Prestige MMA, Fort Mac Commission Update


Earlier this week, Top MMA News wrote a piece on the Prestige MMA show.  At the time, the promotion stated that the Fort McMurray Mixed Martial Arts Association (FMMMAA) was sanctioning the show.

Top MMA News has looked further into the legality of the show.  In Alberta, the province does not sanction Mixed Martial Arts.  Instead, each municipality must decide whether to regulate MMA. The FMMMAA is not a commission that was formed by the regional municipality responsible for Fort McMurray.  Here is the response from the Office of Mayor Melissa Blake:

The Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo has not created the Fort McMurray Mixed Martial Arts Association as a governing body, however, in the absence of such a municipal body or bylaw, the event scheduled for September 19, 2010 remains subject to provincial, not municipal jurisdiction.  As a result, our Municipality has no authority to either sanction or oppose the intended event.

What is Happening?

  1. Top MMA News has been told off the record is that several Alberta commissions may be informing gyms that fighters could be suspended if they fight on this non-sanctioned show.   Fighters should be aware of this potential risk.  Fighters have previously been suspended by commission for fighting on unsanctioned shows in Ontario.
  2. Several fighters have already pulled out of the Prestige event.

Top MMA News is trying to get a response from Sandy Bowman to find out the status of the show.  Prestige could continue in an unsanctioned state.  Other Alberta promotions have used commissions from other municipalities to oversee their events, but there are questions of the legality of commissions leaving their jurisdictions.  Tickets are still on sale for the event.  Stay tuned to Top MMA News for further updates on this story.

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6 Responses to “ Prestige MMA, Fort Mac Commission Update ”

  1. Jordan says:

    Any update on this? Is this card still happening? Also has the promoter responded to this.

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  2. Sean says:

    What do other commissions have to do with Fort McMurray?

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  3. Lindsay Collins says:

    Please make this event happen!

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  4. InTheKnow says:

    Alberta Commissions can only suspend fighters that are licensed by them in 2010, they can not just suspend everyone who fights in unsactioned events.

    They can however: just not license them for a undetermined amount of time.
    Most likely based on the fact (in this case with no legal municipal Commission) that they can not verify/guarantee post fighter medicals, so they just wont license EVERYONE who fights on the card for 6-12 months to make sure any/all fighters who may or may not have suffered injuries are fine.
    That’s how they’ll get them and is technically the safest thing to do. Specially at this point in time with regards to MMA sanctioning across Canada. AND it is nice to see Alberta Commission finally working together….

    Bringing in another Commission to oversee an event, that in itself does not make it legal.

    I will assume that you are talking about Red Deer and River Cree (only 1 in Alberta I can think of that people discuss)
    But that is technically not the case in Red Deer. The City of Red Deer has a Commission struck by the City, but instead of forming it with inexperienced people internally, they have asked members from River Cree to run it.
    It is the Red Deer Combative Sports Commission being staffed by 2 members from River Cree.

    This being said, I have no idea what’s going on in Fort Mac, and best of luck to Sandy and his event, I hope all goes well for him, the fighters and all the fans in the Fort! (I’m sure they’re tired of 5+ hour drives to catch an event!!)

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  5. wow says:

    So bush just like the last event that bowman tried to put on, at least he’s trying?? Or do we want him trying?? Underground fights give mma a bad rap, one that many of us have been trying to rid or for years…just a thought

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  6. Jarvis says:

    Bowman has had 2 stacked cards already with UFC vets on both shows. Prestige 1 and Prestige 2 both in the books. Cant wait for Prestige 3

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