WRECK MMA 3 – Bad Intentions – Play by Play


Wreck MMA returns again with another great fight card. Instead of the dreary aisles of the Robert Guertin Arena, Wreck MMA has paired with the Casino du Lac-Lemay for a intimate and engaging set up. As always the convention centre is packed with rabid fans from the Ottawa and Gatineau area. Interestingly enough the Mayor of Ottawa Larry O’Brien is front row center. The Honorable Larry O’Brien has been a stern supporter of bringing MMA to Ontario as the MMA community brings in a lot of capital for Canada’s Capital. All the talk in the audience tonight centres around the Wedderburn vs Grandmont fight as everyone is expecting fireworks.

Markhaille Wedderburn vs Martin
R1: Grandmont lands a left high kick that fazes Wedderburn. Wedderburn attempts a takedown but Grandmont reverses and lands on top. Grandmont rains down the GNP and takes full mount. Wedderburn gives his back and Grandmont sinks in the hooks and fights for the RNC. Wedderburn fights off the choke and reverse Grandmont and winds up on top and gets in a few retaliation shots. Grandmont reverses and is back on top in half guard. The round closes out with Grandmont landing hammer fist from top position. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Grandmont

R2: Both guys come out and exchange body kicks. Grandmont lands a combo that dazes Wedderburn. A wobbly Wedderburn attempts a takedown but Grandmont reverses and lands in Wedderburn’s half guard. Wedderburn eats some shots until he reverse Grandmont and lands some GNP of his own. Grandmont attempts a arm bar but Wedderburn fights out of it and gets reversed again. Wedderburn is very tired and continues to get peppered with shots until the round ends. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Grandmont

R3: Wedderburn looks extremely gassesd, Grandmont staying on the outside and peppering Wedderburn with punches. Wedderburn keeps trying to tie up but Grandmonts keeps pushing him off. Grandmont using low kicks to keep Wedderburn off balance. Wedderburn is out on his feet but Grandmont won’t attack and stays on the outside landing single jabs. Grandmont continues to stalk Wedderburn around the ring until the round ends. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Grandmont
Grandmont defeats Wedderburn via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)

Jon Williams vs Stephane Bernadel
R1: Both fighters find their range early on but it’s Bernadel landing more effectively. Bernadel pours on the punches and catches Williams with a solid right, left straight combo that wobbles Williams. A wobbly Williams makes an easy target for a Bernadel right head kick that floors Williams and ends the night early.
Bernadel defeats Williams via KO (Head Kick) @ 1:11 of Rd1

Remi Morvan vs Chance Whalen
R1: Morvan lands the double leg takedown and quickly passes Whalen’s guard to side control. Morvan transitions to a high mount and starts raining down punishment in the form of punches and vicious elbows. Morvan cinches up his hands and passes to side mount with the head and arm choke locked in, Whalen tries to fight it but gives in with a tap.
Morvan submits Whalen via Head & Arm Choke @ 3:05 of Rd1

Tannaya Hantelman vs Anna Barone
R1: Barone comes out swinging for the fences but can’t find her mark. The fighters continually tie up but neither can win the battle of strength. The fight is continually restarted but both fighters seem fine to stick with the clinch game. The round ends with Barone missing a overhand right. TopMMAnews scores the round a 10-10 draw

R2: Right back into the clinch. Hantelman is able to muscle Barone to the mat and takes side control. Barone gives her back and Hantleman lands some punches from back position. Barone grabs a leg but Hantelman continues the punishment. Fight is restarted on the feet but Barone goes right back into the clinch game. Hantleman trips Barone to the mat and lands in mount. The round ends with Hantelman on top landing some short punches from top position. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Hantelman

R3: Barone pops some jabs and goes right back into the clinch. The fighters separate momentarily and Barone is able to land 3 solid straights. Back into the clinch, they separate again and Barone lands some punches but Hantelman clinches back up. They break apart again and Barone lands more clean shots. Barone rocks Hantelman with a straight right. A wobbly Hantelman lands the double leg but is caught in a Barone guillotine just as the bell sounds. TopMMAnews scores the round 10-9 Barone
Hantelman defeats Barone via Unanimous Decision (29-28 x2, 30-27)

Jeffrey Laughren vs Peter Montrait
R1: Laughren comes out looking for the takedown but Montrait holds him off. Montrait fires an elbow that drops Laughren and follows him down to the ground but the ref waves off the fight.
Montrait defeats Laughren via KO (elbow) @ :26 of Rd1

Jeff Harrison vs Kyle Vivian
R1: The fighters collide at centre ring and tie up. Harrison uses his size to maul Vivian to the mat. Harrison lands in mount and starts raining down the GNP. Vivian gives up his back and Harrison attempts a RNC but Vivian rolls out. Vivian is able to take top position and unleashes the GNP in return. Harrison is working from his back but Vivian keeps escaping his submissions. Back on their feet Harrison starts using the Thai plum to decimate his opponent with knees. Vivian finally gets Harrison down and tries to use some elbows, Harrison gets his hips up and catches Vivian with a triangle and coaxes the tap.
Harrison defeats Vivian via Trangle choke @ 4:41 of Rd1

TJ Coletti vs Wes Ranger
R1: Lots of posturing to start off the round. The first kick Coletti lands is to Wes’ little rangers. The fight is momentarily halted for Ranger to compose himself. Lots of paddy cake from both fighters. Ranger finds his range and lands a big overhand right that floors Coletti. Ranger comes in for the finish with a few shots from the top and the ref waves off the fight.
Ranger defeats Coletti via TKO (punches) @ 2:35 of Rd1

Matt Haché vs Paul Ebejer

R1: Haché easily picks up Ebejer and slams him to the mat. Haché quickly transitions to mount. Ebejer gives up his back and Haché goes straight for the RNC to finish the fight early.
Haché submits Ebejer via RNC @ :35 of Rd1

What a great night of fights. Wreck MMA also helped fight a more formidable foe this evening in the form of hunger, as Wreck partnered with the Ottawa Food Bank to raise more then a metric ton of food for people in need. The main event between Showtime and The Hammer was not a battle for the ages but The Hammer did demonstrate a much improved ground game. TopMMAnews‘ FOTN honors goes to Kyle Vivian and Jeff Harrison for their entertaining round. KOTN goes to Stephane Bernadel and his right foot for his beautiful head kick knock out. SOTN goes to Remi Morvan for his quick transition from mount to head and arm choke. Lastly, TopMMAnews would like to thank Nick Castiglia, Pat Cooligan, Alex Caporicci and everyone else for putting together such a great card.

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