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This Friday, September 10 is a big night of fights in Edmonton with The Fight Club and Maximum Fighting Championship both putting on shows. In total, there will be three title fights with Antonio McKee and Martin Désilets defending their titles while Mitch Clarke and Josh Machan will fight over TFC’s newly minted Lightweight strap.  In addition to these championship tilts, Ryan Ford makes his return to the MFC.

Top MMA News‘ staff (Ben Lelievre, Jason Bouwmeester, Cody Rempel, Don Wilson, Marc-Andre Drolet, Keith Grienke) from around Canada weighed in with their predictions on the top 3 fights on each card. Suprisingly, there seem to be quite a few mismatches in Top MMA News‘ eyes as all six members unanimously picked Mitch Clarke, Antonio McKee, and Ryan Ford to win. The closest fight? The Martin Désilets vs Victor Valimaki rematch!  Even the Top MMA News‘ poll has them in a dead heat.

Regardless of who you believe is going to win the fights, Top MMA News encourages fans to pick up tickets and support these fine promotions and fighters.  There is nothing like live MMA!

TFC 11
Martin Désilets 4 vs Victor Valimaki 2
Ben – Désilets is a wrecking ball. He might run out of steam somewhere down the line, but he can pack up so much punishment in so little time that I’m not worried.  Désilets by TKO 1.

Keith – Désilets took his camp to TriStar and Valimaki headed to Jacksons MMA. This tells me both are taking this fight even more seriously than the first bout. However, I do not think that Valimaki could have changed his game so dramatically that he will win this quick rematch especially coming off a broken hand. Watch out for Désilets’ body shots!  Désilets by TKO in Round 1.

Cody – Valimaki over Désilets via TKO in Round 2

Jason – The first fight was a slug fest and the surrounding controversy over low blows has only fueled the rematch between these two. Valimaki will be looking to reclaim his belt in front of his home town and will definitely be looking to avenge his loss to Désilets in impressive fashion.  Valimaki by TKO R2

Don – It’s Désilets’ time to shine. I think it will last longer than the first fight but Desilet will keep the pressure on Valimaki, predicting round 2 TKO. Winner: Désilets

Marc – Désilets will win even more convincingly than he did last time and everybody will realize it was an asskicking not low blows that ended the first fight.

Mitch Clarke 6 vs Josh Machan 0
Ben – Clarke by TKO 1. Word on the street is that spending a round fighting Mitch Clarke is long and difficult. I don’t think Machan is complete enough to see the Round 2 ring girl.

Keith – Tough call. The bigger Clarke is moving down to face Josh Machan at Lightweight. Both like the subs. Both undefeated in a while over lower level talent. Clarke size will be the difference. If he does not get caught in a Machan sub, he will win by TKO in the third.

Cody – Mitch Clarke will use his wrestling to grind out a Unanimous Decision Win

Jason – Looks like both are good ground fighters winning most of their fights by submission. Clarke has the edge in this one as he’s gone the distance, and past the first round in a few of his fights whereas Machan has won or lost in the first round on all his fights. Going to be a great technical fight I think. Clarke by Submission R2

Don – Think this is a pretty even match, think they stay on their feet too, but Clarke stays undefeated via unanimous decision. Winner: Clarke

Marc – Clarke will dismantle the little Machan and end the streak. Clarke by beatdown.

Showtime Wedderburn 1 vs Ryan McGillivray 5
Ben – The hard-nosed, battle-hardened Wedderburn is going to get himself in hot waters, but will use his size and strength to eke out the nod.  Wedderburn by Split Decision.

Keith – Showtime had trouble with weight and Martin Grandmont at WRECK. He is in for more problems with ‘The Kid’ at TFC 11. McGillivray will take him down where Showtime is at a disadvantage, control the fight and win a decision.

Cody – McGillivray over Wedderburn via Rear Naked choke in Round 1

Jason – Tough call on this one but I think McGillivray, coming off a big quick win against Buckland has the momentum and will take it to the ground early in round 1 and finish off Wedderburn by submission.  McGillivray by Submission R1

Don – This one’s easy, Showtime won’t come in shape and MacGillivray will push it into the later rounds and win via Submission in the third. Winner: McGillivray

Marc – McGillivray has a better overall game than Showtime. Standing is all Showtime, but McGillivray knows better and will finish this fight on the ground.

MFC 26
Ryan Ford 6 vs Doug Lima 0
Ben – Ford by Submission 3, Lima is solid, but he’s not dominant. Ford is physically dominant and ever improving under the tutelage of underrated coach Adam Zugec. Lima will neutralize the action early on, but Ford will keep grinding and grinding until it gets ugly.

Keith – Ford could lose if he gets careless and leaves an arm for Lima to submit. However, with Adam Zugec is in his corner, Ford will be well prepared for whatever Lima has to offer. Ford will take the top position and pound out Lima in the first round.

Cody – Ford over Lima via TKO in Round 1

Jason – Ford by TKO R2 – Ford has definitely been on a roll lately, looks like Lima has been going the distance his last few fights. Hopefully Lima will be a bit of a challenge for Ford and will last through the first round…

Don – This is a hard one to call. Lima could catch Ford off his back, but I think Ford will grind it out on top and take this via Unanimous decision. Winner: Ford

Marc – Ford will rip through Lima like a knife through hot butter. What happens when a Zuma meats a Lima? Watch Friday night.

Antonio McKee 6 vs Luciano Azevedo 0
Ben – McKee by Unanimous Decision. Azevedo is not strong, quick or well-rounded enough to worry McKee. I don’t expect excitement, but I do expect McKee to open up a little.

Keith – Before every fight I read how McKee guarantees an exciting finish to his opponent, but every MFC he wins by dominant wrestling and keeping safe in his opponent’s guard. Regardless of his retirement promise, I see McKee dominating this fight from the top and winning all five rounds winning a decision by a five round shutout.

Cody – McKee over Azevado via another one sided decision.

Jason – Don’t know much about these two but it looks like McKee is on a roll. Not only is his belt on the line but his career and I think that will give him added incentive to make sure he finishes Azevedo. McKee by Submission in R4.

Don – Luciano has a history of losing via decision and Mckee has a history of winning via decision it just works out. Winner: McKee

Marc – McKee will retire after he wins the fight the same way he has any of his other MFC fights. Boring, lay
and pray decision win for McKee defending his MFC title.

Tom Watson 5 vs Jesse Taylor 1
Ben – Watson by TKO 2. Taylor is going to butt himself against a stronger, more explosive opponent and is going to end up on the wrong end of a spirited beating by Kong.

Keith – f you cannot submit Jesse Taylor, you generally lose. Watson was spectacular in his last MFC fight, but looked very suspect in a close win over Matt Horwich in his last fight. This one will go to a decision and Taylor will win it because he will have been on top of Watson most of the fight.

Cody – Watson over Taylor via TKO in Round 2

Jason – My money is on Watson for this one. TKO R1. Watson gets in there and doesn’t back down. I haven’t been impressed with Jesse Taylor the last couple of times I’ve seen him fight and have to go with Watson on this one.

Don – My gut says Taylor’s wrestling will take this one. But Watson has looked so good recently and been on such a roll, I don’t know how he does it but he walks out with the W. Winner: Watson

Marc – Watson is on a tear and has been ready for the next step. Taylor is very active and has a win over Murilo Bustamante but look for Watson to end this fight with a violent finish. Watson by TKO

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31 Responses to “ Top MMA News Makes TFC, MFC Predictions ”

  1. Bobby Karimi says:

    Good write ups guys! Entertaining reads.

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  2. Bobby Karimi says:

    Lima by sub in 3rd
    Azevedo by sub in 2nd
    Taylor by sub in 1st
    Lewis by TKO in 2nd

    Desilets by TKO in 2nd
    Clarke by TKO in 1st
    McGillivray by sub in 2nd

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  3. Mike Davis says:

    Valamaki GnP Tko 3rd round
    Clarke RnC 2nd round
    McGillivary Armbar 1st round

    Watson Dec
    Lewis Tko 2nd
    Ford Split Dec. (too close to call)
    Mckee Dec………

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  4. Jamie Locke says:

    I’ve got:

    Desilets round 2 TKO
    Clarke round 2 sub
    The Kid round 1 sub

    Ford round 1 T(KO)
    AZEVEDO ROUND 2 SUB – Time for a new champ!
    Watson and Taylor is a tough call but I have a KONG T(KO) round 1

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  5. not everybody found these entertaining :)

    Top MMA News got banned from MFC because of this thread.

    Aparently all of us are trash now according to some guy in a sideways hat who doesn’t shut up about himself.

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  6. Phil Baroni says:

    LIMA WILL SUBMIT at the idiot who said ford was gonna submit lima.go watch some more mma sir

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  7. Sean Quinn says:

    SO intense!! What does it mean?

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  8. ERE says:

    You got banned for making predictions? That’s absolutely ridiculous! This just further proves the point that a certain owner is a giant douche, who in fact is dillisional about his show.
    I’ve been to his sold out shows, where there were more than half the seats vacant!

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  9. Really? We got banned? Why? For saying Kong is going to win? Or for saying Ford is going to win? I’m confused.

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  10. Mike Davis says:

    Probably the Mckee picks, but really whats wrong with making predictions? A lot of sites do this and you do not see people getting butt hurt like this.

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  11. war says:

    Hoping valimaki takes it, not terribly interested in the rest of the tfc show although there are a few other good fights. To bad pav is an idiot because MFC puts on the best shows in Canada hands down.

    Do the fighters like fighting for pav or is it strictly because the organization is the best in Canada?

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  12. Mike Davis says:

    ERE half the people were in the washroom obviously why discount peoples word…

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  13. Dean Panas says:

    Atleast I was the first Marc-Andre!! You are just a follower. LOL

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  14. Lisa says:

    Somebody at MFC needs to up his daily medciation intake and seek therapy!

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  15. Brodie says:

    Seems really wierd that Pav would ban this site. Its been nothing but positive towards fighters.

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  16. Brodie says:

    What is it with bannings lately. I got banned from eastsideboxing for mentioning that TOney got Choked out……. weird world we live in these days…… lol

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  17. I guess we’re strong enough to be a threat. And so is TFC…or…maybe Mr. Pavelich is a bit insecure. Anyway, his card is on television.

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  18. Tim says:

    From Pavelduches twitter;

    TOPMMANEWS YOU GUYS ARE TRASH. You will no longer get access to the Maximum Fighting Championship. END

    What a clown. There is literally no buzz for this card, yet he is banning media outlets??

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  19. L-Boutin says:

    probably for giving TFC top spot on this thread, can’t see any other reason really

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  20. You can ban us, but you can’t ban our coverage. Stay tuned tonight for live TFC and MFC results.

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  21. I agree we need to keep covering his events. Not that he needs or deserves it, but what he needs less is special treatment. Not that I specially ever wanted to fly to Edmonton to see his shows.

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  22. AnabolicMike says:

    Hey Pav how do you ban them, are you going to have someone at the doors? Dumb ass I have a great idea right your own articles and get them to post them! I say dont cover his event no one else will be there I can hear the sounds of crickets already.

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  23. Cody Rempel says:

    I think we do still have an obligation to our fans to bring them ALL of the Canadian MMA News!

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  24. Here’s how i see it. It’s not for MFC we are posting these results, it’s for the athletes competing on the card.

    Above all, they deserve the coverage.

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  25. Robin Black says:

    Yay for covering the fighters guys.

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  26. Robin Black says:

    People want to see the results.

    Reread the piece repeatedly. Still can’t see what part of the content was a ban-able offense. Odd.

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  27. What’s REALLY strange is that Sportsnet wasn’t banned for doing an article on the Edmonton fights this weekend.

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  28. Matt Dunning says:

    I would just like to say that I think Marc-Andre Drolet and his team is one of the most professional fair mma reporting sites around!We may not see eye to eye all the time but one thing I know he will always be fair and honest.He loves the sport of MMA and as I am sure Robin will tell you he would do anything for this sport.Good luck Marc-Andre

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  29. Mike Davis says:

    Mitch Clarke defeats Josh Machan via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) in Round 2, 0:43

    Damn BANG ON!

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  30. Cody Rempel says:

    Choked him out cold! Vicious finish by Clarke! Submission of the Night!

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  31. Banned? says:

    Banned for this? Top MMA News picked the wrong MFC guys to win or are they all banned for their shitty Ryan Ford picks?

    Pavelich should be banned from MMA. His behavior on the UG is brutal.

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