Video – Edgar Reflects on Title Defense over Penn at UFC 118


Frankie Edgar reflects on his resounding win over BJ Penn at UFC 118 last night with Ariel Helwani.

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6 Responses to “ Video – Edgar Reflects on Title Defense over Penn at UFC 118 ”

  1. Grasshopper says:

    Edgar was great! He kept moving like he has worms or something. Confused the hell out of Penn. I agree with Joe, all he got was a couple of cheerleaders in his corner. It was pretty sad to watch. Got the impression that Penn wasn’t really into it that much. Like having sex when the game is on… you do it cause you would be crazy not to but your heart is not in it and you can’t wait to get back to the game….

    He can probably do this a few more times, and make pretty good money before anyone realizes he’s retired but forgot to tell Dana…

    Do they test the loser for drugs?

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  2. Mark Sinclair says:

    Edgar WAS great! I don’t agree that Penn wasn’t in to it though, he just didn’t have an answer to Edgars movement and aggressiveness (mind you I like the sex during the game I thought he looked like he was in shock …..watching his legacy slipping away. From hindsight an immediate rematch was not such a good idea, he can’t argue he just had an off night in Abu Dhabi now!
    The same thought process may apply to another REMATCH on the local scene. What would a Valimaki loss in the rematch with Desilets mean to Valimaki’s future? One thing for sure, it will be interesting to see what happens!! (sorry about the obvious plug…lol)

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  3. Grasshopper says:

    Penn’s commitment has always waxed and waned. Natural talent is fantastic but at times he’s admitted to partying too much and not really working out. I wonder if the cut was too much but in any case this was not his best.

    It should have been though…this is where it really needed to be.

    I would be surprised if he has the force of character to re-group, re-build, re-commit and get back to his job. I hope so cause he’s phenomenal to watch.

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  4. Thanks for commenting Mark.

    Really looking forward to the Desilets/Valimaki rematch.

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  5. Grasshopper says:

    Obviously, Valimaki had to do this rematch. The risk now is that he mindfucks himself thinking it’s more than just another fight. The “this will make or break my career” mindset is his biggest enemy…and his best friend if he can channel it into more aggressiveness. Low blows aside, Desilet was extremely aggressive and Valimaki will need to meet that intensity head-on to win. He’s been at it many years. A loss is not a big deal in the overall picture.

    Different story for BJ Penn. No slugfest there, it was one-sided Edgar.

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  6. BC MMA says:

    I don’t like how Edgar fights. His pitter patter striking is just as boring as lay ‘n pray.

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