WRECK MMA Weigh-in Results


Don Wilson was at the Wreck MMA: Bad Intentions weigh-ins. Unfortunately, main event fighter Markhaille “Showtime” Wedderburn came in seven pounds over his weight limit.  Lightweight fighter TJ Coletti cam in an incredible 13 pounds over weight.  Both Wedderburn and Coletti will pay a portion of their purses to the Quebec Athletic Commission and their opponents.

Here are the Weighin Results:

WW: Markhaille Wedderburn (177.2) vs Martin Grandmont (169.2)

FW: Jon Williams (145) vs Stephane Bernadel (145.4)

BW: Remi Morvan (136) vs Chance Whalen (135.4)

FW: Tannaya Hantelman (138) vs Anna Barone (144)

CW176: Jeffrey Laughren (174.6) vs Peter Montrait (176)

FW: Jeff Harrison (145) vs Kyle Vivian (145)

LW: TJ Coletti (168.8) vs Wes Ranger (157.2)

LW: Matt Hache (154.6) vs Paul Ebejer (146)

Both Wedderburn and Coletti came in over weight and will be giving up a percentage of their fight purse to their opponent and the Quebec Athletic Comission

21 Responses to “ WRECK MMA Weigh-in Results ”

  1. Sean Quinn says:

    WTF is Ebejer doing?

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  2. Chris_B says:

    Holy crap, 13 lbs overweight! Shame on Coletti. As for Ebejer, you gotta respect his determination!

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  3. Bobby Karimi says:

    How is there not suspensions for this shit!

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  4. Mike Davis says:

    WOW, seems every card that they post weigh ins on people miss weight, and we are here talking about it. Something has to get done about these guys who miss weight by……..13 pounds????? how is that possible?

    Anyone know the story behind Ebejer?

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  5. Chris_B says:

    Ebejer was once in an ill-fated promotion with KOTC Canada where he would fight another guy with 0 wins and the loser of the fight would have to retire. I’m guessing he never took that fight

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  6. I read that Ebejer lost that fight and the deal was to quit fighting for 2 years. Which he apparently did. Wasn`t a very smart decision to take this fight against Hammer. 35 second RNC. Hache had no MMA experience, but he`s a world class BJJ brown belt who recently won the brown belt division at the British Open BJJ tournement.

    OAMA trained fighters are the real deal!

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  7. Chris_B says:

    Ebejer….the Jamaican bobsled team of MMA

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  8. Paul says:

    Hey guys I know I was in over my head but I was offered contracts for Alka Matewa, Patrick Espinola and Tyler Hardcastle if I took this fight! Those 3 boys are fucking real deals and if you don’t believe me youtube Alka Matewa and you will understand sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself to help your team. I know I’m not a fighter but I have balls and my team can scrap. This was my last fight I’m having full reconstructive surgery mid september. I’m a team player and people have been scared to put Alka Matewa and Patrick Espinola on there cards. So next Wreck card you will see these 3 cats and then you will understand why I took this fight. Thanks for the support from some of you and for the rest of you continue typing cause that’s all your good for. Oh and that I quit match never happened! Keep up the good work Top MMA news.

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  9. Paul…no disrespect here. Takes balls to step up and fight. My point was that Hammer is world class on the ground. A bad matchup for anyone really.

    Good luck with your future and to your team.

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  10. Rick James...Bitch says:

    im not Dick Tracey, but it doesnt take a marine biologist to be able to crack this nut wide, wide open. Ebejer obviously (despite his lack of talent) has balls of titanium alloy encrusted with blood diamonds from the heart of Africa. That said, why would an 0-4 fighter be given a tasty deal to help 3 ppl out by accepting a fight vs a well trained brown belt, and an obvious mismatch? i call shenanigans!

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  11. Paul if you took that fight to get your friends contracts with Wreck MMAm then big ups from me, man.

    Good luck with whatever you do in the future.

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  12. Paul says:

    No none taken I know why I did it and your right he is a bad mamajamma and he put me to sleep quick

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  13. Paul says:

    Folks I just want to say few thinks that I never got to say last night. In regards to my fight I did plan on going into win. To be honest after I did some research on him I was in over my head with the ground game. I planned on striking with him with him but I waited for the typical bjj guy to throw the over hand right and shoot. Well he didn’t and when we clinch his weight and me be under weight he picked me up like it was nothing. To be honest I showed to much respect for his style and that’s where I lost the fight. Thanks to Wreck for bringing me back after my last lost from the throat punch. Out of all the cards I have fought for Wreck is one of the best by far! There were some great fights last night. I also took this fight in 9 days and has been dealing with some injury so I wasn’t in the best form. My time never came and I rushed my career. Just like this fight and the others I took on some top notch guys. I’ve never backed down from a fight I don’t care where they come from and what there background is. Its all about pride and heart and for all of you that know me know that I have a lot of both. Holy fuck that man is a beast and I have never been slammed like that in my life. There a lot of great fighters up in Ottawa and now Ontario is Legal we will get to see what all of Canada has to offer! Thanks to everybody this weekend, Ottawa, Wreck and the Casino for having us.

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  14. Pat Gribs says:

    I’m hoping Hammer comes back and fights again. I read somewhere he was only going to make it a one time deal. He is indeed a beast and could do well in MMA if he pushed for it.

    Best of luck to you and your team Paul. That’s a noble act.

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  15. Pat Gribs says:

    And 13 lbs overweight wtf???????

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  16. Chris_B says:

    I have a question for some of the matchmakers or promoters who respond on this board (Alex, Keith or Marc-Andre).

    My understanding is that a fighter signs a contract to fight at a specified weight. Why is a fighter who misses weight not guilty of a breach of contract?

    Guys might take this more seriously if they were fined by the promoter an amount over and above what the commission fines. It could be something as simple as 5% of your purse for every pound you’re over after 5 lbs. This would not punish guys who are close but missed by a few pounds. You’d also obviously have exemptions for fighters who take fights at the last minute. I don’t think this is any different than most contracts for services. The fighter who is overweight is “damaged goods” and you shouldn’t have to pay him/her the full amount.

    To prevent promoters from being seen as profiteering from this, the money could even be donated to an amateur MMA program or added to the bonus money paid out to fighters that night.

    I’m personally sick and tired of guys coming in WAY over weight (e.g., Carlos Newton). Missing by that much weight is clearly negligent and disrespectful; especially to the person who offered them a contract to fight. These fighters have made a conscious decision to not lose the weight and are willing to forego 20% of their purse as “the cost of doing business”.

    If the commissions won’t suspend a fighter for this type of negligence, it then falls to the industry to regulate itself.

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  17. harry balls says:

    ^^very well said.

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  18. nick says:

    Rumor is ;) that the Quebec athletic commission will never let coletti fight again in Quebec because he is such a disgrace. eating a lrage pizza and drinking two liters of chocolate milk before the weigh in.

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  19. Sadly, Coletti is scheduled to fight on the UGC 25 card a month from now in Montreal.


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  20. Jason says:

    Well it was fun seeing Coletti’s face after the loss. Looks like he didn’t want to accept it even after the fact.

    As for Hammer, the man could do amazing in MMA. We’ll see if he accepts another fight. I’d love to see him again but we’ll see what he decides. He lives and breathes the fighting arts and is a real class act.

    Paul, was awesome for you to do that for your team, truly. Good luck in the future.

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  21. harry balls says:

    Ha UGC. That kinda says it all…

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