lot of guys that are fighting for MFC is that I am a 35 yr old father of 3 , married with a full time job ! I don’t train at high profile clubs with high profile guys ! I’m not fighting with dreams of holding any titles or being the number one fighter , I fight because I enjoy competing . I fight who they ask me to fight and I try to make it entertaining . From day one I’ve considered myself a bum with heavy hands lol ! I like fighting and entertaining …. that’s all I want to do …have fun and win some fights !

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  7. Thanks for the comments on the site, Dwayne. Class comments from a class act. However, they do not fool me. That is no bum in the ring.

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  8. Bobby Karimi says:

    Dude you’re far from a bum. You dont smash UFC vets by being a bum.

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  9. DLewis says:

    Thanks guys

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  10. Jamie Locke says:

    I know JT attempted to sub Watson sveral times, and that rear naked that he had on for what seemed like 3 minutes would have put me to sleep in a third of the time. Like I said, I’m not knocking JT’s game plan, because he had one and implemented it, I just don’t feel that fight was at all exciting, JT had control of the fight on the mat the entire time, attempted a couple of chokes and didn’t land any shots. I simply didn’t find it entertaining. I suppose lay and pray wasn’t the best term, because he did move Tom around quite a bit, but he simply maintained control of Tom without attempting any G&P or technical submissions. I hear Watsons Jits is pretty stellar, and I’m sure that had alot to do with the JT’s inability to sub him.

    D-Bomb, you’re far from a bum buddy! I’ve never been dissapointed after watching a Dwayne Lewis fight 8 wins by T(KO)’s, 2 submissions due to stikes… What more could we ask from you?

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  11. I first saw Dwayne fight back in May of 2007 in Edmonton and immediately knew that he was going to be a force in the MMA game. Funny enough but we always seemed to be in opposing corners, I was a sparring partner for Jaret Evans for their New Years Eve fight later that year and was managing his opponents (Jay Whitford, Jared Kilkenny) when they squared off as well.

    Over time, I became good friends with both Dwayne and Sandy Bowman and came to be a huge fan. Dwayne is a classy individual and always humble in victory and defeat. He made no excuses for the Newton loss and showed nothing but respect for all of his opponents when the time came for interviews.

    The one thing about Dwayne is that he doesn’t call people out and he’s never ducked anyone either. He didn’t pull out of the Heath fight, Heath got injured. He’s smashed everyone from Kilkenny to Eastman and now, Nickels. A pretty good track record considering he’s a full time Dad and works a full time job. Is he ready for Jimmo? Probably not for another couple of fights…but if he had the luxury of training full time, I’m sure he would give him one hell of a run for his money.

    All these guys are class acts…and I’m proud to watch them in action and cheer them on as a friend and as a fan.

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  12. Jamie Locke says:

    Awwww, big Jake that’s sweet….. I need some kleenex…sniff sniff…

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  13. I aim to please Locke! I’m working on our story next:

    “Internet romance…leads to MFC”

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