Fort McMurray has Prestige


Fort McMurray is getting an MMA promotion – Prestige MMA. The organization, headed by Sandy Bowman and Chad Rice, will hold their first event at the Casman Center under the supervision of the Fort McMurray Mixed Martial Arts Association on September 19th.

Rice and Bowman founded the fight promotion “primarily for the love of the sport and to showcase the talent and hardwork that goes into being a professional MMA fighter,” according to Bowman who also runs Bowman’s Martial Arts in the city.  Bowman and Rice are just the two to pull it off.  Sandy has been involved in Martial Arts for 32 years and runs two gyms in Fort McMurray.  His partner Chad is the planner.  Bowman states that Rice “has a passion for taking on big jobs (like the design of their state of the art martial arts facility), planning them, and being proud of the end result.”

The two reside in Fort Mac, which is famous for its oil sands.  The city has a growing population which currently numbers around 65,000 and is  expected to top 100,000 in a couple years. Its MMA scene is currently led by MFC fighter Dwayne Lewis and his coach, the afore-mentioned Sandy Bowman.  Lewis’ Fort McMurray fans are an army that travel 5.5 hours to Edmonton to cheer on their local fighter.

Now Fort McMurray MMA fans will be able to cheer their favorite fighters on at local Prestige MMA events. Sandy Bowman sees a huge market for live MMA in Fort Mac.  He says,

The appetite for all sport is huge in fort McMurray from our minor hockey and ringette to our fort McMurray Oil Barons (junior hockey team).  In the last few years, I have brought mixed martial arts to the plate in Fort McMurray. The community response has been incredible!  Even when we have our guys competing out of the city, no matter where we go, Fort McMurray is there to support our fighters.

As for the fighters scheduled to appear, there will be a blend of local favorites and outside veterans in a card that will be topped by Canada’s #5 ranked Lightweight Brad Cardinal (9-5) taking on former The Ultimate Fighter cast member Ritchie Whitson (6-1).  Cardinal has not lost since 2008 and has beaten Kurt Southern and another former TUF fighter Allen Berube.  Whitson appeared on TUF: USA vs UK where he beat Paul Bird to get into the TUF house but then lost to eventual winner Ross Pearson in his subsequent fight.

Asked which fight is the one he is most looking forward to on the debut Prestige card, Bowman cannot make up his mind.  He states, “With the help of a lot of my friends that are managers and promoters that I have supported over the years, I’ve put together a card where I’m excited for every fight and I couldn’t pick a winner in any of them!!”

As always, Top MMA News encourages fans to support their local promotions like Prestige MMA.  It sounds like the Casman Center should sell out, so get your tickets early for this one.

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14 Responses to “ Fort McMurray has Prestige ”

  1. Jamie Locke says:

    So Fort Mac has a sanctioning body?

    This is pretty awesome for the many mma fans up there, and there are alot of fans up there!

    Come to think of it, this could be the East Coasts big mma break that I’ve been rambling on about on several threads! Let’s face it, there’s more back Easters up in Mac than any other demographic! lol

    Card looks sweet, looking forward to many more!

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  2. gd up says:

    yep bout time should sell out no prob..

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  3. Jason says:

    Too bad it’s on a Sunday, would have loved to make the drive up!

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  4. Mitch Clarke says:

    I’ve talked to the head of the commission in Fort Mac, so yes there is a sanctioning body. Sandy Bowman has been trying to get an event in Ft Mac for awhile, I highly doubt he would jeopardize it by not having a sanctioning body

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  5. Jamie Locke says:

    That’s wicked, I’m sure this will sell out and then he can have several shows up there. I KNOW there’s a big fan base.

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  6. Mayor says that the commission was not created by them. Does not appear to be a valid commission.

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  7. Pete says:


    The event is not properly sanctioned as per Calgary and Edmonton Combat commissions

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  8. Pete says:


    Arsenal has been advised

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  9. Jason says:

    While I don’t know if this is properly sanctioned or not, Pete – what does the Calgary or Edmonton Combat Commissions have to do with anything in Fort McMurray?

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  10. Mitch Clarke says:

    I got the same news, thank you Pete. My manager contacted the municipality to find out the scoop on the situation. I hope sanctioned MMA does come to fort Mac in the near future

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  11. Beer Boy says:

    How come you cannot get the official roster, Keith? Its the week of the fights! Thats lame!

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  12. Sorry Beer Boy. Promotion is keeping it under wraps.

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  13. Fort McMurray is in the northeastern part of Alberta. It is 435km northeast of Edmonton on Highway 63, to the north of Slave Lake. It is in a valley that is 369m above sea level at 56EN, 111EW.

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