One on One with Four OAMA Fighters


Top MMA News went to the Ottawa Academy of Martial Arts to talk to four fighters about their upcoming WRECK fights. The fighters ranged from Top 10 fighter Remi Morvan to debuting fighter Matt Hache. Here are the four interviews:

1. Remi Morvan – In this video, Morvan talks about his upcoming WRECK fight with Chance Whalen and responds to his CFC 6 opponent, Eric Perez, who recently was interviewed on this site (check out Eric Perez’ interview)

2. Stephane Bernadel – Bernadel has been following the UFC’s Mark Holst around the continent training at the best gyms in North America. Now its time for Bernadel to step up against Jon Williams on August 20.

3. Jeff Harrison – Harrison is known for fighting tough guys anytime, anywhere, even on short notice. Harrison started his career at 2-0 but then faced a gauntlet of studs named Fraser, Gagnon, Mein, and Wadsworth and now finds himself at 2-4.

4. Matt Hache – Hache is a BJJ instructor from OAMA who has grappled throughout the world. Now he debuts at WRECK MMA against Paul Ebejer.

5 Responses to “ One on One with Four OAMA Fighters ”

  1. Jbird says:

    Good luck to the OAMA fighters and everyone fighting tonight. I think OAMA has the skills to take all four fights.

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  2. I agree! OAMA will go 4 & 0 tonight! Wish I could be there.

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  3. Grasshopper says:

    So, is Harrison saying he was forced to take the fight against Mitch Gagnon? Or that he expected to lose but he took it anyway? He seems to have no respect for his opponents. Humility is not his forté.

    Bottom line is he was bigger and taller in the ring. He thought he could win. He thought his stand-up game was all that and then Gagnon bullied him and choked him out before first round was over.

    He should learn from it and grow as fighter instead of finding excuses. Looks really bad on OAMA, I think…

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  4. Grasshopper says:

    On the other hand, Bernadel has real class…

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  5. Yuri Ivanenko says:

    The club ,is a lousy club,matter of BJJ!
    But the presence of MARK HOLT and his superior
    TAI BOXING,as coach and FIGHTER,has made OAMA,famous inMMA!
    The main coach of JIUJITSU,is a lousy black belt
    and his students have no national or international activity in competition or others!

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