Video – Toney and Couture on their UFC 118 Bout


James Toney will take on Randy Couture this weekend at UFC 118. Here is the UFC’s promotional video of the two former champions.

7 Responses to “ Video – Toney and Couture on their UFC 118 Bout ”

  1. papagaio says:

    love that Toney requires sub-titles. haha!

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  2. harry balls says:

    Didnt Mercer answer these questions already?
    He lost to Kimbo (lol) in MMA, but clobbered Tim Sylvia in boxing.
    Thank goodness they are bringing such respectability to the sport that is MMA (that is sarcasm. I swear…)

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  3. Rick James...Bitch says:

    James Toney still wins it first round KO. If you disagree, give me the 5-to-1 odds like Vegas and come put your money up sucka!

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  4. L-Boutin says:

    Mercer vs Sylvia was MMA rules. Apparently they had an agreement only to box, but Sylvia went back on it and threw a kick almost immediatly and got KO’ed

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  5. harry balls says:

    Really? Haaaaaaaaaaa. Thanks for the correction. I still think Toney is gonna get smashed in round 1. All the boxing guy I know SWEAR he is gonna knock Couture out right away.

    Dana White, you genius, you….

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  6. Brodie says:

    JAmes Toney looked like he was in horrible shape compared to Randy. If the fight goes more than 30 seconds its going to be a beatdown for TOney!!! lol

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  7. What the hell was wrong with BJ Penn tonight? He seemed too tired from the beginning and did not have any noticeable technique. It truly bums me out seeing my favorite fighter have such a terrible overall performance. Not to rob Frankie Edgar of credit although, he was clearly the superior fighter.? It just seems that BJ was deliberately on the defensive for 90% with the fight. And BJ’s corner was incompetent as well. The fight wasn’t very exciting in general although, I was expecting it to be a lot more violent.

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