Wreck MMA Quick Results: Grandmonts Decisions Wedderburn


Martin Grandmont defeated Markhaille Wedderburn by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 30-27)
Stephane Bernadel defeated Jon Williams by KO (Head Kick) at 1:11 of Round 1
Tannaya Hantelman defeated Anna Barone by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28)
Remi Morvan defeated Chance Whalen by Submission (Choke) at 3:05 of Round 1
Peter Montrait defeated Jeffrey Laughren by TKO (Elbows) at :26 Seconds of Round 1
Jeff Harrison defeated Kyle Vivian by Submission (Triangle) at 4:41 of Round 1
Wes Ranger defeated TJ Coletti by TKO at (Punches) at 2:35 of Round 1
Matt Hache defeated Paul Ebejer by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at :35 Seconds of Round 1

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  1. Rick James...Bitch says:


    what sort of pizza are we talking about here?

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  2. Very interesting conversation here. Thanks for the comments especially Nick and Alex from WRECK!

    I would add my $.02: Even though Morvan vs Whalen and Bernadel vs Williams ended quickly and with the expected winners, I do not think they were terrible matchups. Morvan is more talented but after having a baby and losing three in a row, this was a good test of the mental aspect of his game. Those losses had to eat at him and his confidence. In his pre-fight interviews on the site, he even mentioned going to a sport psychologist. Good win for him and a nice test for Morvan again at CFC 6.

    As for Bernadel, that was a matchup of fighters with winning records. Bernadel has obviously increased his skill level and showed that at WRECK. This was Williams’ chance to climb up the ladder and Stephane defended his spot and sent him back down for a while. Maybe next fight Bernadel will try to advance up the Featherweight ladder.

    Coletti missing weight by 13+ pounds should signal the end of his WRECK career. I saw his first fight at UCW and thought it was the worst that I have ever seen. The only reason people bring him back is to get their fighter a win unless he has proven to be training hard for a period of time in a good fight gym. By the way…here is my play by play of UCW 15 from last year, if interested in a previous Coletti performance. http://topmmanews.com/2009/03/14/ucw-15-play-by-play-scheers-owns-ucw/

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  3. harry balls says:

    For sure , Keith. I never meant to imply a ringer was brought in for Bernadel, but I stand by my belief that the Ebijer fight was goddamn ridiculous and that Vivian had no business taking a pro fight against a Kru from the best school in the region. He may be great one day, but this was too soon for him to take this tilt. I have seen short and one-sided fights where on paper the matchups looked reasonable and the Bernadel fight was definitely one of them.
    BTW it looks like Coletti is going to fight in UGC soon. This is what i’m talking about when i complain. Brodes and whats-his-names, please explain to me in great detail why i am an idiot/hater for thinking this is a terrible idea. I’m all ears….

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  4. Harry, my comments were not directed towards you. They were just my thoughts.

    As for Vivian/Harrison, I am sure you agree that after losing four fights to top guys, Harrison is allowed to take a step back in competition. Its also funny that Kru Jeff’s last two victories are by submissions and that he has not won via strikes in almost three years.

    As for Ebejer, he is not a great opponent, but quite frankly, weak MMA matchups for strong BJJ practitioners who are beginning in MMA are common. Just look at Misha Cirkunov’s first opponent JD Thunder. Misha’s second fight shows why BJJ practitioners should pick their early opposition carefully as MMA fighting is very different than international grappling.

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  5. harry balls says:

    “As for Ebejer, he is not a great opponent”.

    ya think?
    We can respectfully disagree on the rest.

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  6. harry balls says:

    …and what was with the weight difference btwn Ebejer and Matt? Seven and a half pounds? Nobody was listed as over. Was there an agreement?
    Same with Barone/Hantlemann. Six pounds? Did they have to agree to a catchweight because of all the changes?

    Alex? Just curious….

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  7. Rick James...Bitch says:



    it is with a heavy heart that i have decided to dissect you’re post

    “As for Vivian/Harrison, I am sure you agree that after losing four fights to top guys, Harrison is allowed to take a step back in competition. Its also funny that Kru Jeff’s last two victories are by submissions and that he has not won via strikes in almost three years.”

    This is just ludicrous. Are you trying to justify this fight by saying that a Thai Kru also wins via submission? If anything that’s simply admitting that “yes, our well versed fighter is sandbagging”. You just said yourself that “he is allowed to take a step back in competition” therefore you matched him with can for an easy win. I’m seriously starting to take nothing seriously from you people when you are living contradictions. 7 pro fights vs an obscure, undersized, can. WOOHOOO!


    “As for Ebejer, he is not a great opponent, but quite frankly, weak MMA matchups for strong BJJ practitioners who are beginning in MMA are common. Just look at Misha Cirkunov’s first opponent JD Thunder. Misha’s second fight shows why BJJ practitioners should pick their early opposition carefully as MMA fighting is very different than international grappling.”

    what the fucking fuck? First off; let me see the statistical evidence that “strong BJJ practitioners are matched up with cans”. That hold no water what-so-fucking-ever. Putting Ebejer in the ring with ANYONE is just plain stupid, this was an OBVIOUS mismatch (like any Ebejer fight)

    Good for Hache winning his MMA fight, thank god it was NOTHING like an international grappling competition; he took him down and choked him out, haven’t seen THAT before in a grappling competition!! Now that he’s undefeated, lets see him fight a real tough guy!! No, wait, that 30 seconds proved NOTHING!

    Get real man. How about we just throw money on the next card, I’ll give you 1-to-1 odds that i pick every fight correctly if the card comes out looking anything like this one did.

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  8. Jason says:

    Hey Rick,

    Keith doesn’t make the match-ups. I get the impression you thought that…

    As for strong grapplers taking on easy fights to get their feet wet? Demian Maia did it, some do, some don’t. Those who accept fights with a weeks notice because of fights dropping off sometimes do. Matt stated this was his one and only fight and did so to help fill the card. I would love his mind to have changed but maybe he’s not into that.

    Nobody says that this card was evenly matched great card. But man you and Harry really have it in for trying to bash it.

    Harry claims I make no sense…quite the generally stupid comment. I am not claiming you guys are under any obligation to fix this event. I just think it would sure prove that maybe you aren’t from the less successful clubs across the city if you attempted to be somewhat constructive in your comments.

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  9. Jason says:

    Oh…and the Rick James schtick stopped being funny about 2 years ago…just sayin’

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  10. Jamie Locke says:

    I’ll rub my feet on yo’ couch!

    I still love it… just sayin’

    Chapel show was on last night after “the roast of flava flav” on Spike… That guy will always make me laugh…

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  11. brodes says:

    Ok I guess Ill comment one more time, I dont think you would typically be accused of sandbagging when you enter a fight having lost your last 4.
    Furthermore, Kyle Vivian reads this site, and put on a hell of a fight on friday, and doesnt deserve to be called an undersized can for his efforts.

    Everyone gets it that you hated the Ebejer fight, and we all understand the reasons why. It was a bad matchup, and it sucks that it took up one of the 8 slots. If i had to guess I would imagine it was put together last minute because the card was falling apart and hache has a ton of people who would attend just to see him fight alone. I understand that you guys hated it, I would guess that alot of other people would tell you they were very stoked to see him get in the cage, regardless of opponent.

    As for myself, sorry If I jumped the gun and insulted you, I got a bit defensive because alot of the guys that work really hard to put wreck together are good friends of mine, and I know that they mean well and want to display the sport in the proper light. This is part of the reason that they get the community involved and partner with charitable organizations. Personally I dont think they get enough credit for this effort.

    Lastly, If I can critique you 2 a bit….The MMA community needs to work together, and I realize this isnt always the case. It should be though. I have taken a look at alot of your posts and your quick to tear people down and criticize, but you dont have much positive to contribute, outside of that you guys obviously attend the events which is great. If your going to comment maybe try and balance between giving some good feedback and contributing your constructive criticism.
    Brody Rafuse

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  12. I will always fight whoever is offered, and will always try to finish the fight every second I am in there… It leads to exciting fights that are lots of fun, and I have recieved fight of the night on all of my wins throughout my career.. The losses were usually good scraps against top level champions too. I tried to finish this match from the second the bell sounded. I kneed him in the face elbowed him hard landed some good shots on the ground. What can I say he had an amazingly good chin and a big heart! I kicked him in the face and he took me down and I triangled him. Is that ok? I do fight MMA right? I would rather win by knockout then submission, but at the same time I do Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu as well and will alwasy take the easiest path toward finishing. This is my first fight where I’ve been an overdog and treated it the same as any of my other fights.. Go in against whoever a promotion puts in front of me and try my best to hurt my opponent and put him away in order to entertain.

    To the Wreck fans that appreciated my effort: Thanks! You guys were awesome and loud! Best crowd ever!

    Kyle: my hats off to you.. it was an honor.

    I hope Wreck will have me back in there soon!

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  13. RJB…. I am not associated with any promotion. I do not do any matchmaking. I am not a manager. I am not an OAMA student. I do not live in Ottawa. I write a little bit.

    Jeff Harrison is not a great MMA fighter. I don’t care if Kru Jeff is a great striking coach, a K1 champion, or undefeated in Lumpinee Stadium. He was 0-4 over the last 2+ years in MMA and lost every one of those four fights in the first round. It was good for his career to take a step down and get back on the winning track. I laugh at your sandbagging comment. Going into the Vivian fight, he was 2-4. Sandbagging has sure done wonders for his MMA career.

    As for Ebejer, I already said he was not a great opponent plus he came into the fight 9 lbs under the weight limit.

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  14. By the way, love the discussion. Thanks to Jeff Harrison for contributing to it.

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  15. harry balls says:

    So Ebejer came in UNDER? Now i am even more confused why he was matched up. Thanks for stopping in Jeff. Your thai is scary.

    No harm, Brodes.
    Jason, we are on the cusp of having legal MMA in Ontario. It is vital that the sport looks respectable in the eyes of the uneducated masses. Poor matchups , overweight sluggers, pros going down to fight amateur (don’t even get me started) etc. will only hurt the sport in the long run. You know this is true. Call it bashing. It’s tough love, bro…

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  16. harry balls says:

    ps: Vivian could be a beast. He simply was not ready to take a pro fight.

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  17. Rick James...Bitch says:


    nice ad hominem asshole. Because I wasn’t salivating at the show, you immediately assume I’m from “less successful club in the city”? That has nothing to do with what we’re talking about here, and yes my comments HAVE been constructive; AS A PAYING FAN I WANT TO SEE MORE COMPETITIVE MATCHUPS. don’t feed me this bullshit about how it’s hard to find competitive matchups because “this isnt the UFC”

    and again with the “trying to bash it” get over yourself. and don’t compare Demian Maia to Matt Hache. No disrespect to Hache, but cmon. Also anytime Ebejer steps in the ring, it’s not an “easy fight”, its just plain stupid. We figured that one out from the last event, genius.

    Oh, and go fuck yourself. jus sayin’

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  18. Rick James...Bitch says:

    @ Jeff

    I respect you man; you have great skills.

    But, are you obligated to say “RENZO GRACIE” jiu jitsu? From where I was sitting, the triangle you slapped on looked pretty much like BJJ, and not specifically “RENZO GRAZIE” jiu jitsu. cut it out with the shameless plugs, they dont add to your credibility.

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  19. Jason says:

    Awww Ricky got mad, lol.

    I didn’t assume anything, I suggested that perhaps this is why you were so negative. Blowin up my comments to suit your needs…ure awesome!

    I didn’t compare Matt to Demian, I simply used him as an example of a guy that got handed a can in his 1st fight…it’s just not that uncommon.

    And lastly, no I don’t think Jeff is obligated to say “Renzo Gracie jiu jitsu” but the scool he trains is a Renzo Gracie school. Maybe you don’t get how that works but that’s ok, you don’t seem too interested to learn.

    Maybe pipe up and become more active in these discussions when you educate yourself a bit more…just sayin, cuz debating right now is not your strong point.

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  20. johnny rockets says:

    rick james in regards to your comment:

    “But, are you obligated to say “RENZO GRACIE” jiu jitsu? From where I was sitting, the triangle you slapped on looked pretty much like BJJ, and not specifically “RENZO GRAZIE” jiu jitsu. cut it out with the shameless plugs, they dont add to your credibility.”

    i guess now it is illegal to thank your teammates from the school your from or represent, perhaps he should sight another team you fuckin homo

    this comes off as a HATER remark- so why dont you go back under your bridge YOU FUCKIN TROLL. i am surprised the light from your computer screen doesn’t make you melt lol.

    you have made your points- but still chomp at the bit to find something wrong with everyone, you dont take any one persons comments into consideration or give any positive feedback, everyone here even the fuckin promoter seems pretty level headed except FOR BABY DICK rick james- instead of rick james bitch- your name should just be bitch lol- here a joke we can all laugh at AND ITS YOU!

    so get a fuckin life and understand that every fighter, promoter has their short comings and they will come around and press forward or disappear. much like many of us wish you would.

    here’s a slice of your own pizza “BITCH” now go back to your parents basement and continue your masturbation to the care bears. “they are just my room mates, I swear” lmao

    one love

    johnny rockets

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  21. johnny rockets says:

    harry balls!

    solid input- and respectful!

    johnny rockets

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  22. Rick James...Bitch says:


    1) ad hominems have no place in “educated debate”, they just make your points invalid because of the logical fallacies (try an intro course in moral reasoning, it will do you wonders!)

    2) my negativity has nothing to do with a certain gym, but this specific promotion in general. Last Wreck Card was great! I’m not sure why you immediately assume this is a “OAMA vs the world” conversation, but it isnt, so get over yourself

    3) Demian was 0-0, and fought a guy who was 0-0. Ebejer has lasted 3 minutes against 5 opponents (0-5) not even close to the same thing. Also that was a very moot point when you said “Great BJJ practitioners fight cans in their debut”. Your point came across as naive as it was uninformed. Next time you want to make a generalization, I suggest you cite some credible sources (Again, you should really consider higher education than elementary school)

    4) That post was directed to Jeff. Is your name Jeff?

    5) I’ll let your closing statement speak for itself. Not only am I vastly more knowledgeable than you when it comes to MMA, but I’m also worlds ahead of you in sound debate.

    You’re just embarrassing yourself man. I honestly feel bad for you, God knows how you wake up every morning and accept the person looking back at you in the mirror. Must be hard, bro.

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  23. Rick James...Bitch says:

    johnny rockets,

    lol, u mad?

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  24. harry balls says:

    The bitterness back and forth is pointless. I think some really valid points have been brought up and there is no need to make this a NO U thread. Amazing what one drunken post saying the show was bad led to.
    Hopefully the mismatches will end and everybody will be a little more conscientious about who fights in these things. I really hope the next one is awesome; it will be good for the fans, the fighters, and the sport…..

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  25. I have no doubt it looked like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. However, the love and pride I have for my instructors, school and team are what made me label it Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu. I hope I will continue to improve and be a better representative of Gracie Jiu Jitsu in the future.


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  26. johnny rockets says:

    guys hes a troll- the more we poke, the longer it takes him to go back under the bridge lol

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  27. Jason says:

    I agree, pointless to continue this with Rick. I already stated it was fine to have the opinion to dislike this card but I guess he just wants to hear differently. I’m not going to get into why I know what I know about MMA and what makes you special. In fact, I am not even going to bother coming up with a creative insult to close this post…peace Rick!

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  28. Rob says:

    The only thing that disappointed me was the fact that the seating as all on the same level so it was hard to see, especially when it went to the ground. I prefer the Robert Guertin Arena myself, but honestly, I know that as Wreck MMA grows there will be more opportunity for screens around the place to stream the fights to make it more viewer friendly. It’s just a lot of overhead and you don’t want to spend money you may not have or might not make back. You also learn as you go what works and what doesn’t. I will always support the local scene!

    I enjoyed some of the fights, and I agree more competitive fights would have been better, but most of that comes on the fighters themselves. Some want it more and train more and it shows in their fights.

    I don’t think anything was wrong with the match making. People need to realize a lot of fighters are just starting out! Finishes happen a lot more and as the fights wore on, we got to see more comfortable fighters and cleaner more technical fights.

    A lot of these guys will look better and better as their careers go on and I am excited for when Wreck MMA has 3-4 rookie fights followed by 3-4 experienced fighters (7-10 fights) with one or two main event fights with fighters working up to the Big Shows! But that comes with time.

    Great job by both Nick, Alex and the rest of Wreck MMA. I think the promotion is coming along the way it should. I look forward to more events!

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  29. Rick James...Bitch says:


    “Last words are for fools who haven’t said enough”
    – Lady Gaga

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  30. johnny rockets says:

    rick james = homo :) good luck with gaga

    gagaylord lmao

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  31. CR says:

    Boys, boys. Why don’t you just agree to meet in a cage somewhere and settle this MMA syle? It would probably be a better fight than the ones on this card…

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  32. I’d like to apologize for lying. I said Coletti was going to fight at UGC next. He actually fought on XCC this past weekend.


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  33. harry balls says:

    I just saw this . jesus. fucking. christ….

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