Steele, Robertson Pumped for MFC Debuts


Will Curtis Demarce wipe the smile from Tyson Steele's face at MFC 26?

Though they come from the same camp in the same town, they are two vastly different personalities.

Yet these two fighters have a common goal – a successful and lasting first impression in their MFC debuts.

Tyson Steele and Ford Robertson are both slated to step into the Maximum Fighting Championship ring for the first time at MFC 26: Retribution, and while both have clear intentions on coming out on top in their respective matchups, they certainly have different outward approaches.

The undefeated Steele (6-0), who will lock it up with Curtis Demarce in a lightweight bout, has a quiet demeanor and while excited about the opportunity before him, has a much more laid-back approach. Robertson (3-0), who will round out the undercard in a middleweight battle with Andrew Buckland, has an all-out bluster that is sure to endear him to an MFC crowd that likes its fighters will a healthy dose of bravado.

While their avenue towards pre-fight hype differs, both have a desire to show their worthy of the opportunity on the big stage.

“I’m not aggressive by nature, but I like to start quick, put the pressure on early and not give my opponent a chance to get comfortable. I want a quick start and finish things in the first round,” said a reserved-toned Steele, whose unbeaten streak comes complete with a run of stoppages inside the opening five minutes.

Robertson has a more in-your-face way attitude and a nature that leads one to believe he will be attack-minded to back up his talk.

“Basically I like to hurt the other guy. I want to finish the fight and I’ve done so every fight so far,” declared the 25-year-old, whose record includes a pair of first-round stoppages including one over Heat XC veteran Chad Sherman.

“That’s how I go about things. I want to get in there and if I can finish the fight early, all the better. I just bring it and if I see a finish, I go for it. I’m very aggressive and very offensive. I’m focused on what I want to do and that’s finish the fight.”

Steele will get the biggest test of his career against Demarce who has a decided edge in experience with 17 fights to his credit. Yet the six-foot, 23-year-old has a quiet confidence about him.

“I’m ready to take things to the next level and I know I have to take him very seriously,” said Steele. “I think I just have to stick with the game plan and put him in bad positions where he can’t be dangerous. I have to control him to win, put him in bad spots, keep the pressure on, and finish it.”

Steele has the added incentive of making his debut as the first bout of the HDNet Fights televised main card. It’s quite a jump for a young fighter who has fought in obscurity but Steele feels ready for that additional pressure.

“When I got the call I was very excited. To be the first fight on TV, to get that opportunity, I feel very fortunate because that kind of thing doesn’t come along very often,” he said. “Now I want to put on a good show and prove to everyone that I was there for the right reason.”

Robertson, meanwhile, will also be out to prove he belongs in the MFC ranks. Confidence is not an issue for the five-foot-nine Robertson who is counting on years of action in top-rated amateur wrestling circles to suplex any jitters. A former University of Saskatchewan Huskies wrestler, Robertson was ranked as high as fifth in the nation and took on eventual 2004 Olympic champion Cael Sanderson at a prestigious meet in Winnipeg – an event that also featured Josh Koscheck and Muhammad Lawal.

“It’s a big deal to be coming to the MFC but I’m not worried about the nerves or the pressure,” maintained Robertson. “I’m really excited and I’ve increased my training because of it. I’m putting in the extra effort because it’s going to be such a big night.”

7 Responses to “ Steele, Robertson Pumped for MFC Debuts ”

  1. fightfan22 says:

    Come Sept 10 it will be demarce testing steele. I watched tyson’s fight he has never been hit. Sept 10 will be does Tyson “have a chin of” Steele. Good Luck

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  2. TCF KURT says:

    GOOD LUCK GUYS!! Wish I could be there!

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  3. Adam Lorenz says:

    I saw Tyson get hit by Krahn and Gervais (I was in Tyson’s corner so i had a good view) and he didn’t even flinch, his chin is good IMO.

    Also LO freakin’ L at how old that picture is I have known him for a few years so that must be a really really old picture from junior high or something.

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  4. L-Boutin says:

    Steele/Demarce will be an interesting fight if Demarce can make it out of the first round. Nobody has been able to do that yet. Steele cuts a ridiculous amount of weight to make 155 and if Demarce can push him into later rounds cardio could come into play with that amount of cutting. Not saying it will, but we don’t know yet.

    Robertson is taking a huge step up in competition against Buckland. Should be interesting to see if his strong wrestling can overtake Buckland’s skill and experience.

    Excited to see how the Saskatoon boys do !!

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  5. fightfan22 says:

    It will be an interesting fight. People take curt lightly and he capitalizes on it. The big stage can play a factor in this fight as well. Can Steele handle the pressure of being on live tv. Personally I would like to see this fight stay standing and see a war.

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  6. Can Demarce get over the hump and beat a guy with a decent record? Two fights ago he had difficulties with a debuting fighter. Steele’s last fight was a win over the 5-0 Gervais.

    Nice matchup though.

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  7. L-Boutin says:

    Steele is more of a ground guy I think (6 wins, 6 RNC’s) I can’t see it being a stand-up war.

    Gervais has a good record but it was built on guys with a combined 7-17 record. (Wright was the only fighter with a winning record (4-3) he faced before Steele)

    This fight should be a legit test for Steele against an experienced fighter.

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