Mark Holst Blog – Great Birthday Gift! MMA Coming to Ontario!


Hello everyone!

I got a really good week of training this week and today is my birthday, I woke up and got a call from Jonny from Virgin radio, he told me the good news that MMA is coming in Ontario! Wow, what a great Birthday gift and what a great start to my day!

I have been very busy training and also helping out my teammates for their fight on WRECK MMA August 20th at the Casino in Hull.

As everyone knows now there is an addition to Kru Jeff, Stephane Bernadel and Remi Morvan fighting…there will also be Matt “Hammer” Hache taking part in the WRECK MMA card, making his pro MMA debut! Hammer has been one of my BJJ instructor for over 7 years now! He is a brown belt in Renzo Gracie Jiu Jitsu under Pat Cooligan. Hammer has always been in my corner during all my MMA fights. So he will be used to the crowd and he will know what goes on! He has been training very hard and I can’t wait to see him fight and make his debut. I have always wanted to see him fight MMA as I am sure everyone else at OAMA. Like Hammer says, it will be his first and last, so make sure you come and see it live!!!

Stephane Bernadel and I were training with the Champ, Jean-Yves Theriault. Steph is Jean-Yves’ protégé and has been training with him for around 8 years. Today the Iceman trained Steph and I with the focus mitts, getting our hands sharp! It was an awesome workout and really good to work with the Iceman, 23X world kickboxing Champion!

I also rolled jiu jitsu with Remi the other night. He felt really strong and was very fit. He is more than ready for his comeback to MMA and to get the W! In addition, Pat scheduled a no gi jiu jitsu training session for Remi and myself. I rolled with Paul Hudson, Joel Hadden, Dansky and Warren! All of them solid Renzo Gracie blue belts who really put it on me!

I have been training everyday with Kru Jeff during MMA Elite class 1-3pm. We did some MMA rounds today and he was whooping me! He is in really good shape and you guys can bet that it wont last 3 rounds!

Last Tuesday, I went up to Montreal to train wrestling. It was an awesome training session, in which I got to train with high level wrestlers! There was the usual crowd there, Georges St-Pierre, Kenny Florian and the wrestling team. It was also the first time I saw Miguel Torres who was there training and looking really good!

My opponent for UFC 120 is Paul Sass. He is a newcomer to the UFC. He has a purple belt in BJJ and is an undefeated MMA fighter. He has many submissions victories, mostly by triangle choke. I will not have the reach advantage as he is about 6′1. I will be working my wrestling and BJJ very hard for this fight, and like everyone is saying to me…I will be working triangle choke defence! I hope to redeem myself from the last fight. It was not very exciting…I want to show the UFC that I belong there. I will fight with all my heart and spirit and my goal is to put on the fight of the night!

All in all my training is coming along really well and my 4 teammates are feeling good and ready for their fight!

If you guys need tickets to WRECK MMA, email me at I have some 60$ and 70$ tickets available!

Take care everyone and I will fill you in on my training camp and how the OAMA fighters are feeling this weekend!


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  1. As-Sass-In says:

    Kicks Sasses ass, Boots!

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  2. LocoKat says:

    Happy Birthday Mark! Can’t wait for Ontario MMA.

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