Brigham Returning after 6 Year Absence at CFC 6


Fans may have noticed Curtis Brigham cornering fighters at previous Canadian Fighting Championship events. Brigham, the Winnipeg Academy of Mixed Martial Arts founder and head coach, has been instrumental in the success of WAMMA fighters like Eric Perez, Dominick Blais, Roland Delorme and many others. Now, after a six year layoff, fans will have a chance to see Brigham at CFC 6.

Brigham started fighting in 1999 and had a 9-5 record spanning a five year fight career that had Curtis fighting all over the globe. However, in 2004, Brigham seemingly hung up the gloves as an undersized fighter in an unpopular sport. That all changed in the past six years. Everyone is aware of the UFC skyrocketing to popularity thanks to success of The Ultimate Fighter. The WEC also came around and made celebrities out of smaller fighters like Urijah Faber.

Now fans will be able to see WAMMA’s ‘Boss’ fight on October 8th. Brigham, who has fought in Japan and all over the USA and Canada, has faced tough opposition over his career. The submission specialist has beaten future Bellator fighter Brian Green in 2003. Brigham also took a much larger, future UFC Lightweight champion Sean Sherk into the third round of a fight.

Tickets to see Curtis Brigham and his WAMMA students Eric Perez, Dominick Blais, and Roland Delorme are now available at Ticketmaster. Need a better sight line to the action? Please call 772-2599 to make your VIP table arrangements.

Munduruca Out
At the same time as the exciting Brigham announcement, the CFC must also acknowledge that Rodrigo Munduruca has pulled out of his CFC 6 fight due to injury. Although Rodrigo will be missed, Brigham is a fantastic replacement of one submission specialist with another. Brigham has won all nine of his victories by submission. Brigham is not one to leave decisions in the judges’ hands.

Brigham’s opponent can not be announced at this time, but stay tuned to Top MMA News for further CFC 6 developments.

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9 Responses to “ Brigham Returning after 6 Year Absence at CFC 6 ”

  1. brodes says:

    awesome news. Im making the trip from ottawa, and i was disapointed when I saw that the hill/ delorme fight fell through, but this is a great addition to the card.

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  2. PAV says:


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  3. L-Boutin says:

    Great news. Awesome addition to the card. Brigham is gonna climb the rankings pretty quick if he compete’s regularly.

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  4. brodes says:

    135 0r 145?

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  5. harry balls says:

    The card is shaping up nice. Didn’t know Delorme until he fought out here. He is a bad-ass. Morvan is slated to fight his teammate now?
    This is how you do it, folks.

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  6. Robin Black says:

    This card is shaping up wickedly. Can wait.

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  7. Robin Black says:

    I meant ‘Can’T wait’.

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  8. hawkes says:

    curty is a 135er… and i dont see anyone in the canadian rankings that he cant beat. ill keep chirping in his ear to fight regularly!

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  9. war says:

    bad news about rod, anyone know how long hes out for?

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